Music, all right, so steel series is definitely no stranger to making video game accessories and theyve actually made a number of different controllers for android and other mobile devices. But the stratos plus is, of course their newest one. They just launched it this year and we finally have it here with us for a quick unboxing, and i just want to share with you guys my experience using this device so far. Now this is not a sponsored video. I did get this for myself and yeah. If you guys want to check out the controller, i will leave some links in the description below, as well as some links to my other videos here on tv now. With that said, lets get started right, so unboxing the product. You do get a few accessories alongside the controller itself, so you do get a usb type c to type a cable, a removable clip for your phone and a small instruction booklet. Now the controller comes in a matte black design and it looks a lot like the steel series stratus duo from a couple years. Back and honestly, i have no issue if steel series wants to stick with this design, as is very comfortable, the buttons do feel nice and clicky. The d pad is a bit soft, but honestly, i have no problem pressing down on it. Likewise, the shoulder and trigger buttons have a nice amount of travel to them. Honestly, overall, the controller just feels nice to handle its really comfortable.

The grips on the sides arent too large. They just fit into my hands nicely now, aside from your usual controller buttons, you do get a home button start and select buttons. You get some led lights as well. A pairing button on the front of the controller alongside a battery indicator button and a usb type c charging port. Now the sticks on this controller do have a layout similar to the playstation controllers, so theyre on the center of the controller itself, ive gotten used to both the playstation and the xbox style of controllers over the years. So i have no issues when it comes to handling, but if youre looking for a controller which mimics the xbox layout or something similar to like a nintendo switch pro controller, then youre going to want to take into consideration the placement of the thumbsticks on the straps Plus now, when it comes to size, it is overall, a pretty standard controller, its not too heavy, either, which i like, but its not so light that it feels cheap. It has a substantial amount of weight to it and yeah, as ive said many times already in this video. It just feels nice to handle. Now there are two rubber holes on the front of the controller, and this is where the phone grip goes. It is removable like i said it has got these two metal sticks that come out of the end, so you can attach it to your controller.

Now the clip does grip on your phone tightly. I tried shaking it around and it didnt really let go of my phone, which is nice, but one concern i do have is that if you tend to play on your phone and clip it in the controller, a lot then over time the rubber padding on the Holes on the controller might start to show some wear and tear, so that is of course, one consideration all right. So when it comes to actual use, pairing to my phone and tablet was pretty easy and straightforward. I had no issues getting the controller to sync. With my devices and once youve connected it to your smartphone or your tablet, you can play straight away so theres, no additional software needed and yeah its a pretty straightforward affair, and as long as your game supports external controls, then the controller will work in it. I was able to use it on a few android games which were compatible with external controllers and it also worked with google stadia. I also got it to work with emulators so, like i said as long as your app or your software supports controller input, then this is not going to be a problem. Now. Steel series also says that the controller has support for chromebooks and nvidia geforce. Now, unfortunately, i do not have a chromebook here with me, but according to the specifications itll work with chromebook devices. Now, if you want to play on a pc, for example, if youre gon na use this for steam, then you will have to use a wired connection for it with the usb a to type c cable.

It would have been nice if it worked wirelessly for pcs but yeah its a simple compromise and youre not going to be playing that far away from your pc either so yeah. Now, as for battery life, steel series does say that this will last up to 90 hours of gaming, which is a lot and the controller is compatible with fast charging as well. Now i havent really needed to charge the controller since i got it, which is a nice indication of how long this things going to last and yeah overall performance. I am pretty satisfied with this controller. If you want to check it out, it does cost around 59 pounds here in the uk because thats where i got it and it is available on the steelseries website. So yeah thanks a lot for watching our video.