. This video is sponsored by egglu. This is the egg glue s4 and the first time i saw it. I thought wow. This is a really compact camera, but it also kind of looks like a cute and friendly robot in the box. Youll find everything you need: the camera itself, plus the usb charge, cable and theres, even a qr code for the application. It only took a few minutes to set this up. All i had to do was plug up the device and connect it to wi. Fi, then simply just add it to the igloo app with this camera, you get 1080p full hd picture quality. A wide angle. 142 degree view and you even get 360 degrees of rotation. This also includes a night mode, so youll get clear, crisp pictures, even when its dark in the room, the application even notifies you if motion or sound, has been detected. You are able to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room, thanks to it the included sensors. This is also an all in one device, so any device in your home that can be controlled by an ir remote can be set up to be controlled by this camera. With the free included cloud trial. Youll be able to monitor historical events that the camera has captured with features like 1080p recording night vision and remote control functions. This is a really great option, ill, be sure to include links in the description where you can pick this up for yourself today.

If youre getting tired of huge, unwieldy phones – and you just want a one handed experience again – the xiaomi 12 is definitely the phone for you. The phone is thin and lightweight and super easy to hold in the hand. I love the fact that it has this frosted gorilla glass, 5 back. It just makes the phone a whole lot grippier, when most glass phones will slip and slide out of your hand, theyre really easy to drop. I feel like im going to be able to hold on to this one and its not going to accidentally slip out of my hand. I also love how the edges of the display are rounded, as well as the back of the phone is rounded. They just kind of taper off into a seamlessly round edge all around the phone. While this phone is light and compact, it is still dense and feels like a premium experience with the gorilla glass invictus on the front. The gorilla glass 5 on the back and the metal frame on the right side of the phone. You will find a perfectly placed power button with the volume rocker just above that on the bottom of the phone youre gon na find a usbc charge. Port youll also find a speaker on the other side of the usb c port youll find the dual sim card slot at the top of the phone youll find the other speaker also found the in display fingerprint scanner a little bit difficult to reach.

I would have preferred for it to be a little further up the display, but thats a relatively minor complaint. You may have found no issues at all with the placement there. Also really like the modular look to the camera array on the back. I would have liked to have seen an ip rating here. We have plenty of phones in the same price range with an ip rating that would have been nice. Maybe theyll include it on the xiaomi 13.. All in all, i think this is a very sharp looking device thats built really well. The display is another major standout feature here. You get a 6.2 inch ammo led display, with full hd plus resolution and 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate display. This is not using the ltpo type technology that the xiaomi 12 pro uses, so it can only adapt between 60hz and 120hz, but it does do a good job at going back and forth between the refresh rates. The screen is super vibrant, colors pop with hdr 10 plus content coming from sources like netflix. Do look amazing and youre able to see lots of detail even in shadowy areas watching movies and tv shows is an incredible experience on this display. This screen also gets very bright with up to 1100 nits of peak brightness, so even whenever you take it out in the sunlight, youre still going to be able to see this display one key feature here: it does have 360 degrees of ambient light detection.

Some other phones, if the light source is coming from behind the phone, the phones not going to adjust the brightness thats, not the case with the show me 12., no matter where the light source is coming from, the display will adapt the brightness, which is a great Feature with the 120 hertz refresh rate and 480 hertz touch sampling. This is also a great phone for the gamers out there. Games look fast and fluid, and even doing simple things like scrolling through your news, feed or scrolling through your twitter is going to look super smooth and snappy thanks to that adaptive 120 hertz refresh rate earlier. I had mentioned that i didnt particularly like the placement of the fingerprint scanner, but i do have to add here while were talking about the display that the fingerprint scanner is super fast and accurate, its one of the best that ive used so far. So i actually do love the fingerprint scanner. I just wish for a little bit better replacement. The stereo speakers on this phone do get very loud and they do give you kind of an immersive experience with kind of the surround sound. You get from stereo speakers when i did crank this up to max volume. I did notice that bass was lacking and i didnt get really a full sound at the highest volumes. I just didnt feel like there were any dynamics to the sound. If you decrease the volume level a little bit, you do get a richer, fuller, sound when it comes to performance.

This is definitely a powerhouse featuring a snapdragon, 8 gen, 1 and also 8 gigabytes of ram on the model that im taking a look at this does come in up to 12 gigabytes of ram, with 256 gigabytes of on board storage. No matter what i threw at the phone, the phone was able to perform quick and responsive, whether that be scrolling through my twitter, feed or playing video games, i didnt notice any stutter or lag with the device. Everything just performs awesome. I was also able to multitask with this device its able to keep most things that youve opened open. In the background that way, you can quickly return to apps, even after extended periods of gaming, i didnt notice that the phone overheated and actually stayed pretty cool thats thanks to the next level cooling system on this phone, it does include a 2600 squared millimeter vc heatsink, Which is taking most of the heat away from the processor and then it also includes 10 000 square millimeters of heat dissipating graphite. Overall, this was just a very snappy and fast experience. The camera array includes a 50 megapixel main shooter, a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and a 5 megapixel tele macro camera theres. Also, a 32 megapixel in display front facing camera, which does a great job at taking portrait shots photos taken out of the main camera here, are going to look pretty amazing, no matter what the lighting conditions thanks to xiaomis advanced ai.

This camera does a great job with exposure, no matter the lighting conditions, colors popped and it looked very accurate and i was able to get my shots with limited noise thanks to the noise reduction, even in lower light situations. This camera does a great job. Even when you transition to the ultra wide lens youre, not really losing much quality photos taken with the ultra wide lens, also look really good. This phone does not have a telephoto lens, so you are capable of zooming up to 10 by, but it would have been nice to have a telephoto lens here for better zoomed images. The telemacro lens is okay for certain situations, but youre not going to find yourself taking super close up shots of things very often, but it is nice to have that feature when the occasion does arise. This camera also shoots video at up to 8k resolution 1080p and 4k, looked amazing, with options to go up to 60 frames per second optical image. Stabilization meant that video shooting was super, steady and stable. This phone does include a 4500 milliamp hour battery and im able to get a full days use out of this phone with a normal day of use. Of course, if you are a heavy user youre doing a lot of video gaming sessions, then you may find that the battery doesnt last you all throughout the day im able to get about four to five hours of screen on time when im away from the house And up to 10 hours of screen on time, if im, just simply watching a video on wi fi with the included 67 watt fast charger, youre able to get a 0 to 50 charge in under 15 minutes and youre also able to get up to 90 charge.

In under 30 minutes with a full charge, taking about 45 minutes with the ability to wirelessly charge at 50, watts youre also getting some speedy wireless charges as well. Another standout feature here is you: can reverse wirelessly charge at 10 watts, so this is actually usable. Reverse wireless charging, if you do need to top up the charge of a smart watch or some earbuds, or something like that, i think thats a great feature as well. As far as the software experience is concerned. This does include android 12, with the latest version of my ui. My ui is pretty lightweight. There are only a few extra included applications that are installed by default. Some of the things in my ui do take a little bit of time to get used to like the separation of the notifications and the settings from the pull down menu, as well as the applications being right there on the screen. These are, of course, things that you can change in the settings, so thats not really a big deal and after youve used my ui for a little while some of the quirks actually begin to grow on you overall, i have to say, ive really enjoyed the compact One handed experience of the xiaomi 12 and i love the fact that it includes all of the flagship specs that you would expect out of a phone like this. This is priced at 7.