Once your smartphone is installed and balanced, youre ready to go, the 3xs light can effectively eliminate shake from your video. You can now capture shake free video. Wherever you go, the innovative and stable 3 axis stabilization, the 3xs light offers will have you shooting like a pro in no time is the action ramping up. The gimbal offers high torque and the ability to track quick movements with the new quick response mode. The 3xs lights, newly shaped 3 axis design also supports payloads up to 290 grams cant, quite fit everything in the shop. You can capture panoramic photos when your experience is larger than your frame. You can speed up time and capture incredible motion. Time lapses. The built in quarter 20 on the bottom of the 3xs light allows mounting on the included tripod or allows you to use a nearly unlimited range of accessories. Have a long trip or shoot ahead of you. The built in battery allows for up to 24 hours of use. The 3xs light uses the power of your smartphone to assist in intelligent features. One of these smart features is face and object tracking, just start recording and let the 3xs light be your filmmaker done with capturing professional content for the day switch to vertical mode by pressing one key on the side of the handle keep all of your social media. Followers happy with smooth video the 3xs light isnt only about stabilization. The 3xs light also allows for the use of an external microphone without having to plug it in or clamp it to your phone, no matter the situation, the 3xs light is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to capture whatever youre filming the benro gimbal app can also Be used to enable various other modes such as focus bracketing capturing long exposures at night or light painting.

These are just a few examples: unleash your creativity and capture your life with the benro3xs light Music. What, if your phone could do more capture more create more? What? If your phone could transform into a powerful storytelling tool, this is movie your personal cinema. Robot, shooting with movi is simple: flip your phone into movies, clamp and run ride, slide, skate, climb and capture everything you focus on the story, while movie turns every bump jolt and shake into smooth cinematic footage. Each mobi ship is pre loaded with our favorite methods for creating stunning films. Majestic mode turns bumpy moves into smooth cinematic shots. Echo mode allows you to select your start point end point and movi takes care of the rest time. Lapse mode enables you to compress time while executing dynamic moves. Music movi lapse is a moving time lapse. It allows you to cover huge distances and time spans and compress both to show your world in a completely new way. We built the smart pod mode into movi that enables you to manually point wherever you want and know that mobi will hold that position perfectly Music combine your phone with mobi to create the worlds most portable, capable and intuitive cinema robot Music, introducing the all new smooth 4, the revolutionary handheld gimbal born for mobile filmmakers heres. How smooth 4 can transform your mobile videos into a hollywood? Masterpiece use the unique handwheel and hotkeys for precise control of all your camera settings.

Without touching, your phone, smooth, zooming in precise focus by using our follow focus, hand, wheel smoothly, zoom in and out or hit the follow focus button and you can control the focus manually, use phone go mode, for instance, scene transition, intuitive one click mode, switch our most Powerful handheld gimbal compatible with phones of all size. For the first time, mobile filmmakers can perform a film level vertigo shot with your phone shoot in beautiful, slow motion easier and smoother than ever. Object. Tracking with smooth 4 is a breeze simply frame up the object. You want to track on, and smooth 4 will do the rest using ai technology. Smooth 4 is a time lapse and hyperlapse expert featuring the most comfortable handle grip with hammer paint texture over 10 hours of battery life, with an easy to see battery indicator on the side and the unique clip design keeps smooth 4 compact, while traveling and ready for Action, smooth 4 turns your mobile phone into a professional filmmaking camera, allowing you to create cinematic masterpieces without the hollywood budget.