Weird name, though ouch one smart x pro so lets inspect Music hi everybody good to meet. You michael my name, and what we do here on the channel is this pack fresh and cool tech with today were going to talk about this gimbal in particular, which comes from a company called ouch one, but look at it. You know the color the build quality, the certainness, its very much dji grade, and i would say its pretty much on par in terms of build quality and performance about stabilization. But if we, if we count software and firmware sometimes it kind of goes crazy and ill talk about this during this video by the way, the phone here does the xiaomi 12 pro, but its its only for the showcase right now, because most of the footage is Shot with a lot more affordable smartphone, because when you buy a gimbal, usually its because your smartphone is lacking good stabilization and yeah, we want to see how this actually performs. I think ive just mentioned about the most obvious competitor. There are quite many similar motors out there by feiyutech moses zhu in hohem and many others which come with quite interesting features and also competitive prices. This one costs around 100 dollars. The pro variation is quite a great deal, which cannot only serve as a primary smartphone. Gimbal but may also come handy for stabilizing some action cameras so unboxing. This has been the first positive impression that i got from the unit its a pretty nicely designed box, so lets hope unpacking will keep up this nice pace.

Master sleep always leads, which sounds like a translated chinese saying, because i couldnt find much about such an idiom online. Pretty good feeling when i got my hands on the gimbal, looks done of quality materials, bunch of stamps to explain the various sections. Well, come back to this point in just a moment: theres a small tripod included a charging usb type c, cable and instruction manual, no carrying poucher case, but its pocket friendly. If you have deep pockets heres my favorite feature its powered by a single 18650 type rechargeable battery. So once the battery is empty, you can replace it and not waste any time between recharging, not only that, but it makes the device future proof, because after three four years after the battery degrades, you can simply replace it for a new one and keep on using The gimbal i kind of miss seeing gimbals of that type these days and if someone tells you that its no longer possible or easy to create such just remember, youve seen it with the ouch one smart x pro at the first site. We see the controls, nice, flexible, joystick, a power on button and the shutter button. This on the side must be the zooming in and out function, and this here is a manual focus ring mechanism. Theres a quarter inch mount at the bottom, and this is where we put the included tripod and a very good folding mechanism which can lock the gimbal into one place and its very transportation friendly.

If you want to get to know the specifications 3 axis mechanical stabilization, integrated, fill, light manual, controls for focus and zoom replaceable 3200 milliamp hour battery or led display multiple adjustment and configuration options. A type c charging port bluetooth support, smartphone, app and weight of around 310 grams specs. At this point, sound pretty good, especially for a gimbal of 2022, but truth is that the real life experience is a very different topic. Still. There are a few important things to highlight about this gimbal. I i really enjoy the folding mechanism, its uh, quite reliable and very pocket friendly, the second and easily thats my favorite feature is this removable panel, its magnet based and underneath you have the battery, which is replaceable removable. You can get a few spares and enjoy uninterrupted shooting during the whole time uh. The third great thing is this manual focus ring, which well already is a feature that many mirrorless camera gimbals are already having and on software level. The part that i enjoyed is that we dont really have to activate it prior to the first usage, meaning that probably the amount of statistics its sending somewhere on the cloud is kind of brought to minimum. Now the things which are not so obvious, for instance, the angles when it comes to uh, panning and um, rolling theyre, pretty good, 330 and 310. But you know tilting, and you can see here how limited thats the maximum and thats thats the tilting limitation, its just 76 degrees, which, in my opinion, is not that great lets see how it operates: power it on theres the status led about battery level and mode.

During the whole time, if you use the gimbal outdoors, however, the led is totally not visible inside the room or at dark. You can at least well see it. So you have the main control buttons for powering on and for starting and stopping the video recordings theres. The focus wheel comes really handy. I wish there was a way to control any of the axis by rotating it, but i couldnt find such a feature inside the smartphone app. You can change the modes by pressing the joystick and, of course, to use its primary function to control the direction of the gimbal. Everything is quite easy, however. Even before i went outside to do some shooting ive noticed some horizon leveling issues. There are about one to two percent deviation, but still notable a reset may help, but only temporarily to test the functions were going to, of course, review some footage. Ive intentionally used the gimbal, mostly with a cheap smartphone, the most affordable from redmi phones this year and the results are quite good. In my opinion, there is a companion, smartphone app that you can download and inside. There are a whole lot of controls, but i have to admit that certain functions are either not present or not on par with those offered by dji, for example. I so much like the body follow modes used it so many times, and perhaps if the autofocus issue gets resolved, its gon na be a good choice.

As of now i use the function with variable success. You cannotice that when it follows me, the movements are not gentle at all theres, something like stuttering. The algorithm needs to be tuned among the settings. Youre also going to find quite many different filming options to control the resolution in the frames per second. If there is no 24 fps in your case, then it probably natively is missing from your phones. Camera feature anyways. There are a lot of different shooting modes to choose from. Some of them are popular like time lapse or inception mode and a few extra tricks. A live streaming feature is present too, but given all these nice modes in the social media integration, i find it weird that there is no video editor or a database with templates. As it is with djis memo app, but this is of course yet another big pile of software development, which aujuans team may have decided to spare in favor of the good price. Most of the time the app was working quite well. There have been two or three phrases that i have experienced. However. Of course you can totally use your phones native camera app with the remark that tracking functions and the creative modes will of course be missing. So, while im totally pleased with the build quality and the performance just for stabilizing um, i think the ouch one team has still a lot to catch up with in terms of software and firmware, especially if they want to be on par with what dji provide with Their dji osmo series, but if you dont plan to use face tracking or any of the funky features yeah, i would say, especially if youre focused on longevity thats, a pretty solid choice.

As for the drawbacks, the smartphone apps occasional focus hunting while filming the lack of some detailed configuration options. The lack of a trigger button, because some gimbals have such and it can bring some more controlling improvements and also there is no way to save different presets. So that you can quickly switch between different shooting modes. So in the end, i think i can recommend the auchuan x1 pro because of the good build quality because of the nice design, the foldable construction, which is pretty reliable and yes, the longevity around the removable battery. But if templates software and social media presence is a lot more important to you, maybe you got ta pick something else. I guess in terms of software development dji are way. I have the competition right now, but its interesting to hear from you. What do you guys and girls think? Is it a wealthy choice for a smartphone gimbal? How does this sound within the hundred dollar budget, and would you favor this over other brands? I know that would be interesting because ive heard about auchuan for the very first time testing this device. So thank you very much for staying with me until the end, and hopefully this video has been useful. If you have something meaningful to share, please go ahead. Comments are down below and, as usual link to the product with a discount. If i manage to squeeze such for, you is somewhere in the video description.