. Now weve had this phone for a few weeks now and to spoil the end of this review. We think this is one of the best android flagships you can get, but youve come here for a lot more detail than just me telling you, whether its good or not, and as you can see by the progress bar on this video here, we have a lot More detail to give you so ive worked with sean riley and mark anthony ramirez on the team, who have also been testing the tempo to tell you exactly why this is such a good phone, but before we do, if you are nerd like us, be a mate And subscribe for more reviews like this in the future, cheers right. So where do i begin lets start by talking about all of this round here, because the phone to me is quite a looker, this matte black finish is stunning and you can pick it up in a gorgeous forest green finish as well. Both boast this frosted gorilla glass back, which feels kind of like a premium. Soft touch plastic made all the more premium by the fact that you can feel its glass and, while on first impressions of this camera bump, it reminded me a bit of a four hob stove top its integration to the metal rim. Around this phone has really grown on me, plus, regardless of its bigger flagship size, its actually quite sleek. In the hand it comes in smaller, thinner and lighter than the google pixel 6 pro, and while the samsung galaxy s22 plus shaves off a couple of dimensions here and there, it is actually just a little bit wider in the hand.

But while one plus keep up in their game, there are two downsides here. You see theyve put a lot of work into the display, a 6.7 inch qhd plus amoled panel, with dual color calibration for getting the colors just right on different levels of brightness, ai adaptive brightness. That learns, what kind of brightness you like in certain situations and second generation ltpo technology that can crank the refresh rate from the full 120. All the way down to just one hertz, which really saves on power plus the in display fingerprint reader, has been moved up slightly from the nine pro in previous generations, which feels a lot better to do so, while one handed. But the display is curved at the sides: ive only fallen victim to a few unintended touches as of graces side of the phone, but i always prefer a flat display, theyre, just nicer to use and easier to protect with a case, and of course, unsurprisingly, there is No headphone jack on here, which makes my sennheiser cams a little upset but lets move on under the hood youre, getting a snapdragon 8gen1 chipset with up to 12 gigabytes, lp ddr5 ram and up to 256 gigs of ufs. 3.1 storage. Sorry, america! But you only get this one, which is the 8 gig 128 gig model and as im gon na go into this is more than enough for quite an intense user. Like me, these kind of specs are up there with the cream of the crop of android flagships and with a five layer.

3D passive cooling system that, if you took all the pieces out and lay them out flat, will cover an a5 piece of paper. The numbers match the specs as well in geekbench 5 testing, the oneplus 10 pro pipped, the s22 plus to the post and absolutely obliterated the pixel 6 pro and it managed to outperform the samsung in our 3dmark wildlife. Unlimited testing with 61.2 frames a second and it left the pixel 6 pro in its dust with a very distant 40 frames, a second and its easy to make the most of this power thanks to oxygen, os 12.1. On top of android 12, all the upgrades to oxygen os – you expect – are here this time around an improved dark mode, a tweaked, oneplus shelf work, life, balance 2.0 and all the attention to the finer design details of this skin as youd expect. This is still one of my favorite android skins, since my first foray with it with the oneplus 7t pro its a clean ui with no bloatware good, customization and actually useful features in places where youd expect them to be plus. Oneplus has promised three years of android versions and four years of security updates, so good long term support there. But as has been news over the past 12 months, oneplus is now part of oppo and it has taken something from its parent company, namely the hyper boost. Gaming engine, which tightens up the stability and tweaks certain bits of the software to give you the best possible gaming performance.

This includes a general performance adapter or gpa, which takes a look at the performance of your game in real time, reduces any kind of frame, drops and stabilizes that frame rate and oh sync, which boosts the sync speed between the processor and the screen. By up to six times, all of this can be quite power, consuming which well go into in a few seconds, but the end result is pretty damn good gaming performance, especially with the gameser x2. You can read my review of that on laptopmag.com. As for the battery, keeping all of this running is a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, which is a healthy step up over the 4 500 million power in the oneplus 9 pro same size as the google pixel 6 pro, and also a decent step up over the S22, plus and in our battery rundown test, this phone lasted 11 hours and 52 minutes with the screen running at a full 120 hertz if youre power saving and you drop that screen down to 60 hertz youre, going to get 12 hours and ‘ minutes out of This these numbers destroy both the s22 plus and the pixel 6 pro and in real world juice. You can make it through an entire day of regular use, which, for me, includes plenty of podcasts calls checking my emails plenty of games binge watching youtube at night and editing some photos on photoshop mobile with 25 to 30 percent of battery remaining.

In short, its got some good stamina and if you do manage to run this battery low like if you use the hyper boost gaming mode, the 80 watt wide charging can boost this back up to full in around 32 minutes. In my own testing, granted its not the 23 minute 120 watt charging that youll find in the xiaomi 12 pro, but its still pretty fast, nonetheless fast enough for me to plug in while im having a pint down at the local and have it done by the Time im finished and finally lets talk about the big thing here, literally in terms of how significant this bump is. This is a second generation camera system from the romance between oneplus and hasselblad, which brings the latters color science to the same 48, megapixel sony, imx 789 main camera sensor with an f 1.8 aperture, an 8 megapixel telephoto with f 2.4 and the newest edition a 50 Megapixel ultra wide camera with a 150 degree field of view, alongside the upgraded snappers, the relationship has expanded into more areas too, such as new hasselblad color calibrated master styles, which take inspiration from certain pro photographers. To give you a broader range of creativity and for those who, like to customize on a more granular level, the option to shoot in a new pro mode called raw plus, basically 12 bit raw. But with all the computational photography stuff still saved into the image means that youve got all the benefits of noise reduction and improved dynamic range in the photography that you, edit and ill be honest.

Coming from the iphone 13 pro, this changing color science was a little strange to me for the first few days of using this, everything seems to be a lot more vibrant here, as photos are shot using a dci p3 color gamut, which offers 25 more color coverage Than most srgb phone photography even more when you use the option to shoot in 10, bit color, but most devices at the moment around – you dont support that. So we wont dive too much into that. But over time i got used to this signature style, which, in my opinion, is one of a kind. The only way i can describe it is that its both really well balanced, but super vivid all at the same time, shots from the main camera are virtually noise free. They produce an impressive dynamic range and have a good crisp sharpness to all the details within them. Sometimes it can veer ever so slightly into the hyperveil in difficult conditions such as here where it was direct sunlight onto the steps of the non gamma council house, but most of the time it sticks the landing looking more natural than samsungs uber vibrancy, but also more Colorful than the more muted pixel six sitting pretty between the two, a key downside to the setup, is the telephoto which produces overly vibrant pictures with limited detail because of its 8 megapixel sensor. So everything looks a little spongy if oneplus could slap a 50 megapixel telephoto on here for the 11 pro that would be swell, but shout out to the reinvigorated ultra wide camera, which is a hell of a lot of fun to use the crisper pictures, the better Color everything has just been tightened up and it makes this a decent lens to use, unlike other ultrawides on other phones.

The 150 degree angle also gives you a fisheye lens mode to use as well, which makes for some fun 90s skater videoesque photography, low light. Photography has also been improved over the 9 pro with shots hanging onto a more colour, accurate, look, but it does still fall short of the undisputed low light champ, which is the iphone 13 pro, but kudos to the versatility of this night mode, which is available on All three sensors and gives you solid photos in near darkness. So long as you and your subject can stay still, video wise, you can shoot up to 8k, 24 or 4k 120 frames, a second which this is still one of the only phones that can do that, which, with that sony, main sensor and optical image, stabilization translates Into crispy video with good color, there is also an option to record in log format for the video pros if youd rather color grade the footage afterwards and round front, you have a 32 megapixel selfie shooter, which picks out the details on your face really nicely with A good hdr mode to include all the detail without being blown up by the lights, just dont use any of the ai beautification features. So when you take everything into account, should you buy one if oneplus said kept that flagship thousand dollar pricing of the oneplus 9? Pro this would have been a difficult question to ask, because this year, flagship phone seems to have been getting quite competitive, but no, the oneplus 10 pro is available for 899 in the us, and it starts at 799 quid in the uk thats 70 less than the 9, pro its the same price as the pixel 6 pro and its 200 bucks less than the samsung galaxy s plus, which, with the upgrades that weve talked about, and the great execution of all of the features in here, makes this one of the best android flagships.

You can buy right now. If you can look past the small issues like the telephoto camera and the curved display, then this is a cracking phone to get, which puts my mind at ease about one critical thing: that just because oneplus is a wholly owned subsidiary of oppo doesnt mean its lost. Its one plus spirit yet and thats it thank you so very much for watching now. I want to know what you think: are you tempted to get the oneplus 10 pro or do you have your site set on another flagship? Go ahead and let me know in the comments and dont forget likes and subs. If you enjoyed this video and can read the full with review on laptopmag.