This is a good enough reason to consider the regular m4 pro over the 5g version. If you dont need that sort of connectivity. But what else will you find here? Im will for gsm marina and lets find out in our full review Music. Recent poco phones have brought an oversized camera island with a large poco logo and the m4 pro has that same design. Ours is in phantom black, and the plastic back panel is overall, quite glossy and dark. The m4 pro is on the smaller side for its price segment and is also nicely light in the hand at 180 grams. The frame is made of plastic and the flat sides provide plenty of grip. The fingerprint reader is on the side integrated with the power button and its easy to reach in quite fast. The m4 pro also has ip53 dust and splash resistance and on the front, pretty slim bezels for this price bracket. The display is a 6.4 inch oled with a full hd resolution and gorilla glass, 3 protection theres. Also, a 90 hertz refresh rate and a 180 hertz touch sampling rate. You should keep in mind that the m4 pros refresh rate isnt an adaptive one though still as an oled. The panel is one definite advantage. The vanilla m4 pro has over the 5g version of the phone, which has an ips lcd. This screen is also brighter and goes up to around 740 nits in auto mode, which is a great result for this price range.

Sadly, even though its a great display it doesnt support hdr. At least you get a widevine l1 drm certification for higher res content on the top of the device, youll see an ir blaster and a headphone jack, which is getting harder to find these days. The m4 pro also has a stereo speaker setup for your audio. The speakers dont have equal loudness, but overall, the phone scored very good on our loudness chart. It has similar sound quality to the m4 pro 5g, but with better vocals and weaker bass. The m4 pro comes with a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and a chipset that isnt too taxing and, as a result, it scored an excellent 126 hours of endurance on our tests and with the 33 watt charger, we charge the phone from zero to 51. In half an hour solid, but nothing spectacular, the poco m4 pro has a mediatek helio g96 chipset in benchmark tests. Performance is similar to other phones in this category, even ranking higher than some competitors in our thermal stress test. The m4 pro did a pretty good job too. This isnt the most powerful hardware out there and not what youd want for heavy gaming, but its still good for the money. The phones interface is android 11. With me, y13 for poco on top youll, have largely the same highly customizable and snappy experience as other recent phones from the xiaomi family. Pocos mainly differ in that you cant disable the app drawer and have your apps on the home screen.

If youd, like more information about miui 13 weve, made a video on it that goes more in depth. The poco m4 pro has a 64 megapixel main camera, with phase detection autofocus an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro cam its actually a higher res larger sensor, main camera than what youd find on the 5g version of the phone during the day. The photos from the main cam were among the better ones for this class, with a lot of detail, very good dynamic range and lively, colors theres some noise, but nothing deal breaking portraits, have good, subject separation and are rendered well the default background blur doesnt go overboard Either and shots look natural, the ultra wide camera was surprisingly good. We had clean images with a lot of fine detail. Dynamic range was good enough too. The colors could be a bit livelier, though close up shots from the macro. Cam are unremarkable. The resolution is just too low to capture a lot of detail in low light photos from the main cam had a lot of noise with some blown highlights, but generally they were handled well. Colors retain their saturation and sharpness and detail were good switch on night mode and youll have much more balanced, highlights brighter shadows and lower mid tones theres more sharpening a little more detail, but the colors can be a little inaccurate. Its a shame that the ultra wide doesnt have night mode, though, because it could really use it.

Photos are soft theres, aggressive noise reduction and theyre much darker than wed like we like the front facing cameras. Performance overall selfies are more detailed than on the 5g version of the phone and the dynamic range and colors look nice. The poco m4 pro can shoot videos and only up to full hd resolution. Footage from the main camera is not amazing, but its not bad either. Theres no noise and theres good detail, but simultaneously it looks over processed dynamic range could be better and the colors are dull. The ultrawides colors are just as lacking as those from the main camera, but were slightly more accurate. The dtl level is good and we think that this footage is better than the ultra wide footage on the 5g version of the phone. Stabilization works all right on the main camera and while it doesnt smooth everything, entirely theres no focus hunting here and the footage is nicely stable, so thats, the poco m4 pro its a solid mid range phone with some splash resistance and excellent amoled and fantastic battery life.