Look to it its a boxy phone which looks good, but i really do kind of prefer the rounded design of the s21 ultra from last year. I just like the way it looks and feels in my hand, but this is one of those things thats not going to stop me from recommending the phone, but just a personal preference. Now one thing i really do like about this phone design is definitely the color options that you do have now. The base colors for this phone include the burgundy color like i have here, but also it comes in green phantom white and phantom black. But if you want more color options, samsung.com does have some exclusive colors that do look really nice and they really round up a great color selection for this phone, but theyre going to take a little bit longer to ship from the website. But if you want those options, you have them so overall, i like the design of this phone but theres one thing that is a negative and that is dealing with the rear facing cameras um because you dont really have a module this year. So the individual pieces of the camera poke out from the back of the phone, and that means when you do place this phone on a desk or something you will find it starting to wobble here at the bottom, where, on the s21 ultra it didnt wobble. On the bottom, of course, as you go up a little bit, it will wobble but yeah.

You will find that difference here and that might be annoying to you. But if you use a case on your phone like i do that will remedy this issue, but yeah it might bother some people. You know, since we already have both of these phones right here, lets go ahead and talk about the displays. So the s22 ultra has a 6.8 inch display, which is the same size on the s21 ultra. But there are two key differences here. One is that it is going to be a brighter display by about a couple hundred nits. So that means that if you are out in bright sunlight and you turn that brightness all the way up, its gon na be a little bit better from the s21 ultra its not like a huge difference. But if its been a few years since youve upgraded your phone, you will notice the brightness difference with this s22 ultra and then also as far as the refresh rates. Both of these phones can get up to 120 hertz, but on the s21 ultra it could only get down to 10 hertz, but the s22 ultra can go down to one hertz, and this is important because that means the s22 ultra is not going to be draining. As much battery with the display, because if you are doing things that dont need that high refresh rate, it can bump down all the way down to one hertz and that will help the battery last even longer and yeah.

As i say, every single year, the galaxy series of phones usually have one of the best displays on the market and thats the same thing here watching videos playing games are amazing on it and its kind of curious that they didnt go with an under display front Facing camera, that kind of disappears like the one on the samsung galaxy z4, whether thats, because they wanted to maintain the quality from the front facing camera or production issues. I dont exactly know, but you know ill rather have better quality with the front facing camera than have it kind of be invisible. So if thats the case, then im happy that they made that decision, and so this phone does have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery inside of it just like the s21 ultra, and i found the performance to be the same. I can get all day battery life by the end of the day. Typically, i may be around like 10 or so so thats good for me, because i do use this phone a lot and also when it comes to charging. This phone does support 45 watt wire charging. But you do have 15 watt wireless charging and you still have reverse wireless charging. So you can place a pair of wireless earbuds that do have a wireless charging case or another phone on the back of this phone and give that a charge and right now im showing you the core specs of this phone, with the highlights being the qualcomm snapdragon.

8 gen 1 cpu inside of it, and also you do have a maximum of one terabyte of storage that you can get this phone with. And you still dont have a micro sd card slot. But you can go all the way up to one terabyte and as far as the ram it actually, these the starting ram this year is lower than it was with the s21 ultra. So it starts at eight gigabytes of ram and tops off at 12 gigabytes of ram and thats different from the s21 ultra that started at 12 gigabytes of ram and topped off at 16 gigabytes of ram. But even with that generally, the performance of this phone has been pretty stellar for me, not a lot of issues um. One issue that i did have was, with the camera, app being a little bit slow to launch and also allow me to get in and take a photo and stuff, but actually, at the time of this video, like literally 30 minutes before i checked to see, if It did have a software update and it did – and i downloaded that updated and i installed it and it definitely fixed that issue that i had so its kind of good for me to wait. You know 30 days to do this review, but with that issue fixed, this software is screaming on it, and this phone does come with android 12 already installed, with one ui running. On top of that, and of course, with one ui, we have a lot of unique features like samsung dex, which actually michael fisher.

Another great tech youtuber did a full in depth review of samsung dex, and i definitely recommend checking that out ill leave. That link down below in the description but um yeah software is great. Youre, not gon na have any problems with it. I think so far. This is the best version of one ui that samsung has done and it runs really well and oh, i cant believe i waited this late to talk about the biggest hardware change this year for this phone and thats going to be the s pen and the s Pen lives right inside of the phone like it used to do on the note series of phones, and so the s21 ultra last year gained s pen support but um. It didnt have any way for you to store the s pen inside of the phone. So you have to like buy a case and put it in the particular spot on that case. If you wanted to always have it with you, but it is so clutch to be able to have this s pen just being able to be pulled out of this phone like this and its one of those features that i still dont use all the time. I maybe use it just a few times a year, but i had to use it recently to sign a contract when i was waiting in the office for my lasik appointment, and it was just so close to be able to pull this out and actually make a Real signature, instead of just using my finger, which always sucks and samsung says they have like – decreased the latency with this, so its going to be more accurate and be able to respond to you faster.

But i dont do a lot of things where i can really tell you whether that is true or not, but i take their word on it but yeah. I dont think a lot of people are going to be buying this phone for the s pen, but the fact that this phone does have the s pen is going to be one more little thing to help separate it from every other smartphone on the market. But now for my favorite part of any smartphone review and thats when we talk about the camera, so lets do that. So with this s22 ultra, you have a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera, 108 megapixel main wide angle, camera and then also you have two telephoto cameras. Both coming in at 10 megapixels with one being three times: optical zoom and the other being 10 times optical zoom, and just being honest with you, i dont want to go over all of the technical jargon that samsung used to describe why these cameras are better. This year, honestly, you can go read that somewhere else, but im just going to be mostly just showing you a bunch of photos and videos that ive taken with this phone. So you can really see how it performs and im taking these photos and videos in all different types of lighting situations and the general theme for the improvements this year is that samsung wanted this camera system to be better in all types of lighting conditions.

Now, of course, outside with plenty of sunlight, you can see these photos really do look great, but i really like the color profile that samsung does use for their photos, theyre not as punchy as they used to be back in the day, but i feel like they Really do pop, but when you start to turn the lights down or youre taking photos outside at night, this phone is excellent, so i think it has what they call their nitrography, but basically, when youre taking low light photos, this thing is going to be able to Draw in a lot of light, but still keep the picture sharp and clear, and this picture right here is one of my favorite photos that ive taken with the smartphone. So this is using portrait night mode and you can see it looks like i had a decent amount of light there, but it was actually pretty dark when i took this photo and one thing you will see in this side by side comparison with the iphone 13 Pro is that you see this little green glob on the iphones picture. That happens a lot with lens flare and things, but on this s22 ultra samsung has added the super clear, lens and glass on the rear facing camera. So, basically, thats going to help eliminate this from happening on the s12 ultras photo, so no matter which one you personally like as far as the general photo. The one thing i think universally we can all agree is that these little green globs definitely do suck, and even when you have plenty of light, portrait mode has gotten better this year, because this phone does use this aei stereo death, matte functionality that allows it to Really be able to cut you out from the background, so edge detection is a lot better and ive seen examples where look.

I dont have a lot of hair in my head, but ive seen examples where little fine little pieces of hair were able to be recognized by this camera system, and that really does add to the effect of portrait mode, and i have to say because of this. This has the best extra sections that ive used on a smartphone, oh and then space zoom is back this year and samsung has made it better. So you can see this side by side example with the s101 ultra, where, when you get up to around like 30 times zoom and higher, you can see a little bit more details and refinement to the photos. So that is a good thing, but even when you compare this to another phone like the iphone 13 pro phones, that dont really boast about having you know big telephoto zoom there, but you can just really see when you get to that 30 times zoom and higher. That the s22 ultra just really blows everything out of the water. So i like the fact that theyre not trying to add like 150 times space zoom and just really go for the numbers, but samsung is keeping it at 100 times zoom, but just trying to refine it every single year and i think in a couple of years This is going to be something that where you can get up to like 50 times, zoom and youre not going to see the quality of the photo degrade that much but yet 30 times.

Zoom is still the sweet spot where 100 times zoom is still just getting into that creeper mode there, but yeah im still really liking space zoom and when it comes to video, you still can record 4k video up to 60 frames per second and then also super Steady mode is better this year, so if you like, moving around, maybe chasing your kids around with this phone, the video is going to be steadier this year and then also you still have 8k recording at 24 frames per second. I would also like to see that bumped up to 30 frames per second but ak24 still looks good if you do need to use it, but yeah video capabilities on this phone are really excellent, and this next feature i talked about in my s21 ultra review last Year, a lot of people didnt cover it, but this is the object, eraser tool that you have so after you take a photo. You can tap on an object and remove it from that, but this goes a step further compared to things like the google pixel. 6. Pro where you can also remove reflections or even shadows from photos, so this is always kind of fun to play around with um, but i think just with everything with the photos and videos with this s22 ultra. This makes it the best complete all around camera system. On a smartphone right now, because you have these great cameras on the back, you have that 40 megapixel front facing camera, and you just have all of these different tools that you dont find on all these other smartphones, and you even have this expert raw app that You can download for this s22 ultra, which is going to allow you to get a lot of advanced controls when youre taking photos with this, and then also you can export raw photos from that app to a lightroom app, for example, and the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is Back this year, no real big changes to it, but it still performs really well.

You have a nice surface area there and will work if your fingers are greasy or wet all right. So final thoughts about this s22 ultra its the best all around smartphone right now, when you think about samsung decks, the s pen, the cameras, the display, the battery life, all these little things really add up to a phone that does some things that you dont find Anywhere else, and it just really kind of checks – a lot of boxes out there, it might not be the best in a couple of those different categories, but its good enough to wear a combined. I mean this thing is just a solid phone that i really can take in almost any situation and its just really awesome to see the galaxy note series still have some life, even though we might not ever see another galaxy note phone, but its good to see That s pen support inside of his phone to help bring over that legendary series from the galaxy note series but yeah for 11.99. The starting price point for this s22 ultra its kind of hard to find another phone that can do as much. So. This is my review: im really liking it.