Finally, this is the review of S22 Ultra, And when I used this phone in starting, It is the biggest phone I have ever used And previously it was uncomfortable. But now I am used to it. It offers very premium in hand feel, And its grip is also nice Rest. I have buyed it in which colour I like the white colour, alot And some people will like it in black colour, So we cant change its colour, But you can change the colour of one thing. There will be a red colour, subscribe button, hit that and change it to grey And dont break the phones screen, And you guys tell me that in which colour you guys like the S22 Ultra Now many people, ask me one question in the comments This phone already Comes with the IP rating, But if we remove the S pen, Then will this phone be water proof So thats a very important question So whether you keep S pen or not, I have used the note series previously also, Although they have launched the Note in S Series, So if you drop it in water with S pen, Then the water goes into the ports, But its waterproofing is done in such a way that the phone do not get damaged. And if you are dropping the phone in water, Then after that dry it completely. Otherwise, ports get malfunctioned Now, as we are talking about S pen. So lets talk more about that.

I have made great notes in it by using S pen And they have made its latency such low That it feels like you are making notes by using pen and paper. If you are a student or a businessmen, then this is going to be great, for you Means you are carrying pen and paper in your pocket with your phone And theres. One more thing changed Like. If you have used note series phones previously, Then you dont have to apply pressure on the S pen. It used to write without pressure, But now you can see that its not working without pressure, So you have to apply little pressure, Although its not that much that your phones display would break. So since I got the phone my sim is in it. I am using a airtel sim in it And I also have the Samsungs other flagships Like I am using the fold previously. I was using the flip, So in all the Samsungs flagships I have used till now. I have seen that they have inconsistent carrier aggregation Like I get 4G in it only 20 of the time. Rest, it get only 4G And we got the same thing here. I got 4G very few times in S22 Ultra, Although there wasnt any problem in calling quality and all Compared to fold. One problem in it is Like. Sometimes the network gets disappeared in it. Here you can see the screenshot, So you have to turn on and off the flight mode.

Then network will come again Due to which a normal user can miss a call. Although its a bug, If I have noted it only once, then I would not have told you – I have noted it 4 5 times. So if someone from Samsung is watching the video, Then please roll out a update for it. Asap Now talking about this phones display. So, as Samsung is known for the best display, We get, the same thing here Means its display is best in this price range. As much content I have watched in it, We get to see bezels and chin very less Due to which, when you watch any content, Then you get a full view, display experience And no matter which type of content you watch in it, Whether HDR or non HDR. You will have fun, Its display is the best in the phones, And the fingerprint sensor you get here is a ultrasonic fingerprint sensor When I unlock it in gym after workout, It takes the recognition very fastly, And you can also see its speed. Its fingerprint sensor looks great to me Rest. It have a 120Hz panel. I havent faced any jittering. It performs very smoothly, like the butter And its animations also feels very fast in day to day life, So it have all the belongings of one UI. But I dont like one thing in one UI That I already have the S22 Ultra, But then also they send me the push notification to buy S22 Ultra.

Is there any logic behind this? So Samsung have to stop these things in their flagships So that our experience can get more cleaner, Although they send only their own notifications. So as this phone have 8 Gen 1 processor for performance, So in all the phone I have used this processor Compared to them. Samsung have underclocked it And we all know the reason behind it: Heating issues. We get to see many heating issues in 8, Gen 1, But only in heavy tasks, So company gave the GOS enabled So for this many people said Samsung to disable it So Samsung rolled out an update for that, Because many people were disabling. It forcibly – And I have shown the same Due to which heating issues were increasing, But when the company rolled out its update. So, as I said in the previous video In the phones with enabled GOS, This phone was Samsungs first phone, Which wasnt getting warm or heated. But after the GOS update Now also, I wont say that it have heating issues, But sometimes when you are scrolling Performing heavy tasks or using the camera At that time it suddenly starts warming, But also it dont get much warm, But it feels So allover. Its performance is massive If we talk about gaming performance So compared to Samsungs old phones, Samsung have done major improvements, Which we can also say long jump. So basically, the gaming performance, Samsung have improved, looks really good. Here you can do gaming in it, But in long time it isnt able to maintain the frame rates Rest.

If we talk about its cameras, Then this phones cameras looks very impressive Here. We will not talk about on paper things Here. If we talk about front camera, Then it became my personal favourite front camera Here you can see the edge detection Means it also detects the hairs nicely. Its light control is very nice, And here all over front camera looks very impressive. If we talk about back cameras, Then main camera looks ok, But the most impressive one is the 3X optical camera sensor Here, when you capture with it in portrait mode Means it also overcome from apple. The colours and edge detection is better compared to apple. In the 3X optical camera sensor – And it also have the periscope camera sensor by which you can capture moon and stars. But one thing is lacking here, Like its the best phone for capturing photos in the market in this price segment. But if we talk about the video, Then I dont found much improvements in the video part Like if you capture from back camera, Then it makes the skin tone too white And I have seen such phone, which comes at a lower price. They also record better videos than this. So in video part, this phone looks little weak, But it is very great in the terms of photos. Rest if we talk that Samsung is also promoting alot, like apple In apple, the influences buy it, because When they upload the photo or video of apple, Then there isnt any pixelation In it.

Samsung said the same, But when I uploaded or if you know them So when they upload, then there was also pixelation. So this thing is used by Samsung only for marketing Rest. Now also, if you upload its photo or video, Then you will see lows in the quality Now. Maybe Samsung can fix this in future by update, But till now, as they have marketed According to that, I havent seen anything Now if we talk about its battery. So if you know it have the battera not the battery, It have 5000mAh battery with 45W fast charging And we have also charged it with 25W And also with the 45W fast charger With 25W charger. It charges 0 to 100 in 1 Hour 20 Minutes And with 45W it charges in 50 to 55 minutes And the advantage you get with 45W charges is that It charges fastly till 70 Rest. If we talk about its battery backup, Then in the android phones I have used in this price segment. I think this is the first android flagship phone, Which gives a clear competition to apple. Its battery backup is very solid, Even if you use it heavily then also. You will get 1 days battery, backup That also with 120Hz refresh rate, So in battery backup part also it is very solid Rest. I would like to say one thing That many people after watching S22 Ultras video, are buying S22 and S22, So its user experience is different and their experience is different.

So by watching its video buy it only non them Because I am using those phones – And I know that there is a very big difference between these And I will share their experience also with you very soon So all over as much. I have used this phone. Its actual price is 110000 Rs., But after discount you easily get it around 97000 to 100000 And in that price, its top notch phone And it becomes the best phone in this price category Rest. There are little issues Like the network connectivity issue And if they fix them, then this phone will become better.