, So this right here is a pretty special product that I think youre all going to love.. This is the newest flagship smartphone from Google, the Google Pixel six and huge shout out to Google for sending me this phone for us to check out. And lets go ahead and unbox it., So lets check out what you get inside the box. When you pick up your own pixel 6., The unboxing is pretty straightforward. With the pixel 6 series. You just remove these two tabs at the bottom of the box and inside youre, greeted with the phone itself, some documentations and a USB c cable for charging. So lets jump right in and talk about its specs real quick.. The Google Pixel 6 is rocking, of course, Googles. First, ever SOC on a smartphone called Google Tensor.. It also packs 8 gigs of Ram 128 gigs or 256 gigs of storage, a 50 megapixel wide camera. A 12 megapixel ultra wide camera, as well as a 6.4 inch full HD, plus oLED display.. That just looks really beautiful. To look at. Now the display itself features a 90 Hertz refresh rate, which gives you the smooth scrolling effect. If youve never used a device with a high refresh rate before this is definitely going to be a nice change of pace for you. Youll notice that navigating Throughout the OS, or switching between apps or scrolling on social media, that things are a lot smoother. Youll also notice how rich and vibrant these colors are and how deep those blacks are as well.

. Thanks to that old panel that the Pixel six is using. Now, one last thing that I do have to point out about this display is that Google opted in for a flat display for the pixel 6, which Im a big fan of.. I cant stress enough how nice it is to have a flat display in a modern flagship nowadays., In my opinion, its just so much better to use on a daily basis in terms of its overall design.. I absolutely love it. Its so refreshing to see this new style from Google and I think that the pixel has this distinct. Look to it now. Its unique its cool, and you can tell from any angle when you look at the back of the phone that its the new pixel 6, going away with the squared off camera module from previous pixel phones.. We now have this long. Black camera bar that runs across a device which houses the two cameras microphone and the flash.. The pixel 6 comes in three different colors stormy, black sort of seafoam and kind of coral.. All three colors have this two tone: colored look. Its a lot more noticeable on the sort of seafoam and kind of coral color way with the top part of the phone being more saturated, whereas the bottom portion below the camera bar is a more toned down. Look.. Overall, though, build quality. Its a solid piece of slab that feels great to hold. And, in my opinion, the best size for any smartphone.

Currently, All right. Now lets talk about the new processor on the pixel 6. Google tensor Google tensor, like I mentioned in the beginning, is the first SOC that Google developed for its smartphone, which uses two high performance cores two mid cores and four high efficiency cores in translation. Google tensor is about 80 faster than the pixel 5 and after weeks of using the pixel 6, as my go to device, Google Tensor, in my opinion, performed really well., No matter what I did, I didnt notice any slowdowns or drop frames., Even when Im playing games. Switching between apps or just scrolling through websites or articles were all really smooth too. Now, given that this is a completely new processor, a lot of apps may not be fully optimized for a Google tensor yet., So performance on some apps may not be the best. As of right now, but give it a few months or so, and everything should be running, smooth like butter. Battery life is super important in any modern smartphone and the pixel 6 is equipped with a 4614 mah power battery which, to be quite honest, lasts almost an Entire day for me. Paired with a 90 Hertz refresh rate and full HD plus oled display battery life on the pixel 6, in my opinion, is so much better than most smartphones. That Ive tried recently. Now everyones use case is obviously going to be different. So my day, to day in how I use my pixel 6 is going to be completely different than yours.

Im, usually on social media apps and constantly checking and writing emails and occasionally playing games. When I have some downtime., But I also watch a ton of YouTube videos on the go to. On average, I get about five and a half hours of screen on time, which is good enough for me. And even if I did need to charge up, I can Always plug in the phone via USB C paired with a 30 watt charging brick and get up to 50 battery in around 30 minutes., So its not really a big deal, whether or not it lasts an entire day.. I usually leave my phone charging overnight using a wireless charger anyways. So battery life is never an issue for me. Now, last but not least, the cameras.. This is what Google pixel phones are all about. Its about the cameras and how it can take incredible photos. No matter the lighting conditions. Ive always love how pixel, phones and processor photos compare to other Android smartphones.. So the pixel 6 features two cameras on the back: a 50 megapixel wide camera and a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera. And up front. You have an eight megapixel camera which, to be honest, isnt my favorite., But lets talk more about the camera quality and my new favorite feature.. Now the overall photo quality on the pixel 6 hasnt really changed much from previous pixel smartphones.. It still shoots, in my opinion, the best photos from any smartphone.

. The shots are clear, not overly saturated and the colors look super accurate, which Im sure youll appreciate as well. Low light or nighttime photography looks incredible as well.. I personally feel that theres less noise on the new pixel 6 versus previous pixel phones and the colors look more true to life as well.. One thing I really want to highlight with a pixel 6 is magic eraser. I think this feature alone is such a game. Changer when it comes to smartphone photography., What Magic Eraser allows you to do is get rid of unwanted objects or people in your shot., So lets say: theres someone in the background of your photo or theres a bunch of small things that you dont want in your Photo., What you can do on a pixel 6 is edit. Your photo. Look for Magic eraser in Google photos trace around that person or object and bam. Theyre gone easy as that. And the best part is you dont even need to be connected to Wi Fi or have a data connection to use this feature. Pretty impressive right And thats it. Thats, the Google Pixel 6 in a nutshell. For an insanely good price of Just 599 youre getting a flagship smartphone with a beautiful looking, design. Great set of cameras and the reliability of stock Android with future software. Updates. Now sure theres, a ton of competition out there for the pixel 6. But you cant beat the hardware and software optimization from Google, with this pixel six anyways.

Thats going to do it for me.. I hope you all enjoy this quick little video about the Google Pixel 6 and let me know in the comments section down below, if youre picking one up and if so, what color. Anyways Im Mark Linsangan at HeyMarkL on social and I hope to catch you all.