If its past 8 30. Music ive been on my grind like im, trying to get sharp it aint coming with keys, all i did is hit start. I aint even planning, but it is still car full of baddies got me playing fifth wheel juke my baby got the party going up. I do what i wan na. I dont plan on growing up, see you slamming honey and dont plan on slowing up call your boss and tell them you dont plan on showing up lungs full of gas with a hand full of goals, boys in a band get a band for the shows stack. It up tall till they stand on my toes, come and get your man here. Stanford, hey whats up you guys its nothing here and welcome to my day in the life with the iphone 13 pro max and today, what im going to be doing is im going to be showing you guys how the iphone 13 pro x holds up with moderate To heavy use so im going to be doing things like playing games, recording videos, taking pictures and anything else that the average person would do on their phone and also, if you guys, like these type of videos, dont forget to like share and subscribe. And let me know what phone you want me to do next now, today is a very relaxing and calm day, because it is my off day. So what im going to be doing is im going to be going to the gym? Then i want to go to the park then, after that i want to go to the movies.

And last but not least, i have a barbershop performing at seven, so thats how im gon na end my day and im all packed and ready to go. But before i leave lets take some quick, picks Music. So now that i was able to get my morning routine out of the way i was able to leave my house so that i could be able to make it to the gym then go to the park. And while i was waiting for the elevator, i decided to check my phone and right now it is 10 57 am, and i have 100 battery left, which was a pretty great way. To start my day, i had a full tank of gas, a full stomach and was well rested enough to start my day. All right, you guys so now were here in the car and right now the time is 11 11 and my phone is at 99. So basically were going to see what heavy recording taking pictures and listening to music does to this battery after a while, so im not going to waste you guys time lets get right to it now, im heading over to planet fitness, its 10 37 a.m, and since There is no traffic. The drive is nine minutes and im going to use this phone as my gps and well see how the battery is like when i get there Music guys so now, im at the gym right now and it is 11 28 am and my battery is at 96 Percent again, thats pretty good and also, if you guys have seen my other dana lives its pretty crazy, because any other phone would have been at like 90.

By now and its pretty impressive that this battery is at 96, but again were gon na see what heavy recording and listening to music does to it. So see you guys in there Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, all right, you guys so now, im finished my workout ill go back to the car and then were gon na head to the park Music. Now, once i got to my car, i checked my phone and the time was 12 51 p.m, and i had 81 battery left, which means that i lost 15 percent worth of battery which isnt that bad. Since i did a lot on it all right, you guys so get them out of the gym and im not gon na lie. Man 81 is actually really really good and i say its good because i got the mag settings on. As you see, my display is on full brightness. I have 5g on and also while i was in gym youve seen. I was doing the heavy recording and also when i was playing my songs. I was going through the full library because i dont have a playlist. So i was actually getting some extra on screen time, but besides that, its a nice day outside lets go to the park, enjoy some nature. Now, im headed over to porter ranch park and, as you can see, its a 20 minute drive and again im going to use my 13 pro max as my gps and let you guys see what the percentage is after the drive Music.

Now i got to the park at 1, 22 p.m, and my battery was at 72 percent, which wasnt that bad, because it was a longer drive all right. You guys so again, im here at the park, its 1 23 p.m. And what i want to do is i want to record myself playing basketball, and i also want to take a lot of pictures. You know record some more videos of the nature just so i can see how this camera holds up and, lastly, i just want to take everything in because it is a very beautiful day outside and im not going to waste you guys time so lets get right Into it, Music, so Music, so Music. Now, while i was admiring my surroundings, i decided to listen to some music so that i could shed some time and enjoy relaxing. I also went on twitter to see what was going on in the tech community and also instagram. So that i could check up on some friends and see what they were doing Music. So now that i was ready to go, i checked my phone and it was 2 52 p.m, and i had 46 battery left all right. You guys again im in the car and it is 2 53 p.m, and i have 46 percent battery left and im, not gon na lie again. This is really amazing because i do have 5g on. I do have it on max brightness because its really bright outside and im gon na be hundred percent honest with you guys.

I shot so many videos because im not gon na lie. I was missing a lot and even on youtube, i got kind of carried away. So i racked up some on screen time and im, not gon na lie its doing really really well its three, its almost 3 p.m, and i still have a lot of battery left to go. But the next thing im gon na do is im gon na go to the movies, because i wan na see how the battery holds up on standby time and basically standby time is a time where your phone is turned off. You know youre still getting notifications but youre, not using your phone, and i just want to see how the 13 pro max can hold up, especially since im trying to see a movie thats a little over two hours, so the movie wasnt too long. So i could be able to make it to the barber shop after and the drive was only three minutes, so i didnt really need my gps to get there Music so now im here at the movie theaters and honestly, i want to take some more videos and Picks to show you guys just how it looks out here, because it really does look nice and also the movie is an hour and 50 minutes so were going to see how good the battery is on standby time Music. I checked the time and it was 3 30 p.m, and my battery was at ‘ and lets see how the battery holds up two hours later now, once i finally got out of the movie, i checked the time and it was 501 pm and my battery was At 32, which means that i lost 7 percent on standby mode Music.

All right, you guys im back in the car after being in the movie for about two hours and im, not gon na lie that movie was trash, but what im gon na do now is im gon na go home. Im gon na take a shower because i feel pretty sticky and if i have time after i shower and i get ready, then im going to watch some videos to rack up some on screen time. Now the drive from the theater to my house was about 25 minutes. It was 507 pm and my battery was at 32 and i decided to turn on my gps to get there so lets see how well the battery holds up Music. Now i got to my house at 5, 34 p.m, and my battery is at 27, which means that i only lost 5, which was okay, since i was playing music and using gps on 5g and alright, you guys now im home now now i might just hurry Up i didnt even park in the parking lot and again i just want to shower. I want to change my clothes because i feel very hot and sticky and i kind of want to hurry up because its 5 35 and i got ta – be here at 7. 30, but the la traffic go crazy, but not gon na waste. Any more time see you guys, Music, all right, you guys so im in the car. Now, my last stop of the day is the barbershop and now the last thing that i wanted to do with the iphone 13 pro max is to show you guys how it holds up after a very long ride and im not going to lie to you guys.

This battery is amazing, like a lot of other phones, wouldnt be able to last this long, and also the fact that i started very early was very, very impressive, so im very impressed now. My final drive of the day is exactly one hour long and my battery is at 26, so were gon na see if it can. Last long after such a long drive, Music and all right, you guys. My final time is at 7, 21 p.m, and i have 11 battery left, which means that the iphone 13 pro max has a great battery that can last you all day, if you utilize the power saving mode and my final on screen time was six hours and 40 minutes, which was a really good strain on the battery and all right. You guys again im here at the barbershop now, and i want to thank you guys for spending the day with me and, as you can see like everyone says, the iphone 13 pro max has the best battery in the game.