The oppo renault 7z is the companys latest smartphone that is parked under somewhere around the entry to mid range smartphone, but it is a premium one at that with the price of one thousand six hundred and ninety nine right, the oppo renault 7z does have a few Interesting things to offer so lets begin Music, while the oppo renault 7z is a rather simple phone to review. The design is not that simple. So you see the oppo renault 7z is having this kind of rounded square design and its kind of narrow. So its still very comfortable to hold with my large hands here and our unit here comes with the rainbow spectrum design and it is technically a combination of a matte finish, plus a very highly diffusive kind of design at the back there. So if you look at it at different angles, then the color will start to shift and its kind of trippy the camera bomb, though im really not a fan of the clear cutout here, and especially the ai portrait camera packs. But the cameras themselves, though, are very similar in terms of design with the s22 ultra with the two circular cutouts, and we also have an extra feature here. Introducing what oppo calls it as the dual orbit lights – the camera cutout lights up, and that is to signify that theres some sort of notification going on in your phone. I think it is unique, though i personally dont find any use for it.

Okay, so speaking of the cameras, we have a total of three cameras here, but i will only consider one of them to be usable to take pictures since the depth sensor and the fixed focus macro camera. Both of these cameras shouldnt exist anymore anyway. The main camera does take decent pictures overall, just keep in mind that when it comes to the night pictures shift to become a bit noisier and it also becomes a bit more yellowish. I really do wish that oppo will give us a dedicated ultra wide angle camera, but no, we get a depth sensor and a fixed focus macro camera. Instead, as for the screen, this phone comes with a 6.43 inch amoled screen with a resolution of 2400×1080, but it is only using a 60hz refresh rate screen. The display does look good and honestly, i dont really have any complaints at all, not even the refresh rate since im someone who is fine with 60hz. After all, now for the performance, this phone does come equipped with a snapdragon 695 chipset, and it is a 5g chipset and the performance coming out of it is sufficient for day to day use. But it is not gon na be that enough. If you want to play games like venturing back even at the lowest graphical settings, because it wont even be consistently at 30 fps now for the battery life, the oppo reno 7z comes with a 4 500 million power battery and it lasts for more than 16 hours.

In our battery life test, which is expected, given that the snapdragon 695 is a rather low power chip anyway and the charging times, this phone comes with a proprietary, 33 watt super volc charger and it charges from 15 to 100 in about 45 minutes, which is actually Quite decent for all that it has to offer. As for the software, though, its using android 11 on top of color os 12. and weve talked more about color west off in another video, so check it out there and overall, the software experience is kind of different compared to the vanilla version of the color itself, Because for the oppo renault 7z, it comes with a lot of pre, installed, apps and also a lot of ads. At the same time, you see the home screen itself. We have two pages, nearly two pages of pre installed apps and we have the usual stuff like hot games, hot apps, oppo app market, all of those stuff and also the wednesday again snack, video or something like that. We not only have those bloatware that we have to remove one by one. We also have a lot of push notification ads from system apps like the themes and also the aforementioned oppo app store, which i find to be really annoying, and i just wish oppo should just remove all of them, but specifically for the oppo renault 7z. We have one extra feature in the settings menu which is to customize the orbiting light there isnt that much options to tune it because its always in blue color and the brightness is always consistently the same.

But we can enable or disable it at certain times and also for certain apps but thats about it and then the conclusion look. The oppo renault 7z at the price of 1699 is definitely expensive. Its a premium entry ish level smartphone, hence that price. However, its something unique about that dual orbit lighting, which i think a lot of people – will google over that. But for me personally im i really dont find any practicality with that. So your value by looking at this phone will vary from mine, so thats it thats.