The best part, the 899 price heres. The pros and cons in our oneplus 10 pro review, the oneplus 10 pro shows that oneplus has come a long way in terms of design. While it might look a bit like the galaxy s22. The oneplus 10 pro certainly catches the eye. The ceramic camera module blends seamlessly with the frame, even if the lens layout looks like a stove top coming in two colors: volcanic black and emerald green, the oneplus 10 pro sports gorilla glass thickness on the front and gorilla glass 5 on the back. Its 7 ounce weight is evenly distributed, making for a phone thats easy to handle. Our volcanic black unit has a soft touch finish on the back making for a grippy feel we think the oneplus 10 pro is beautifully constructed, but thats just the tip of the iceberg. At 6.7 inches the oneplus 10 pros quad hd amoled display impressed us. We measured a peak brightness of 715 nits in our testing thats, not the wild 1359 of the s22 ultra, but its still plenty bright enough for outdoor use. When it comes to colors, the oneplus 10 pro does a good job in both the srgb and dci. P3 color gamuts samsung still has the lead, but we loved playing our favorite games and watching shows like. Is it cake on the screen with a 120hz refresh rate scrolling and gaming on the oneplus 10 pro is buttery smooth? It uses a second generation ltpo technology, meaning that the phone more intelligently scales the refresh rate between one hertz and 120hz, depending on the content on screen.

The oneplus 10 pro features a triple rear camera setup. The 48 megapixel main sensor does the heavy lifting, while the 50 megapixel lens handles ultra wide shots and the 8 megapixel telephoto camera handles far off photos with its 3.3 optical zoom for selfies, the oneplus 10 pro has a 32 megapixel front camera. This is a phone that handles most situations. Well, though, it still lags behind the competition in some areas. Our biggest complaint is that the oneplus 10 pro has a yellow tint to some of its shots. Take this photo of a brick house. The tree in the foreground looks a tad pink. The pixel 6 pro in comparison produces cooler more natural colors. The pixel also has sharper focus to our eye, whereas the oneplus 10 pro looks a bit soft around some of the edges. In this comparison with the iphone 13 pro max, the oneplus 10 pro makes the cherry blossom tree yellower than the iphone shot. The same is true for the other plants in the photo, whereas the iphone 13 pro gives us much more true to life picture, even showing off the slightly pink hue of the cherry blossoms. However, the oneplus 10 pro performed better in other photos, take the shot of books. The spines and the oneplus 10 pro photo are brighter and more legible than the iphone 13 pro maxs shot. The scene is overall warmer and more inviting creating that cozy library feel oneplus. Also spent a lot of time on the ultrawide camera in its default 100 degree mode.

The oneplus 10 pro takes wide sweeping shots with very minimal edge distortion. Most smartphone ultrawide photos often look a little blurry on the edges, but while the ultrawide camera may be capable of many things, it too suffers from the same, yellow, tint problem that the main camera has check out this photo of some early spring flowers, the yellow flowers. Look good, but a bit too saturated on the oneplus 10 pro the iphone 13 pro max might have cooled things off a bit too much, but it looks more realistic where we wish oneplus had spent more time was on the telephoto lens. Take this zoom shot of some cherry blossom trees, the oneplus 10 pros eight megapixel photo, looks almost fuzzy with very soft details. It fails to give a strong sense of depth, especially when compared to the galaxy s 22 ultra for night shots. The nightscape mode has drastically improved since last year. Not only is it more consistent, but it does very well with low light scenarios even giving other great night modes a run for their money. For example, look at this photo of a smoker in the early morning hours. The oneplus 10 pro has a brighter image than the galaxy s22 ultra. You can also make out more details in the fence slats in the background in oneplus case, whereas samsungs effort looks softer and noisier in comparison. This shows that oneplus has come a very long way with nighttime photography, but its not just hardware.

This year, oneplus has also provided plenty of software treats to dig through the oneplus 10 pro can shoot in 10 bit color, offering a huge boost for dynamic range. In your photos, but if you want even finer control the new pro mode lets, you tweak camera settings to your hearts, content theres, also the raw plus mode which shoots photos in raw with some slight software. Tweaks on the side, oneplus tried to answer apples, photographic styles, with master styles. There are three preset filters that drastically change the photo. Each of these is calibrated to different scene types and theyre fun to play with. However, we think theyre more of a gimmick than a useful feature. The oneplus 10 pro can shoot up to 8k video at 30 frames per second 4k at 120 and 1080p at 240 frames per second, the phone also features a dual camera recording mode, letting you pull in video from the front and rear cameras simultaneously. Nightscape is also available for video, letting you capture footage in less than ideal lighting situations. We were impressed with the oneplus 10 pros video performance. It handles stabilization quite well, plus. It offers plenty of rich detail like the photography experience. This is the best video weve seen from oneplus, with its snapdragon 8 gen 1 and 8 gigs of ram the oneplus 10 pro is a powerhouse in our benchmark testing. It comes in just shy of the galaxy s22 ultra in geekbench and our video transcoding test, but in gaming benchmarks, the oneplus 10 pro noticeably beats samsungs best, including an average of 61 frames per second in 3dmark wildlife that probably comes down to the upgrading cooling system.

Oneplus seems really proud of this, and in practice it makes for a phone that stays cooler under stress. Not only does this make the phone more comfortable to hold while gaming, but it also means that the cpu throttles less that equals stronger, sustained performance. The oneplus 10 pro handles any game. You could want whether it was the intensive gentian impact or the ridiculously fun city. Smasher, the oneplus 10 pro comes through with some of the best gaming performance, yet you can get in an android phone and for games that support it. The 120hz display leads to smoother frame rates. The oneplus 10 pro comes equipped with a large 5000 milliamp hour battery and it delivers epic endurance in the times guide. Battery life test, which involves continuous web surfing. Over 5g, the oneplus 10 pro turned in an impressive result of 11 hours and 52 minutes in its 120 hertz mode knocked the display down to 60 hertz and the phone went for 12 hours and ‘ minutes that blows away. The galaxy s22 ultra and comes close to the iphone 13 pro max oneplus phones have long had some of the fastest charging you can find in a smartphone. The oneplus 10 pro comes with 65 watt charging in the us, which can almost recharge the phone from completely empty to 100 in just 30 minutes, and we got to 55 in just 15 minutes overall were really impressed with the oneplus 10 pro in terms of its Performance battery life, and especially the cameras that was one of the bigger complaints that we had last year and oneplus has made huge strides in terms of computational photography going up against, but not beating the best phones and the price is really hard to beat youre.

Not going to find this type of performance in this price range, which is why we are giving this phone 4.5 out of 5 stars. Is it better than the pixel 6 pro and the iphone 13 pro max? No, but it gives you more for the money and that counts for a lot for toms guide.