Early fever build quality. Software camera have all come under fire in the early impressions, but are the claims from oneplus and certain areas of the media justified and are oneplus the company they once were. I think you need to hear this so ive been using the oneplus 10 pro for about a week or so now ever since i unboxed it, i have the reviewers unit here, which includes this lovely ocean picture. Maybe ill do my next one plus unboxing on that beach. You never know. We also have some oneplus cases here, including this kind of teardown. Looking one and a samsung finished one as well, but this is the retail box that you would be getting phone manuals and a soft flexi matte black case charger and charging cable. Now this is 80 watt. Super vook charge charging your 5 000 mah battery from naught to 50 in just around 10 minutes, which is absolutely incredible. But i know what youre thinking isnt super vook, oppo dont one use warp or dash charge from old, and you would be correct in saying that. But its not straight rip off, there is a nuance to it: cutting a long story, short oneplus and oppo merged product teams, some months back, so there are definitely some things that are the same, but it isnt quite as black and white, as some outlets are making Out, firstly, oneplus and oppo, alongside vivo and realme, have been under the bbk electronics umbrella for a long time and as a result, they have shared many design and product features over the years.

So the oneplus one was basically the oppo find 7a oneplus. 5 was basically the oppo r11 and oneplus is dash, and subsequent warp charge was basically a kind of rebrand of vuc superfood charging. Oppo phones were angled more towards a chinese market and oneplus phones more towards a western or global one. But a lot of the core elements were pretty much, if not the same, so the main differences came down to a software level. Opera handsets like this find x5 pro here run on color os, whereas oneplus like the oneplus 10 pro here, runs on oxygen, os oxygen os in this case 12.. So i personally was a massive fan of the early days of oxygen os when you had that kind of almost stock experience, but things did start to alter a little bit and around oxygen is 11 and certainly with oxygen. Os 12 theres. Definitely a shift more towards color or s thats kind of now the base layer compared to where googles stock android would have been the base layer before thats, not to say i dont like color os. I just like the fact that they were different im, not sure its such a great move fusing the two softwares, so they kind of run very, very similar. It again doesnt give a great differentiation between the two handsets on top of that oppos global appeal is actually higher now than it was even maybe two or three years ago, with the likes of the find x3 and x5 pros being received really well.

So on one hand, i do kind of agree with the early questioning of this move. But one thing that isnt as originally reported, is the fact that oxygen os is dead, its gone its going because, according to oneplus, ceo pete lao the feedback they received on the software front. The backlash from the enthusiast fan was pretty heavy made. The company push forward with a guarantee of a future oxygen os update, quite where we go after that is unclear, but i think 13 could be key. If we see a slight backtrack almost to see something moving away from color os again, then i think oneplus phones will still have a very prominent role in the smartphone market. But if we see further parallels to coloros, the oneplus identity could become somewhat washed and their phones may possibly not stand out where they once did now. An example of this can be seen in the camera. The app is almost identical to the oppo find x5 pro. The fact that both oppo and oneplus are both working with the famous camera manufacturer hasselblad, almost in my opinion, dulls down the significance as its not necessarily now unique same orange button same shutter, sound and same color science in pro mode. And although i love such features such as the x pan mode resembling the old school, unique aspect, ratio from hasselblad cameras, ive been using that feature on the oppo find x5 pro. So again, it doesnt feel quite as unique now.

But what about the actual hardware lenses here, oh and, if youre, enjoying this video so far, the sub would be amazing. Well, we have the same 48 megapixel primary sensor and 8 megapixel telephoto as on the oneplus 9 pro, and the only big change here is the 50 megapixel ultra wide, which can now shoot a 150 degree angle and therefore modes such as fisheye, for example, are possible And while again, i feel like ive seen this somewhere before it does give you great customization options and the overall photo quality on the whole is really good. Sometimes, with portrait shots, the edges misfire slightly, so shots can look a little bit messy, but i have heard that some people say that the shutter speed is really slow and causes problems with moving subjects um this isnt, something that ive necessarily found. It is often a pet peeve of mine that, when im taking pictures of my pets, pet peeve pets, thats good its good ive, often found that outside of the google pixel line, which is notoriously amazing. For this, and something i wish was on. Every other manufacturers flagship smartphones, um, i wouldnt say this is necessarily any worse than the galaxy s22 ultra, for example, the iphone 13 pro max oppo5 and x5 pro. So i dont really get the negativity again on this front. Ive actually found it on the whole to be fairly snappy. The oneplus 10 pro offers 10 bit photography, which is 64 times as many colors, and you can shoot in raw in the hasselblad pro mode and its hasselblad certified.

You have three hasselblad master filters which are really cool to play around with, but as far as we can see, the overall involvement from the camera manufacturer is solely from a software base, something i would love to see them integrate over there. I think theyve got a three year deal. One of these two has got a three year deal, the other one might be a year out of that id love to see more of a hardware influence as well. That would be great on a future product, but right now its more superficial, we do have a movie mode, which is a manual recording mode and you can shoot video at a max of 4k at 120 frames per second insanely good for your slow mo. If you wanted to slow footage down in post for your epic cinematic slow mo scenes, those added frames just give you a really nice smooth motion and an actual film mode for that super widescreen. Look, so lots of that im. Sure youll agree sounds great, but one area of this phone that has received some pretty bad publicity and something that i dont entirely agree with again is build quality. There have been some outlets that have slammed this phone when it comes to durability, with bending cracking, braking, etc, similar to the iphone 6 and bend gate um and again, i i often scratch my head with these things. Yes, in an ideal world, i would love nothing more than be able to place a phone on a desk and smash it with a hammer and it not break but im a realist.

And i appreciate that if i take a piece of tech and try and bend something thats not meant to bend at its weakest point, it might just break if it survives certain drops and scratches, for example, then great, but its not a tank and its not really Designed to be one now, it is only gorilla glass 5 on the back, its not the best, but it is still fairly okay flagship level two years ago, ish, but we do have the very latest gorilla glass, victus on the front matching the best from xiaomi, samsung, Etc – and we have a haptic motor inside here, which is 40 stronger than the previous model, and it feels it as well, so it certainly feels pretty premium something that has been the case over the last couple years, especially also when it comes to the actual display Panel 6.7 inch 120hz quad, hd plus ltpo 2.0 amoled panel, and the ltpo means that it can change its refresh rate, adapt it depending on what youre doing from high to low. So it can save some of that battery when you are doing something that doesnt need a high refresh rate. So it is a good technology again, its very a lot of flagship have it. But it is nice to see it here as well. 1300 nits peak brightness and the auto brightness learns your habits, which is a great feature. Often, when i sit there and play with my phone play with my phone when im on my phone, i often find that whatever lighting im in the auto brightness is good but its not quite optimal, and i have to kind of toggle it a little bit.

All the time this learns that behavior and when youre then in that sort of setting again, it already knows what your preferences are, and it will learn over time more and more really handy feature, and i have noticed it working. I find myself toggling it less and less, which is great great little feature lovely stuff. The fingerprint scanner is higher than the 9 series in a much better position i might add, and the color calibrations have also been done at 100 and 500 nits to further improve the color accuracy. Now we know that oneplus phones have been topped here for performance and gaming over the last few years and again, the 10 pro is no different, snapdragon 8gen, 1 chipset and either 8 or 12 gigabytes of ram, depending on the version you get. This is combined with a cooling system that apparently sits above and below the main powering internals, and you also have a hyper boost. Gaming engine taken from oppo and a frame rate stabilizer. This phone is the real deal here. Oh and apparently, weird fact, um. If you laid out all of the cooling components in the 10 pro out on a table, it would be the size of an a5 sheet of paper flat. Take of that what you will now. I have noticed two possible performance problems, kind of feels more software than anything, but to be noted, the first is using the lock screen, which sometimes excuse the pun, locks up and doesnt function properly without a reset.

The fingerprint scanner icon no longer appears the face id. Just seems to not want to function, its only happened twice, but its happened. Nevertheless, again, it feels more, like a software bug probably wont, be there on the retail units, but i have to pass on what ive experienced and the other one is on the youtube. App and again, i dont know whether this is widespread, youtube or not, or whether its just on this phone um, but i have noticed ive, been viewing. Content and ive come out of the app to go on another app and then ive gone back in and the sound is exactly the same. Ive got the picture in picture working. I can hear the sound fine, but the picture is in slow motion and again i have to close the app down reopen it reload the video and then that is no longer in slow mo very weird, never experienced anything like that before, but again might be a Bug with the phone might be a bug with youtube. The app dont know want to monitor again, so all things considered, i think, as always, oneplus have delivered a pretty great all round phone one that also undercuts a lot of its rivals in this area, including, like i mentioned, the find x5 pro for sure, oneplus could Have improved a few things here and there, but i i certainly dont, feel the negativity surrounding this phone early on is justified. On the flip side, this phone definitely feels like were at a crossroads and whichever path oneplus chooses next could make or break them in the future.

A mere consumers feedback would be dont, be generic, make software a prime differential again and try and maintain that aggressive pricing system lose even one of those let alone three and oneplus could be in trouble. I personally just dont get the rebranding of phones either. You see it happened a lot with other brands, xiaomi redmi poco as examples very similar phones, if not the same in a lot of features just rebranded to launch in different areas. I dont understand it at all. You could just have different software running on those phones, depending on whether launched with the same phone same brand name so that its far less confusing for the end user and a perfect example of that is one plus when they shipped with oxygen, os and hydrogen os. In different regions, i say it all the time it seems to fall on deaf ears at the moment. Theres, obviously a reason for it. If there are any brands that do this and are watching this video and would like to let me know that would be absolutely wonderful, either way ive been adam, this has been the oneplus 10 pro and you, as always, have been beautiful.