I had to do the math on that twice, because i was like theres no way that its been that long. But here we are yes, its been eight years since the launch of the original oneplus one that completely changed. The smartphone game, in my opinion, at the time now fast forward to today, things are a little bit different. No longer is oneplus the brand that delivers a premium phone at a budget price, but more so a normal phone at a premium price. But unfortunately, a lot of people think that the oneplus 10 pro is an absolute flop. So heres the deal back a few months ago, the oneplus 10 pro launched overseas, but we need to make a very clear distinction here. This oneplus 10 pro is very different from the one that we saw launched internationally back in january, so i should clarify its mostly the same device, but only on a hardware level. You see the software experience on the first iteration of the oneplus 10. Pro is nowhere near the same as this one and that changes literally everything and a lot of press and youtube people and stuff imported it from overseas and reviewed it and were like man. This is absolutely terrible. What is oneplus doing well im happy to say that that experience is not this experience, as most people can understand a software experience and a user experience can literally make or break a device that comes out, and this guy right here fortunately runs oxygen os.

But the initial launch of the oneplus 10 pro came with color os, which is far far less favorable. That being said, as somebody that has the oneplus 10 pro in his hands right now, this phone doesnt suck, but its also nothing special. Let me elaborate: this is a smartphone that has what you need and it does what you needed to do and thats pretty much been one pluses like motto: you know they just give you what you need and they slap it in a pretty package at a good Price, but we need to get this out of the way right now. The oneplus 10 pro is 899 and yes, its cheaper than its predecessor, which is amazingly great, but oneplus has built a global brand and is now making flagship smartphones. That means, essentially, they are at the same level of the samsungs and the googles of the world, but this is the same price right and do you think most normal people out there are going to choose a one plus over a pixel or a galaxy device? I just think that, having flagship prices for a lesser known brand, while offering the same thing that everything else does isnt always enough, the design here is great, though, and it looks like a nice phone, i mean i do like the smooth but etched look on the Back glass here and the camera module its a bit much but well get into the camera a little bit later.

The display here is 6.7 inches its a qhd plus resolution at 120 hertz – and i mean thats kind of expected these days right. But the thing that gets me the most is some of the like marketing terms and things that theyre throwing at this phone right like, for example, this has some uh enhanced upscaling abilities for videos that have a lower resolution than 720p. Let me actually read you a little blurb here: the oneplus 10 pro lets you take advantage of its 6.7 inch, qhd plus display, even when you are watching videos with a lower resolution than 720p thanks to a feature called super video resolution. So essentially, what this does is it allows you to upscale video more cleanly, but i feel like are we: are we inventing solutions to problems that never existed like come on? Most people spend two hours a day, watching adp tick, tock videos with without complaining like. Are we really? Are we really making that big of a difference here in a viewing experience? Is this really that important were spending all this money on like throwing in these marketing things and these features and stuff? When really, i feel like, we could have just taken that whatever that chunk costed and just cut it off the top right and and give us a cheaper smartphone, because that would be more important. I mean thats honestly. My problem with a lot of smartphones today is that theyre just throwing things in there, so they can justify a higher price, at least thats, just my opinion on it.

But honestly weve been at the pinnacle of like smartphone innovation for quite some time now, and the only thing that companies can think to do is throw little quirky features in here or there sprinkle, some all around just so that we feel like were getting our moneys Worth of course, we have the fingerprint sensors and the face unlock and the super fast charging and the usb type c port. All of those things are here were not knocking any of that, but i mean i expect all of those things so heres the deal inside. We have a qualcomm snapdragon, 8 gen 1 processor, with 8 gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of storage. I mean, essentially, this is the 2022 cocktail of a smartphone inside of here. Right like this is essentially what we get in all 2022 android smartphones, but moving on here lets talk about the camera because theres obviously a lot going on on the back. Here we have a triple camera setup. There is a kind of a ring light. Looking flash on the back and if theres one place that the oneplus 10 pro is going to really shine or bank on shining in its with the camera. Now we have a 48 megapixel shooter on the back, along with an 8 megapixel telephoto lens, both with 10 bit color capabilities, which is great but dont forget. We also do have an ultra wide lens on here, and they have some features built in like the hasselblad pro mode, which allows you to shoot 12 bit raw photos.

And you know what all these things are great, but they mean absolutely nothing if people arent using them and im not talking about all of the super techie people out there that are going to try each feature once and and be happy with it. I mean really like how many of you really have business taking 12 bit raw photos out there, like not a lot of people. I mean far far less people than the probably bulk of those who might end up with this phone. So essentially, my thing is: lets cut out the marketing jargon and just give us a good phone with a good camera and good battery life, and you know, make it look kind of unique right. Put a good spin on it, slap a good price on it and youve sold everybody. So, as i mentioned, we have oxygen os on here, obviously much better than color os, which was the main problem that people had when reviewing the other version of the smartphone and everything is smooth. But would you expect any less with the specifications that are inside of here? This has the latest and greatest that every smartphone has this year. If your software isnt, smooth in this day and age with the specs that we have something, is wrong very, very wrong. So heres the thing im not going into every single bell and whistle with this smartphone, but everything that it does. It does good. You know it definitely holds its own in the smartphone world, but with the price point and the fact that it does consist of most everything that you can find in other smartphones that are cheaper or at the same price.

Is it enough thats? The main question here and does oneplus have the brand recognition now to compete with the samsungs and the googles of the world. The battery seems to last a day, at least in my experience, the cameras great its got a clean display. The software is smooth, like it checks all the boxes, that we would expect a smartphone in 2022 to check but isnt that what we want from a smartphone like this is the bare minimum, doing everything that everybody else does. So it comes down to this.