Tech life watch s 100, and this one is priced at 2, 499 rupees, so ive been testing this one out for about 10 days now – and this is my full review Music. Having used a few real me, smart watches. In the past, the tech life watch s 100 felt right at home. For me, design wise you get the traditional squared off form, factor on the side, theres a button used to wake or put the watch to sleep honestly, i love the fit finish and the quality of plastic real me has gone for here. In fact, the metallic finish does give it a premium look and while they call this color black, it sort of looks more like a carbon grain, not that im complaining moving on you dont get an always on display here. Nor do we have a double tap to wake the screen, and i guess this is acceptable for the price but hey we do have a raise to wake and it works pretty fine. Now, looking at the rear, you see the health sensors and the charging pins. The straps are removable, which is great, but the quality of the straps. Well, that could have been better, but looking at the overall package, the watch s100 has a good profile. I think the color looks dope and also i havent come across any issues wearing it day in and day out. Also, if you love what youre seeing right now, then definitely consider hitting that red subscribe button for more such videos and also turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest updates.

Lets get going now on to the front theres a 1.69 inches lcd display with an acceptable 240 by 280 resolution, and the panel is actually sharper than many budget. Smart watches that i have come across in this price bracket, and otherwise also the colors look good. In fact, the peak brightness is about 530 nits and in real life scenarios the smart watch gets plenty bright, even on the brightest of sunny days. So no complaints. There do note that you dont get any ambient sensor on the watch s100, which means theres no auto brightness. But then again i think so. This is acceptable for the price moving on you get to choose from a range of 110 plus watch faces for come pre loaded, and if you want more, you can always check the real me fit companion, app speaking of which the real me fit. Is your one? Stop app for all your health data and stats. Personally, i love the ui. I think its easy to use very easy to navigate. Of course you get all your fitness and health data on the home page. Apart from this accessing and setting up your health settings, managing notification settings or putting on drinking and sedentary reminders can be easily managed from the settings menu. So coming back to the watch s100. Well, it utilizes bluetooth 5.1 to connect with your android or ios device. As for the watch ui and operation, a single press on the side button wakes up, the screen, swiping up takes you to the menu and you get a list view by default.

Although you can set it up to a grid view from the settings swiping from the top shows, the notifications with which you cant interact, of course, thats expected at this price and for longer text. Also, you will need to check your phone only so do remember that also clarifying, since i believe many of you will ask me in the comments if this watch comes with a calling functionality, so let me tell you that theres no calling functionality on this watch. Of course, you can configure call alerts from the settings of the realme fit app, but then again do note that you cant pick up calls moving on a swipe from the left corner shows the quick settings, while a swipe from the right corner shows your quick health Statistics so in terms of operation, the watch s100 is pretty responsive. In my usage i found zero lags or stutters, of course, theres barely any animation in the ui that you get. But yes, as i was saying, the watch operation is very smooth. It has great touch response and again nothing much to complain about the tech life watch s100 also features 24 built in fitness modes coming to the accuracy bit. So i counted 1000 steps in my head and the watch s100 registered about 1050 steps or 1053 to be exact, so a 5 margin of error was there, but then again – and i keep coming back to this so for a watcher that costs under 2500 rupees.

I think so this is just fine, otherwise heres a demo comparing the watch s 100 with a pulse oximeter heres, how it fared in terms of heart rate, monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring, Music. One other cool thing that this watch can do is measure your body temperature. Apart from this, i was also satisfied with the sleep tracking accuracy of the watch s100, although i wished the app could have shown more insights. Finally, lets talk about endurance, so the watch s100 is powered by a 260 mah battery. You get a proprietary magnetic charger that takes about 1.5 hours to fully top up the s100, which is quite decent, so in terms of actual battery life, real me claims an endurance of up to 12 days with normal usage. But for someone like me, who used the watch s100 with all the frequent health settings on my notifications were on. My call alerts were on my brightness was set at 75 screen, timeout was set at 15 seconds, and the race to wake was also turned on. So, with all of this turned on so with heavy usage, basically, what im trying to say here, i got an endurance of seven days on a single charge and this in my books is solid. So, with everything said and done, should you buy the real meat tech life watch s100 for its asking price? I say why not i mean if youre looking for a superb budget, smart watch that looks good is well designed and feels light on the wrist.

I would say: go for the watch s100, but beyond the aesthetics as well. I think, in terms of health and fitness accuracy, the watch s100 does a fairly decent job for its asking price, not to mention that the realme fit app is one of the key highlights. That adds to a good overall experience and you also get a dependable battery life on the watch s100. So in a nutshell, for about 2 500 rupees, i think so. The watch s100 is definitely worth it. But most importantly, what are your thoughts on this watcher? Definitely let me know in the comments below and as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.