000.. Now motorola recently launched the motorola g30 pro 5g and it comes with loads of eye catching features, but at the same time it carries a price tag of roughly rupees. 50. 000.. Now you may ask what makes this smartphone so noteworthy? First of all, you get 250 megapixel rear cameras. You get a 60 megapixel front camera. We also get 68 watt fast charging support, but, most importantly, the phone is powered by qualcomms most premium snapdragon 8 gen 1 soc. Now, on paper, the phone may look ideal for a lot of customers, but it is not perfect and you may ask why here is a breakdown Music first things. First, we look at the content inside the box. Apart from the phone, the package includes a 68 watt, usbc adapter, a type c to type c charging cable, a clear silicon case and some paperwork. Speaking of the design, we get a 6.7 inch oled display. That is indeed pretty big in your palms. The screen has gorilla glass, 3 protection, while the back gets corridor class 5 protection. Quite an unusual decision for a flagship smartphone that generally receives the latest gorilla glass protection on both panels. The rear panel has a curve that makes it comfortable to hold, but the back panel has a smooth finish that does feel premium. A good feature is that the rear camera module has a minimal buff so that the phone wont bobble too much on a flat surface.

Another achievement, motorola managed, is that the new motorola h30 pro is roughly 10 grams, lighter than the old gen motorola h20 pro overall, the motorola h30 pro does feel premium, even though the company could have worked a bit harder to choose a new design. One thing that may bug users is that the placement of the power button and the volume rockers you will need to stretch your thumb to reach either of the two buttons on the right spine edge. So the display performance of this smartphone wont leave. You disappointed the oled display on the motorola h30 pro delivers a fantastic viewing experience and the black spots are darker than usual. We also get a full hd plus resolution display with hdr 10 plus support, so the colors are natural. They are vibrant, theyre way way, making the overall viewing experience a lot more immersive gaming can also be silky smooth, as the screen has 144hz refresh rate that users can toggle in the settings menu. I also compared its display against the samsung galaxy s22 plus and mind you. Samsung is known for producing some high end display panels, but the differences here are very difficult to spot Music at the heart of the smartphone. We get qualcomms latest snapdragon 810, one chipset with 128 gb of non expandable storage and 8gb of ram users who are more focused on productivity, wont, face issues and they can run multiple apps simultaneously with mild stutters. The gaming experience on the motorola h30 pro was extremely smooth, as i played some heavy titles like asphalt, 9 and pokemon unite similar to other motorola phones.

The motorola h30 pro offers a clean, android 12 software experience. The phone includes very minimal bloatware and we are not bothered by spammy notifications. But as i mentioned, the motorola h30 pro isnt perfect and the phone does face heating issues and it is not just motorola h30 pro, but other devices that feature the snapdragon triple a chipset and the new snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset face similar issues. So in this case, be it gaming, 8k video recording or charging with the bundle 68 watt charger the chipset throttles unfailingly. But the good part is that the phone will not show a significant performance drop, but it drains out the battery pretty quickly. Speaking of the battery, the motorola h30 pro packs a large 4 800 milliamp battery that even supports reverse charging with the bundled charger the phone attained 81 in 30 minutes which isnt bad at all, with 144 hertz, refresh rate enabled and multiple apps running. In the background, we got roughly 12 to 14 hours of battery, which is fairly standard from a feature packed device like this. So motorola is heavily banking on the smartphones, camera performance and on spec sheet it looks very promising. We get a 50 megapixel primary camera with optical image, stabilization for stable images and videos. We get a 50 megapixel ultra white camera that can also develop as a macro camera and at the end we have a 2 megapixel depth sensor at the front we get a 60 megapixel front camera, but theres no optical image, stabilization.

The primary camera is evidently the mvp or the most valuable player among three other sensors that also manage to record sharp videos. Overall, you wont be dissatisfied with the images or the videos. Most still, images were sharp in bright and dim settings. The colors were fairly accurate and we dont get boosted images that many smartphones offer. The images taken with the selfie camera were sharp, but the results were not always consistent. The saturation levels from the selfie camera is a bad bit high, which some users may not like. Overall, the motorola h30 pro remains an all rounder smartphone and the price tag of roughly rupees 50 000 will make many customers consider this smartphone. In the beginning of this video, i said that this smartphone is ideal, but it is not perfect ideal because it offers great display battery performance cameras and so on. But the onboard memory on this smartphone is restricted to 128 gb and it will receive only two years of android software updates when drivers like samsung is offering four years of software updates taking the game to the next level.