Everybody hope you guys are healthy and safe, so youre watching footage shot the main camera of the oneplus 10 pro now i do have the oneplus 10 pro on a gimbal right now, so its a little bit further away than even my forearms length. Hence, why im able to shoot the main camera and still get pretty wide framing and stabilization is probably going to be a little bit better than even handheld, but still handheld footage still comes out pretty stable, as you can see from these footage here, which are all Shot handheld now the sound youre hearing is also coming from the built in mic of the oneplus tempo theres, one mic built into the camera module when im on a really quiet street. Its like 3 am right now, but even earlier, when i was on a noisier street, the phone still did a good job of capturing my voice, hey everybody. I hope you guys are healthy and safe, so youre watching footage shot. The main camera of the oneplus 10 pro, but for the rest of the video, i will be using external audio with my mic right here to get better sound, so lets switch and by the way, if youre interested in more content. Like this please subscribe to my channel, it helps me a lot so anyway, the main camera, the oneplus tempo, is a 48 megapixel sony sensor, f, 1.8 aperture, with a relatively large image sensor, size of one over 1.

4. So this larger image sensor allows it to take in a lot of light. So right now you know this is a pretty brightly lit street, but this is still considered low light videography and i think footage still comes out relatively noise. Free everything looks pretty sharp its just. You just see some nice little bouquet around my head because of the larger image sensors. So you get shallower depth of field now. The camera experience is made better by this very intuitive oneplus camera app im, particularly a fan of the fact that you can zoom in and out seamlessly on some android phones theres a little bit of stutter whenever you switch from the main camera to the ultra wide Camera not here to the camera app just very well designed you can cycle through all the apps with one hand and its not too cluttered, so you just have to be main modes that you would need to use in the main camera app and if you want To use extra modes, you can jump into the more settings and there are some fun extra modes this year, including a really good manual movie mode. That allows you to adjust focus points. So that means you can pull off tricks like rack, focus and theres. Also, a new x pan mode that kind of simulates the effects of shooting, with a classic hasselblad camera theres, also a useful long exposure mode that allows you to capture long exposure, photos handheld without the need of a tripod and the results actually look pretty respectable.

Now we dont care about all these extra shooting modes and just want to point and shoot the main camera the camera app here is really good too. Everything focuses fast. The shutter speed is very responsive. Now this neighborhood im in right now its called pohang fong. It is one of the trendiest districts of hong kong, its a little bit ironic, that this has become so trendy, because this neighborhood was not popular before in the 80s and 90s, because just down the street, a couple of stores that sells coffins. You know chinese people are generally very superstitious, so not many of them want to live in this neighborhood because theres a coffin shop down the street. However, westerners or even people like me, whose chinese ethnicity but grew up overseas, we may not buy into chinese superstitions as much so. We dont have a problem living here, and a lot of us have moved here and kind of gentrified the place and its become very hipster and trendy now like right here we have a streetwear store right. Here is a little bar, and this is a shop that sells bicycles and coffee. So right here we have a french cheese and wine store and right next to it is a pretty rundown local shops anyway, back to the phone, so the main camera, the oneplus tempo does a really good job with still photos too. I am a big fan of the color science. This is now year, two of that partnership between oneplus and hasselblad, so theyve done some tuning to the colors that make it pop a little bit while still kind of looking.

You know not too exaggerated. Its still realistic. I am a fan of the colors and i also noticed that in nighttime photography, the oneplus tempos main camera captures more light than the galaxy s22 ultra photos. Youll see that the oneplus 10 pro shot is generally brighter all around the frame, however, being brighter doesnt necessarily mean better a lot of times. If you pixel peep, the s22 ultra shot, is a little bit more detailed, the oneplus 10 pro shots tend to lose a lot of texture, particularly on the ground. I mean just look at these photo samples. I think, for the most part, the oneplus 10 pros main camera is really good and can go total toe of the s22 ultra and the iphone 13 pro max and often win now. The oneplus 10 pro is a 50 megapixel ultra wide camera. Let me switch okay, so now im shooting with the ultra wide camera on the oneplus 10 pro now this street is a little bit dimly lit, so the video might be quite noisy right now. Let me step back out into a little bit, uh better lighting. So you should see the field of view is a little bit wider than usual. However, this is not the widest, because the ultra wide camera actually has a native field of view of 150 degrees. This is the same samsung jn1 sensor, with the super wide field of view that i recently tested in the iq009 pro.

However, oneplus does not let you shoot videos, at least at 150 degrees. It locks you down to this slightly tighter framing, which is for the better, because when you go up to 150 degrees, theres a lot of distortion, so the ultra wide camera has an f 2.2 aperture, but the image sensor size is relatively small, so some people were Actually, a little bit concerned that the ultra wide camera would be a downgrade from the oneplus 9 pro im happy to report thats, not the case well, for the most part, anyway, the photos are a little bit softer and theres a little bit of color and consistency, But the ultrawide camera still produces pretty respectable shots. Now, video, maybe theres, not much. You can do com in terms of computational photography, so videos right now may not look the best because im in low light situations, however, in photos theres enough processing in oneplus software to make a ultra wide shot. Look pretty punchy lets grab a couple of ultra wide shots of this little graffiti here, okay, so this is the field of view you get from the main camera lets switch out to the ultra wide compensate for the fact that the sensor is quite small, and then You see the shot looks pretty good, colors are punchy is much brighter than the actual scene. However, if you pixel peep a little bit youll see that details are a little bit soft im gon na take some ultra wide shots of the same scene with the iphone 13 pro max and the galaxy s 22 ultra now.

Finally, the third camera of the oneplus tempo is an eight megapixel telephoto zoom lens, offering three point three times: optical zoom. Now that means the oneplus tempo cannot zoom, as well as the gaussian 22 ultra, which can grab three times telephoto and ten times optical. However, three point three times is still better than what you get of a xiaomi 12 pro over oppo find x5 pro, and you can digital zoom up to up to 30xl30x is not good. I would say 10 times, 10x is about the maximum that you can get before the shot starts. Looking very soft and very noisy, so the oneplus 10 pro is a typical 2022 android flagship. So that means you have a glass metal slap sandwich design. You have a 6.7 inch display 1440×3216, so this is an ultra sharp panel oled ltpo 2.0. That means resolution can jump between one hertz and 120 hertz to my eyes. The display looks great ive examined this display next to the galaxy s22 ultra display, and i really cannot see a difference between the two. They both look awesome to my eyes. I know the galaxy s2 ultra gets a little bit brighter at 1700 nits max brightness, whereas the oneplus 10 pro maxes out at one, whereas the oneplus 10 pro maxes out at 1 500 nits, however, that extra tuning its a brightness really is not noticeable by the Human eye now the phone its covered by gorilla, glass invictus on the front and back.

This is good because i actually dropped the phone pretty badly earlier tonight. Ultra wide footage and surprisingly, the phone only suffered minimal damage only in the lower right corner. As you can see has been scratched up, thats it. Otherwise, the display and the back of the phone look pristine, so kudos to gorilla, glass and oneplus for making a phone thats pretty sturdy could survive a pretty rough drop. Now inside the phone runs on a snapdragon 8 gen 1, with 5 000 milliamp hours of battery, the battery can be charged at up to 80 watt speeds if you are buying a phone in europe and in asia in the u.s. For some reason, i think, due to u.s standards, the charging brick uh, its only 65 watt im actually testing the u.s model with 65 watt brick and i was still able to top up the phone from zero to 132 minutes battery life has been pretty good too. Thanks to that five thousand million cell and the ltpo2 panel, this phone can go just about all day for me now, if i have a heavy day out and about over the weekend, its gon na barely squeak by a 12 13 hour day, but on the normal Work day, i will finish a 12 13 hour day with, like 20 25 left, so definitely enough battery life. Now this phone runs android 12 with oxygen os on top oxygen. Os is beginning to look more and more like color os and the overall ui and aesthetics.

Look very similar to the color os seen in oppo finds 5 pro now its not a bad thing, because ive long been a fan of color os and to be honest, oxygen os has always been very similar to color os anyways. I love all the shortcut features of oxygen os such as swiping down three fingers to grab a screenshot. You can also now press on the screen with three fingers to grab a freeform screenshot and also love all the off screen gestures, such as the ability to control music playback without needing to wake up your screen. Music animation is also super smooth and fluid. I think 120 hertz its better optimized on color os and oxygen os more so than on one ui, for example. Just look at the way the notification panel just drops down. It just looks so fluid to my eyes. Now the only software features thats exclusive to oxygen. Os that you cant find in the opel phone is this one plus shelf that you activate now by swiping down from the upper right corner. This shelf has rigids, shows you your health data and you can control spotify. You can jot down leave a quick note directly on the widget. The oneplus tempo is in a little bit of a tricky spot. The announcement last year that oneplus is now a sub brand of opal. I mean to be honest: everybody who follows smartphones closely already knew this, but at least before oneplus and oprah would put in a lot of effort to separate the two like they tried to pretend they were separate brands now theres, no hiding anymore.

Everybody knows: oneplus is technically a sub brand of oppo and the oneplus 10 pro theres, no getting around it. Its very, very similar to the oppo finance five pro except the oppo f5x5 pro has a much better ultra wide angle camera. So that puts the oneplus 10 pro in a little bit of an awkward spot, particularly in asia, where the oppo finex5 pro is indeed available. However, theres still appeal to the oneplus 10 pro, because, even though the oneplus tempo in asia, its like the fourth or fifth android flagship, ive tested already thats, not the case in the us, where the oneplus 10 pro will sell in the us. The oneplus tempo is just the second major flagship release of the year, so that means for people who really want a new phone, but they dont want samsung or iphone for some reason. The oneplus tempo its the next option for them its a good alternative. The oneplus temple also has appeal in europe because the galaxy s22 ultra in europe runs on the exynos chip. An external ship is just not as good as the snapdragon 8 gen 1.. So that means in a lot of markets in europe. Right now, the oneplus temple may be the only phone out right now with snapdragon hm1, and the final factor is price. The oneplus 10 pro starts at 899, us dollars for the 8 gig ram 128 gig version now 899. Us dollars is not exactly cheap, but it is cheaper than the galaxy s 22, ultra, which cost 1 200.

So if you want a new android phone, but you dont want to pay over 1 000, the oneplus 10 pro makes a pretty good case. You have a really good and clean software, a beautiful looking design, a phone that can survive a drop for sure, and you have a beautiful panel that is as good as anything else out on the market so anyway, thats about it. For this review, slash vlog of the oneplus 10 pro. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did please consider subscribing to my channel and follow me on instagram at bens gadget reviews, i have a lot more stuff coming up this month, just its busy.