This is going to be quite a special one, because its probably going to be the last time that you actually will be seeing. You know this kitchen right here now. I know ive been shooting multiple videos in just this very small space, and i really am very thankful for all of you guys here to you know, still bear with me, and you know, have all this kind of not a very good looking background. Sometimes some of you actually complain about the windows being open, so ive closed the windows down and all that, but yeah. We actually do have some very important business today and were going to talk a little bit about the poco m4 pro now. This device is actually a very interesting device. Uh. The pricing of this device is actually rm 899 here in malaysia, and that gives you six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal memory. Now, of course, if you have a little bit more money, you can go up one rank and you know get a little bit more ram as well as storage and in terms of the pricing. Well, this is really isnt. The budget phone kind of thing uh budget phone – these days – you know they start off at like 400 to 500 ringgit. We also have five to six hundred ringgit, so this one is sitting at eight, nine, nine and by the end of todays video, you should be able to tell yourself whether this is actually worth your money or not.

Now before it begins its also worth mentioning that the poco m4 pro that im actually reviewing today is the 4g version. There is a 5g version that ive already done on the channel, so were going to be focusing on the 4g one. Today, now were going to start off with the design itself. We do have a very interesting device. The design here is a first for me, because ive never really had like this kind of blue on any of my phone. So far, so its a very interesting shade of color, it doesnt really shift whenever you tilt the device from side to side and its very, very matte at the back now, of course, uh typical, with poco devices. We do have this kind of signature. Look with the camera cut out, and i love that its like once you see the device, you know that it is a poco device now moving on to the bottom of the device, you do have your type c port. You have your dual stereo speakers and you have a microphone at the bottom as well, and if you move on to the top here, you see that we still have our beloved headphone jack, as well as the ir blaster now over on to the side. Here we do have a fingerprint scanner, as well as a volume rocker and on the left. You do have your sim card tray, which in this case it does support two sim cards and one micro sd slot so thats great here.

If you want to expand your storage overall, i think the design was great. The best part here actually is that the device itself is ip53 rated. So what this means is that you can, you know, have a couple of dust and water splashes onto it, but do not submerge the phone into water dont, bring it inside the pool its good enough to prevent it from being damaged from you know, light rain and All that so thats good there for the poco m4 pro now moving on lets talk a little bit about this display at the front yeah just getting it turned on now. This actually is a quite smallish display. I think it is actually quite suitable for some people out there who likes one handed operation now in terms of the size. This is a 6.43 inch, 1080p amoled panel. That does great displays in terms of the smoothness and all that it is supporting 90 hertz refresh rate, and if you are talking about the touch sampling rate, that is actually 180 hertz. So everything is a bit smoother, obviously not as smooth as 120 hertz, but 90hz is actually quite all right on the poco m4 pro now in terms of the brightness levels, you know here in malaysia is always so bright outside with the sun. It is actually supporting all the way up to 1000 nits of brightness, so thats great guys. I mean seriously. I brought this outdoors its a very bright display and i never had any issues you know just looking at the display itself, so overall, im very very pleased with the display on a poco m4 pro its a great amoled display that goes bright enough.

Decent smoothness levels and all that so thumbs up for that uh before we move on to the next point. Its also worth mentioning that the display here is white vine, l1 rated. Now for those of you guys who are not that technical? What this means is that you can actually watch netflix on hd now devices that dont support l1. You can only watch that in standard definition, but these devices supports hd on netflix, so again more thumbs up here again with the poco m4 pro now. Moving on. I want to talk a little bit about the cameras at the back, because its actually a very huge cutout here and yeah. We are always talking about the camera, so how is it like on the poco m4 pro well good news here guys, i was actually pleasantly surprised when i took the photos of this device – and i put it onto my computer because i want to have the most Accurate, you know viewing experience to find out how good the colors are and its great guys um the 64 megapixel sensor. The main sensor here actually does a great job in terms of daylight shots youre, getting a lot of detail. The colors are actually very natural and true to life. They do not pop as much as other devices in the market today. So i think that is also a good point here now in terms of the night mode and all that you also get very, very good night mode here, because its able to brighten up a very dark image.

Obviously, if you go on to parts where its super dark at night, then it will still brighten the image, but you will have a lot of noise all around so i mean thats to be expected from you know a device like this, but overall, just in terms Of pictures taken by the main 64 megapixel sensor, i was definitely impressed here the two times you know digital zoom also works pretty great. Here. You have quite a lot of detail once again on that two times you know zoom its, not optical, zoom, its just digital zoom, but its also working great now in terms of the ultra white. Here we do have an 8 megapixel ultra wide. It does a decent job in bright daylight. You know you have a good amount of detail as well, its not the best ultra right out there, but it will definitely work if youre just sharing it over social media or you want to share pictures to your friends. I think it is a decent ultra white sensor and definitely worth being on a device like this. Now. Last but not least, we have that two megapixel macro lens, which, honestly speaking, i did not really test out. I dont really take a lot of macro shots, but i believe its just like other typical, you know, sensors and all that they just want to fill that third slot here. So you have that triple cameras at the back, all right, so moving on lets talk a little bit about the performance because we want to know whats powering this little poco m4 pro well, this time, its being run by a helio g96 and in terms of ram.

If my version here is the eight gigabyte ram version and im able to expand that by three gigabytes, so technically you have 11 gb of ram, which i think is fine storage wise. I have the 256 gb of ufs 2.2 storage, so yeah thats, just in terms of the numbers. How does it perform, though, on a daily? Well, ive done. You know basic social media, browsing pictures, you know browsing the internet and all that, of course, working on a daily. It actually is able to run fairly smoothly. I know the reason why i say fairly smoothly is because occasionally there are still a couple of stutters when you open the app. There are little bit of lags here and there so the 90 hertz this display actually does help that a little bit, but it is sometimes a little bit frustrating because it is not fully optimized now. The good news here is that miui 13 is already on board, but hopefully you know poco will push out another update just to make the entire user interface a little bit more smoother to operate now in terms of gaming gaming wise its actually quite all right. I think you guys really know that the helio g96 performs quite okay, for you know basic kind of gaming mid level gaming, and by that i mean that not too graphic intensive kind of games, so i played the mobile legends. Obviously again it ran quite smoothly. We did not have much issues.

A gameplay of approximately 30 minutes actually reduced the battery by seven to eight percent. Just in case you are wondering – and i also played the spot – nine, which also does pretty well on this guy now, if you want to play games like gen xin, obviously you have to reduce the graphics down to lowest and after playing a little bit of games. I noticed that the highest temperature you know obtained on this poco m4 pro was approximately ‘ degrees celsius, so thats not really warm at all its very manageable. You know in your hands: dont have to worry about heat there. So, overall, i think decent performance coming out from you know a sort of budget phone like the poco m4 pro before we go on to the final point, lets talk a little bit about the haptics. We do have the exact axis. You know haptics motor here, which actually functions quite well. Uh. The vibrations are a little bit stronger than what you might expect. So, if you have notifications coming in, you might actually get quite a bit of. You know that vibration feedback on the device itself. I think thats actually good its better than those uh haptic motors that you know you dont, really feel it, those that are very slow and all that this one works quite well. So, im also happy to see that that kind of haptics motor on this guy here uh before again before we go to the final point, a bit a little bit about the speakers.

The dual speakers here actually sounds quite loud, but the sound tend to be a little bit on the tinish side of things. So again, volume voice is fine, but dont expect. You know, like really awesome kind of audio quality coming up from the speakers. Finally, finally guys the last point here lets talk a little bit about the battery now the poco m4 pro here has a 5000 mah battery and it supports a 33 watt fast charge, which obviously you also get the charger in the box. Thats really good, uh. In terms of charging speeds, you can go from zero to 100 in just slightly more than one hour. I think that is actually quite all right and its not the fastest out there and obviously im not really expecting the fastest speed as well. In terms of your battery life, i found it to be quite good. I mean on days when i did not really play games. I was able to use the phone for more than a day and thats, actually quite good more about one and a half days before i have to actually start. You know plugging in the charges, so yeah thats, just in terms of the battery life now overall, at the end of the day, is this poco m4 pro really worth your money? In my opinion, devices are getting more and more expensive. You know, as they launch newer models. So not really, you know surprised to see rm 899 here considering the last m3 pro was 100 ringgit cheaper.

So yes to a certain extent, i still think that this is a bit known. I can still recommend this to. You know people who want to buy a new phone, but you do have to bear in mind that you do not have 5g supported here. So you know when time comes for the new 5g. You might worry about that and, of course, at this price point 899, you can definitely find even more competitive phones out there already in the market. So let me know what you guys think about the poco m4 pro down in the comment section below. Is this something that you know you might actually purchase uh? Are you happy with the price point? Let me know. I really want to know your thoughts, so yep thats pretty much it for todays video guys again. Thank you so much for watching to the end and thank you for staying with me in this. You know really small, wonderful kitchen. I do hope all of you enjoyed todays video dont forget to drop a like and sub to the channel, and i definitely hope to see all of you in the next one: stay safe.