I wanted to talk about the realme gt2 at the time of this video, the phone costs about 550 euros, but obviously prices may be different in other regions. You know i like companies like real me, who are not afraid of experimenting with different phone designs. For instance, if you follow my channel, you know that i reviewed the real me gt, then the gt master edition and those devices looked a little bit different with the gt2 realme tries to stand out from the crowd again and in fact they are using first bio Based polymer smartphone design that both looks nice and it is environmentally friendly. In practice, the surface of the back blade looks and feels like a paper. It feels nice in the hand and again kudos to real me for trying to innovate and stand out from the crowd. I also like a very bright and nice looking 6.62 inch, 1080p plus oled display with a 120 hertz refresh rate. The gorilla glass 5 covered panel has good contrast and vibrant colors outdoor visibility is not an issue thanks to 1300 nits of peak brightness and is a great quality screen. Overall, i found the under the display fingerprint scanner to be fast and accurate, and on the top left corner we have a cutout for a 16 megapixels selfie camera. On the back. There is a triple optic system that consists of a 50 megapixels main eight megapixels ultra wide and a 2 megapixels macro lens.

The phone weighs about 194 grams, but it houses a 5 000 milliamp hours battery. That can be recharged in just about 33 minutes, with a supplied, 65 watts fast charger. I found the battery life to be excellent, as the device could easily last me a full day, even when i used it intensively. If you tend to use the phone mostly for the basic stuff, like social media and web browsing, this is easily a 20 day battery phone. If you watch a lot of online videos, the gt will last you up to 20 hours. The dual speaker system sounds very good and it is loud, a few shortcomings. There is no micro, sd card slot and the phone is neither water resistant nor splash proof when it comes to specs. The real me gt2 uses last years, snapdragon 8 processor, which still has plenty of power for most users, the fully spec model has 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage and realme is going to charge. You only 50 euros extra compared to 128 gigabytes model that has 8 gigabytes of ram. All of these specs translate into excellent gaming performance, no matter which titles you play and realmes proprietary cooling system works well in practice, the phone remains relatively cold to the touch, even after longer gaming sessions. As far as user interface goes, we have realme ui 3.0. That is built on top of android 12.. Some may call this user interface a little bit cartoonish, but i personally like the ui because of its speed, responsiveness and loads of extra features and customization options, which i dont really use every day but its nice to know that i have options.

The wide angle shooter on this phone does not really impress, as images could be sharper. However, the main lens produces really nice photos and if you switch to the dedicated 50 megapixels mode, youll get images that have plenty of detail, sharpness and natural. Looking colors. The camera lacks an optical zoom lens, but i found two times: digital zoom images, look quite good portrait shots usually have good edge detection and they look nice. Despite the lack of a dedicated depth sensor. Macro shots, on the other hand, are a hit or miss night mode is available on both the wide angle and the main lens, and in two times digital zoom mode, just like in good lighting. The main camera produces the best results and i, like the overall quality of the images, selfies and selfie portraits, usually come out nice in good light at night. The images look a lot softer, but they are still usable, both 4k 60 and 30fps modes, produce nice, stable and smooth footage, even when you record videos without using any stabilization tools like gimbals selfie video resolution maxes out at 1080p, and the overall quality could be better. Besides, you need to turn on image stabilization to avoid shakiness. As a result, you get a significant crop factor. Lastly, the sound recording quality is just mediocre. This is 1080p video test, handheld, no stabilization tools but im holding the phone in two hands and i also turned video stabilization feature on the realme.

Gt2 is a good and well balanced phone, but it is not perfect. The shortcomings worth noting the lack of water resistance. The wide angle, camera performance is mediocre, the selfie video quality could be better and there is no micro sd card slot for storage expansion, but 256 gigabytes is more than enough for most users. On a positive note, you get a nicely designed phone. That looks a little bit different than the competition. The display is near excellent. The overall performance is great, the battery lasts a long time, and it can be recharged in just about 30 minutes and the main camera produces really nice photos, especially using a dedicated 50 megapixel mode. Lastly, the real miui may be a matter of personal preference, but i like it because of its smoothness and all the extra features so heres. My verdict, the realme gt2, is not a perfect device and you should definitely consider the previously mentioned shortcomings if they matter to you personally, but i think its a well balanced device that has quite a few flagship qualities.