The budget flagship phone redmi k50 with demensity 8100, is coming in todays video. We focus on the k50 dimension, 8100 camera system charging and battery life, as you can see from the table. These are the three main differences between them. If you are concerned about other features of k50, you can watch our k50 pro review video. They are almost the same before we get to the test. I would like to introduce the dimension 8100 chip. I dont want to make it too complicated, but simply put this chip is a sub flagship chip launched by mtk to counter the snapdragon 8.. So if it performs better than the snapdragon triple 8 in tests, then the purpose of this chip will be achieved. Lets look at the geekbench 5 cpu performance test, as you can see from the graph. Although its single core performance is a bit worse than the snapdragon triple eight, it has surpassed the snapdragon triple eight in the multi core performance. It even surpasses the snapdragon agent ones, multi core performance level, so it looks like dementia. 8100 has exceeded the goal, but after receiving a version of the updates, redmi has limited the k50 and multi core scores have dropped significantly, while we dont know why redmi did this at least the scores from the last version proved how powerful the demensity 8100 cpu really Is in the 3dmark gpu test, the dimension 8100 scores are slightly ahead of the snapdragon triple eight but theres a significant gap with both the snapdragon agent one and the dimensioning 9000.

In the 3d mark stress test. The stability is much better than the snapdragon triple h. Mi 11, ultra overall, at least in the bench test. Mtks demensity 8100, achieves what they expected performance surpasses snapdragon 8 in an all round way. The score is just a number. The game is what we really care about. I have to say: genjing impact is a really good game, its pretty much the only mainstream game in mobile gaming right now that can put a huge stress on the phone lets review heres the graph for the snapdragon triple eight phone heres, the graph for diminishing 9000 Phone, this is the graph for the snapdragon agent one phone, and then this is right. For the k50, the frame rate was held steadily at 60 fps for 11 minutes and most of the time the frame rate was above 50 fps. Do you think this is the best thing about k50? Hold your breath theres more to come. Look closely at the average power. The k50 does a far better gaming experience with far less power than the xiaomi 12 pro the 20 minute sketching impact only consumed 9 power. The maximum temperature did not exceeded 48 degrees celsius either without a doubt. The k50 standard edition is one of the best performing phones. Weve tested this year with the genji impact bright rages. Fps is more dependent on gpu performance, so the k50, like other snapdragon triple a phones, will have lower average fps compared to this years.

Flagship chips, but at least the dimension 8100 remains very power. Efficient and low temperature. Pubg mobile is not yet compatible with density. 8100. Phones, so you cant turn on hdr graphics and the frame rate is locked at a maximum of 30 fps. If you like to play pubg, you must think carefully whether you can accept this kind of gaming experience. All in all, this demensity 8100 processor in the k50 is an excellent performance. It is both power efficient and ensures a long time performance output. All things considered, unless you are a bright ridge fan, it is probably the best chip for gaming this year, although 108 megapixels sounds much better than 48 megapixel. In reality, the k50 48 megapixel main camera level is about the same as the k50 pro in the daytime scenes 90 of the scenes. I could not see any difference, even if i zoomed in only in some scenes. Could i tell that the dynamic range of the k50 pro was indeed a little better than the k50 standard at night. The photos from both phones look similar. The k50 pro has less dark noise, and the k50 standard has better clarity, its hard to say, whose photo a little better. As for the other two lenses, they take exactly the same photos. I wont comment on them, so theres no need for you to buy the more expensive k50 pro in order to get better photos. The k50 also supports up to 4k 30fps, recording it doesnt look any different from the k50 pro Music hold me close till i get upside Music Applause to my shadow through the sunrays Music Applause Music.

Although the charging power of 67 watt is already quite fast, it is still slow compared to 120 watt, plus, with a large 5 500 million per hour battery. It takes 5 minutes to charge 19 half an hour to charge 74 and 53 minutes to fill, because we dont have another 5 500 million per hour phone plus the highest quality or resolution of the games that can be selected is not the same. The chart shows the battery life test for reference only, but with such a large capacity battery and demensity 8100 excellent power control performance, you can be assured of a full day. Use of the three k50 series phones released so far. I, like the k50 standard edition, the best im sure everyone is thinking the same thing like me. You can spend less money but get a better gaming experience and longer battery life. The screen is also wqhd plus, and the camera is much better than expected. If k50 pro can be called flagship killer, then k50 can be called budget flagship phone thats. All for the video.