Its price is 94999 passes. The tecno camon 18 is the company style of a camera. Focused phone under 10 000 passes the device features a premium looking back cover with a gradient colors. A large 6.9 inch lcd display with a 90 hertz adaptive, refresh rate fhd plus resolution, with a 12 nanometer match at the kelu stock, 4gb ram 128 gb internal storage. It is also the 5 000 milliampere battery with a usb type c, 33 watts flash charge 48 plus 2 plus 2 mp camera. It is also the 16 megapixel selfie com with a side mounted fingerprint reader 4g lte android 11 os with high os skin Applause. Music. Number two in the list is the real me 8i. It started with 9990 pesos with a 4 gig ram 64 gb version, the real me 8. I is a solid contender in this class as well. The handset uses a beautifully designed 3d curve back cover in space. Black or stellar purple colorways, it has a 6.6 inch, 120hz refresh rate fhd plus display 2.05 gigahertz 12 nanometer magitek holy g96 shock with 5 000 milliampere battery capacity, 15 megapixel 1.8 samsung gn1 sensor, plus 2 megapixel macro lens and 2 megapixel mono lens. It has a 16 mp selfie camera with a side mounted fingerprint reader and android 11 os with the real miui 2.0 skin Applause. Music. First in the list is the infinix note: 11s. Its price is 9990 pesos. The handset highlights a beautiful 3d curve back design in haze, green and methyl gray colorways.

It has a 2.05 gigahertz, 12 nanometer magitek holy g96 octa core processor, 8gb lpdd r4x, ram 128 gb ufs 2.2 expandable internal storage. It has also the 5000mah battery with a safe, usb type c, with a tu, very inland certified 33 watt supercharged tech for the camera. It is equipped with a 50 megapixel 1.6 main shooter with pdf fojos 2 mp macro lens and 2 mp depth camera. It also has a quad flashlight in front. This comes with 16 megapixel 2.0 shooter for selfies with a dual front: flash completing these packs. The device has a side mounted fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers, dts, audio linear motor graphite, black schooling and android 11 os with improved xos 10 skin. Thank you so much guys for watching my videos and if you want more, please dont forget to subscribe on my youtube channel and hit the notification bell for more updates.