I review this channel so guys if you are new first time this channel. Please subscribe my channel and share with your friends so dont waste time today, uh talking about the vivo y double 3s 128 gb 4gb unlock smart mirror black, so guys people why double 3s. Today i review okay. 4G. This mobile is 4g and 128 gb memory. Okay, the internal memory there, the system there stem browser, browse short and play with the the vivo white white w33s. They have 120 8gb internal memory and 4gb individual and arrival in middle black. This one, you know middle black, this uh phone check their very red black and very nice. Also, this mobile check. There is very nice and very nice, also there very nice future everything – and there is this mobile price uh 299. This is very low price. This mobile and you can buy for this mobile so there have. I i tell you details review this vivo y 33 s in the android 11 powerhouse means android 11 powerhouse with a long, lasting 5000 mah battery. This mobile have 5000 mah battery and kept very moment with the 54 mp trial. Euro camera means 54 mp temporal real camera and start it all with 128 gb of internal memory, so guys this mobile have android 11 powerhouse and a 5000 mah battery and camera 54 megapixel with gb internal memory. This their future. This quality 6.58 quality and touch screen display short high relation photo and video with 50 megapixel, plus 2 megapixel, plus 2 micro, resist source and real camera also other have two camera two megapixel, two megapixel okay, a 16 megapixel uh phone camera, make video calls and everything.

Okay, that is long lasting the long time, the battery backup 5000 mah and first efficient with hilo, g8 out or c4 processor. This processor, also g18 old processor or code pieces are there. This is very good and short all your files and memory 180, 28, gb and 5g dual sim available. They are 4g mobile there, but their 5g has dual sim also available and around android 11 automation. The system with access the play store this code also and there have uh packaging demonstration. Lx means sixty point of four x angle and four point: six angle and zero point: eight cm this mobile uh weight. One point sorry, zero point, one, eighty two k, so everything have also there this brand bibo sim card type if none same okay, so there have uh slip, it 0.2 gigahertz star 2, plus 1.8 gigahertz star 6; okay, they are real camera i saved before and also From camera 16, i say before better youre, also good. Everything is good till time up to 175. What means this mobile up to 17 hour track time: okay, theres built in uh, fresh ltd. Okay, there have been everything. Is there see guys? This really is very good. They have 2g 2g gms b2 by 3 by 5 by 8, 3g d, with same b124 by 5 by 8 4g fdd lte be one two by three by four by seven by eight by 20, by 18 by 16 4g ltd, lte b38, 1441 bluetooth, 5.

0 wi Fi 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz. This is very good and its performance, okay, so that is skin skin resolution. 200. Sorry, uh. 2408. Point 1018. This is good, but now this is screen resolution okay, there that have caused her usbc and everything is okay, guys their battery backup and charge only two hour. You when you just put it only two – are finished: the battery full charge, cpu hero. Everything is okay, so guys this mobile everything is okay. You can buy this mobile and i hope you understand and wait. Everything is perfect that ram ram 80 of 4 gb ram. This is screen size. 6. Point 58 inch. Okay, so guys everything is okay. This mobile, you can buy uh this mobile and you can. I use also this mobile is very good and very good future. They have the other foreign policy. This move, i have you can when you can buy. You can check everything. I hope you understand uh. Thank you so much for watching and please subscribe my channel.