As you can see, this is a low and budgetable phone okay by the company called zte, its a a very big um china, brand okay, which is um, which got which has gone worldwide as well now um. So obviously the features that this smartphone has is here all right. It has a 4 inch screen with a 5 megapixel rear camera with and 2 megapixel um front camera, and it has quad core 1.3 gigahertz processor, with 1400 mah battery life. So the battery life is quite its impressive for us um for affordable phone like this um. It also has a memory of 512 mb ram 4g gram. So for the memory wise. Obviously, this phone is for those who just want to for calling texting. Okay, maybe just a bit of um whatsapp or like one or one or two apps downloaded. But if you want a lot of apps um, this is a theyre saying the one because it wont really um hack, the um, the amount of apps you want to download. It takes memory cards, so you can put photos um, music, etc. Um to save on your memory card um and he operates on five um android 5.1, which it doesnt have the layer. Software, okay, youve got old software built in uh, okay can come in three different colors black white and the gold color. So the gold color is something that i think said more. Like a limited edition design. It looks more stylish all right and the design of this phone is self look stylish, its easy to hold okay, it has the front, is all black, with obviously the menu buttons in blue and thats.

The kind of zeppy is more of like a kind of design. Okay, most of the menu they are always like this, the back bit obviously can get black, so it can be full black with jet black. It can also be white or gold. Now let me just take the back off, so i can give you ill show you exactly how it is all right. So the battery is there all right. It takes a micro, i think thats, the um yeah, basically its a normal sim. It takes in um, and it also takes a micro, sd, sim card that way. Memory card, okay and speaker is placed under the underneath the battery and then let me just put that back on again hold on now on the left side, um on the right side of the actual smartphone. It has the power button volume down and up on the top, he has the headphone jack and a micro usb charging cable, um port, basically okay, other than that. Obviously the mic is building at the bottom. As you can see um it has a front camera. So thats quite impressive because usually a cheap, affordable, android, smartphone dont have this front camera, but this one actually has it. So if you want to do any iml, imm imo or any kind of video chats its all right honestly, it wont be the perfect um camera, because its only two megapixel front camera. So it wont give you the best quality, but you can actually do um.

You know video calling all right. Okay. Now i already switched you on so, as you can see, it is quite smooth to actually move around all right, so swiping around is easy. Um! Let me just go to about phone now, honestly, you probably might have an update. You can update your software here. Just stairs is there, as you can see, the model name of this phone is android. Software is 5.1 all right. So all the information is there um. He doesnt have nothing and nothing like um. You know fingerprint um sensor or anything like that built in, but for a price of like around 40 uk currency, you cant really complain for a phone that has literally front camera back camera, a good decent, um, android software and its not the layer software. But i got the a decent one which it could hack. Okay and it does it it does. The basic jobs of a normal android smartphone should do from downloading apps and whatsapp, etc, is very smooth um. This touchscreen is not giving any kind of problems. Um speaker wise its not the best okay, but you actually listen to ums, music or any kind of um sand. Okay, it is okay. I would say its more like a before. You have a four out of ten okay in my opinion, because it does have that squeakiness when you um, when the volume isnt full volume, okay, but mostly for a bunch of phone.

You still cant really complain about that um because it does have a lot of features built in um. You also have this flash camera as well built into the rear camera. Okay, so you can use this as a like a torch, etc. Um headphone jack its its a normal headphone jack and charging um time it doesnt have fought fast charging, so bear that in mind um, but it does. It does charge in several hours and the actual battery life itself is quite good. Its not perfect, but um without using your phone it does. It would last to a day, okay, if youre using a phone, it would run a little bit quicker thats. All i could say, um earphone itself, as you can see here all right. It does have the mic built in um its not that its, not the best earphones. I would say because its because youve got this headphone jack, you can buy your own earphones and put it in. But honestly, you should be happy that you actually get earphones with it. The quality of these earphones are very poor, as its literally so it doesnt have. No um zte brand on it anything like that: um, sound quality bass, etc. Everything is literally downside. Okay, um its a little so higher, treble no bass, nothing like that. Um it doesnt it. Doesnt have no no noise, cancelling or anything built in um and its the mirror phones where it would get damaged very easily as well.

So, in my opinion, i would just recommend just purchasing quality earphones and you know use that for for the actual phone, but overall um i do recommend this um smartphone is, in my opinion, does compete with all the low budget phones and he is very stylish, very Small, very compact um, and he got the fact that he has front camera back camera.