So it came like this ordered from amazon nice package. Well, open it up. Take a quick look at it. Lets see whats inside all right, so it looks like its nicely packaged. We have a instruction booklet, a lot of detail information lets see what we have here is the charger. I believe this is the rubber piece for probably where it holds the iphone or the cell phone. Here it is its pretty sturdy. This is the gimbal stabilizer, never use a stabilizer. It is loose like this uh. You have to get used to it once youre used to it. It will uh be almost natural when you hold this, this bar is adjustable now. The feel of it is pretty good. It doesnt feel like its really cheap, i guess or very plasticky, although it is made of plastic its made with better plastic than other ones. Ive seen heres the removable bluetooth mechanism, where you can use it to turn your phone video and photos on heres. The extendable part ill show you the uh the way it works with the uh spinning rotation. This is the rubber piece that was mentioned before you put it in, and this will hold your cell phone snugly and securely now. Well turn this: on now thats on, you can manually rotate it by pressing the button. As you can see it rotates. You can make some special effects by shooting videos or horizontal all vertically and also in a circular motion, and then we also have the um the tripod.

So you open this part up. You have to pull up, pull it out a little bit, so it can stand there. You have it show this little bit better. So overall, it does feel good. Um, not too, like i said mentioned before, not too cheap um. You can extend it to this length. Nice grip so were testing this out now. Right now is the stabilizer turned off so youre, just using it as a as a handheld tripod walking on the streets of new york city, no, its not too bad. Actually, even while the stabilizers are still pretty okay. Now, right now the stabilizer is turned on, so there is some difference. I i dont see a major major difference, but it does keep things a little bit more stable as im, walking and well check out the spin quality using the bluetooth see how that effects there. We go just pressed it once again back to the other side. We can do it a full circle. Also. So, overall, this gimbal uh is not too bad um.