It comes in three unique colors plus it offers a sleek magnetic mounting ai tracking gesture control for hands free, recording, a built in tripod for live streams, and it functions as a portable battery bank for your smartphone and so much more so lets roll. The powervision s1 is first and foremost a 3 axis gimbal, which means it will compensate for camera, shake across the roll pitch and yaw axes of your smartphone camera. For instance, look at this shot with and without the s1 gimbal Music. The three axis motors will eliminate those handheld imperfections resulting in buttery, smooth, cinematic moving shots perfect for travel vloggers who are on the go. The motors of the s1 are quite impressive: ive attached my iphone 13 pro max that weighs around 240 grams and the s1 has zero problems, balancing shots, which is saying something because the s1s low capacity is listed at only 200 grams. The sleek magnetic mounting clamp is clutch because it makes attaching your smartphone quick and easy. I also love that you can leave the clamp on your phone when it is not in use for faster impromptu attachments. The mount itself can hold a smartphone up to 6.4 inches long and 2.6 to 3.3 inches wide. It wraps around my iphone 13 pro max quite snugly, but i did have to take off my protective case for it to fit. The stylish and ultra compact design makes this s1 incredibly portable because can fold down into itself making it ridiculously easy to slip in your pocket, backpack or even a purse.

If you like to live stream on instagram or make tick tock videos at your desk in between zoom calls, the s1 has a built in tripod. That is easy to assemble, so you can record your content: hands free theres, also a quarter twenty thread on the bottom of the s1. If you want to attach a larger set of tripod legs, the functionality of the s1 is simple: the joystick controls the pan and tilt of the gimbal. If you press it two times it resets the stabilizer to the center position, i use that all the time pressing it three times changes the camera from front to rear and vice versa. The power button, if you double tap, will change the orientation of the phone. The record button will snap a photo or start and stop recording youll also find a zoom rocker that will provide a nice zoom in or zoom out effect. Once you download the s1 plus vision app available on ios and android, creators can take full advantage of all the features the s1 has to offer, including ai tracking, just activate gesture control on top of the screen and then show the open palm and the app will Immediately recognize your face and track it: okay, im going to turn on gesture control right here at the top there we go now to activate the active track. You simply make this gesture right here. It immediately grabs my face. You see the green uh square around my face and i can start moving around its really responsive.

Actually, so if you move quick its going to stay with you so its great for any kind of active, you know content creators. So if youre doing an exercise routine, you know doing lunges its going to keep up with you really nicely now to trigger recording youre going to make this gesture like that. Lets give you a countdown three two one boom, so right now, youre recording! So now you can go ahead, go ahead and do your workout routine one two three do your lunges lunges and to stop recording just make the same l. It stops immediately. Just like that really cool feature. The active track. Cant tell you how fast and easy it is so to turn off this. You do that again. So you know say: youre ready to record you do this boom its active and then record within seconds youre, ready to rock within seconds youre, ready to record your content quickly and easily im gon na. Stop it and turn off face track. Just like that. If you need to track a specific object, simply draw a square around the object and the s1 will lock on and follow it seamlessly. So, if youre doing a product review – and you want to do a cool 360 rotation, just lock onto the object hit record start moving around and the gimbal will take care of the rest. Iphone users will also notice that the app recognizes the number of lenses your smartphone has so within the app i can take full advantage of each of the three lenses my iphone 13 pro max has built in this makes the wide angle lens particularly useful, not just For vlogging, because youll never have to worry about being outside the frame, but cinematic dolly shots that move through space with things moving past it.

In my humble opinion, the wide angle lens is best for achieving that floating camera effect, s1 plus vision, app gives creators the ability to capture tons of different kinds of content, including time lapses. Hd slow motion, 4k video photos, plus a variety of panoramas, including my favorite clone creators, can also use the app to offload photos or videos for sharing and editing with filters and effects via the bluetooth 5.0 connection. Depending on your level of experience, there is a manual exposure mode in the app that lets. You set your shutter speed and iso, but if youd rather not worry about that, just leave it in auto exposure mode. The s1 has a built in 1030 milliamp lithium ion battery. That has a ridiculous working run time of 15 hours. It can be charged up in just two hours via the usbc port. However, thanks to this massive watt hour capacity, the s1 doubles as a wireless power bank that delivers pass through charging for your smartphone, which eliminates any anxiety about your smartphones battery life while in the field. But what might be the coolest part of the s1 plus vision? App is the power follow feature. This allows creators to take full advantage of the stabilization and ai tracking of the s1, while simultaneously broadcasting live to another social media, app, i.e, instagram, tick, tock or even zoom. When you open the app click on power, follow select start broadcast, then switch to your chosen streaming app.

Keeping the vision, app open in the background, make a five finger. Open palm gesture move around a bit to make sure its following you and then start chatting with your followers its that easy now recording video through my uh iphone 13s camera app im gon na do this it activates and now its gon na track me. So, even though i dont have the s1 app open im actually currently using my built in phone app on the iphone, because im using power follow mode, the s1 app is actually telling the camera app to track me, which is kind of cool. So i can record just using my camera app without having to have the s1 app. You can also use this its great for even if youre, going to stream on tick, tock or instagram or zoom call youre giving your presentation you got to move around a lot. This is actually a great feature to have, so it works and its fast and easy. I also want to mention that you can find a few power vision accessories on the b h website that will help enhance the performance of the s1 like the power vision magnetic smartphone case, the magnetic universal phone mount or the magnetic car mount. This unassuming and stylish smartphone gimbal really is a swiss army knife of content, creating features any content creator with any level of experience can quickly and easily unfold. The s1 attach the magnetic mount and begin capturing, stable, high quality, mobile content on the go or creators can unfold.

The built in tripod, activate power, follow and use ai tracking during their social media live streams.