One million points on total benchmark input, red magic, seven, simulator, iphone 12, pro max iphone 13 pro max mobile spring super and sliding the red magic into the shoulder like ever. We will have to see plus an all new design, transparent, back gold text, liquid guys, peanut buttery muscle you fancy rgb lighting it by special design, guys for the red magic, seven and, of course, all the bells and whistles of a gaming phone shoulder triggers dedicated game Space naga punk, ps5 phone, all of that and so much more sakura revolution and youre watching unboxings Music. Marble for sponsoring this video netmarble presents a3 still alive characters. This is the game for you at guess: im getting the parent, graphics, 3d, 3d, solid natural monsters, but probably the best thing about this game is that why they cannot earn money while playing this game? Thats right, automata, galaxy a3 still alive, good news, a lot more players, foreign just recently, maggie introduced us to atrian and blockchain system. Yes, now, for the first time ever, meringue blockchain economy and currency, si e natrium thats right aside from the battle royal reads: marijuana dungeon, which is called the industrial dungeon little guys, which is through the newly announced marblex wallet thats right. They are introducing the marblex wallet, which is nato by the way, exchanging in atrium into actual external cryptocurrency at the point order book feature which allows you to cash out in real life launching on april 14 gameplay at the same time.

Okay, what are you waiting for check out the link in the descriptions below to check out the new play to earn features and try out the new electron dungeon? Simply long download, install and start earning okay, so special box right here? Japanese, sim ejector pin warranty card and the specialized custom cut out jelly case part i read magic: seven, which is just okay, transparent back wow, usb type c cable and the 65 watts neo charger its a global version. China version 120 watts red magic. Seven pro 135 watson very acidity non pro version: 8.0 cooling system, uh 80 improvements, a cooling system whoa, you light up my life, but this aside, my ilo ren goes rgb lighting, ventilation and yes, genuine processor allowances; xiaomi 12, no snapdragon 8generating on 800, 900, 000 benchmark. You know one million points Music to the box, and this one provides three ventilations. C21 h44. It looks like a material for cooling, then just dont know what it is. Thats right, that is, glass, material, 165, hertz gaming screen 720 hertz hertz touch sampling rate grab, really good, highly monolithic, its not enough to convince not really that new merchant 64 mp hd ai camera manager, alternate angle lens and that sensor merudin led flash. I am cheap red magic glass built for power built for speed, its curved 6 and uh red magic 5, which is gina gamma chance among fps like see call of duty pubg on the screen using the shoulder buttons, for example, scope and, of course, volume.

And, of course, the usb type c port is about microphone microphone and the sim tray, which is dual nano sim card slot lang. Well, that was a micro sd card slot for expandability, so you know for games 2×6 version and one to eat promise: okay, guys 165 hertz, 6.8 inches im willing to display them at 720. Hertz touch sampling rate, punk gaming, very sensitive, esports, gamer teenager Music for the price. Now, if youre looking for a flagship phone number, indian gaming capabilities, no compared to my bank, flashy phones, nowhere fifty sixty thousand eight minus thirty forty k long depending on variant, you dont actually have to shell out a lot of money to get a very fast phone. But yes, im kind of quality. Little is not paganda magandapi resolution on display buy a full hd plus adsense amulet cha contain color and get this mirror up to 1 billion colors 700 nits of brightness, and this is corning gorilla. Glass. 5 knots scratch resistant, but i would wake up, but probably the best thing about this phone is in you guys, which for me is probably the best design for a phone, because its out of the way and youre shaped on the phone. No, this shape is the perfect display, mid range 49, but also for watching video content, so youtube up to 4k sha 60 frames per second hdr capable of shopping, that is netflix videos, movies, dedicated surround Applause, benchmark 1 million 50 000.

Google. You have full control of the performance, more controls like young, shoulder buttons screen sensitivity, yes, um in the first place. This will also save you more battery because it uses less power, feeling good million violence, ultra frame rates, some mobile legends, which is voila ultra frame rates. Without ultra graphics, high graphics, lang at high frame rates at the pansing current, its a call of duty hang on very high graphics, very overall, its against impact on performance 60 frames per second, its, not 61., consistent, guys, hindi frame drops. This is the first time that cell phone hindi 45 degrees, unfortunately at the highest setting 60 frames per second, yes, guys, pero. If you want the best looking game, the best looking game impact experience on a phone pero, just like my other reviews, its not the best experience when it comes to genjin impact, it will be kind of uncomfortable if youre playing it like this thats. Why? Its a much more comfortable experience to play, games and impact on those systems – goddamn, graphics, guys. This is the first time ive ever seen – kenshi degrees celsius. This is for me hot, but bearable peroxide, promising 80 increase in cooling performance, but we dont get it here. So optimization updates cameras, and this does not disappoint. It has really good details. Very sharp pictures flagship sony, okay. So how much is the red magic? Seven, elena, michael convariant, starting with twelve one to eight obsidian? Thirty, four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine pesos melbourne has sixteen two five six pulsar ‘ 999 pesos and last but not least, i see supernova, which is eighteen, two five six.

I grabbed eighteen gigabytes per atom: one million seven pero forty six thousand nine hundred and ninety nine pesos, plus two gigabytes per plus, seven thousand well actually supernova guys in 18 gigs of ram silicon version, colors check it out. I read magic gg in the website, but of course, import from that website. Delivery. Official reseller to the philippines see shandy philippines, its a facebook page to order one of these babies all right its actually a good phone pero. No right now, as a gamer myself, not playing mobile legends, call of duty, important settings. It needs to be optimized before i actually buy it now, if youre coming from an old red, magic phone or other brand like black shark, rog phone or lenovo optimize, and if thats the case for right out of the box and its been two three weeks since I got this phone so wonder. Why begs the question if they are actually talking to the devs? But yes, you want to see more gaming phones, just like this rog 6 black shark 5 magnum humming, soon, yes and channel someone subscribe below hit the bell icon so that you dont miss any of my great content, mr vince and youre watching unbox.