. If we see an A series phone, All the A series phones launched this year. dont worry It doesnt have the S22 series phone.. It is just an A series phone. that is A33. Last time we saw A13 A23 and A53 in mega unboxing. This phone was not available at the time when I went to buy this phone.. What is special about this phone? It could be the cheapest phone. You get this phone with IP Certified and OIS combination.. I am talking about a 5G phone. Last year, the A52 phone was 4G. The price of the A52s phone that came was a bit high because it was a 5G phone.. Now this is also a 5G phone. lets find out guys what is exciting about this phone. Where is Rampuri? Ok, didnt fall flat. Of course you wont find a mobile case here Here you will get just one single cable. thats, it guys nothing else in the box. Finally, heres the phone – thank god no scam happened to me because when I went to get this phone Then it seemed to me that lest this phone is glossy. because its an expensive phone And if here Samsung, will give a feeling like 15000 rupees phone., Then how Will this phone feel premium, Its black colour looks very exciting. By the way, my personal favourite is this colour which you get in the A53. The volume button and power button are given slightly above.. It seemed a bit inconvenient to me because it seemed a little down here, But its on the right spot.

Here. And the buttons have also been shortened a bit. on the top Theres, a noise cancellation mic here.. The sim tray has been moved to the top here.. Rather than bottom, this side is flat, and in the bottom of course, speaker USB Type C. What is the best part about this black is that the frame here is also given in matte finishing. On the other hand, if you take such a colour, So here it is in glossy colour And if you go to the white colour So over there also, you will find such type of silver. Finishing. phone looks good If you like matte finishing, if compare it with A23, Which, by the way, looks a bit cheap. While its not a cheap phone. Finally, guys phone set up has been done.. It takes a long time to set up a Samsung phone. from this. Its easily known like Exynos, you can call it kind of crappy. I dont know why Samsung uses it. Still the price of the phone is so high., while Exynos processors are manufactured in house by Samsung Still, But when it comes to the phone, its good to hold, see, Phones that are 6.5 inches or below are very compact. To use like 6.4 6.3, No fingerprint marks will come here easily because it is in matte finishing The few smudges you see will not be instantly visible.. The fingerprint sensor has moved down a bit.. It looks a bit awkward because it usually remains here, which is the best place.

You have to stretch the thumb down. ok getting inside over here. If you will see the display first. Obviously It is a super AMOLED display In A13 and A23. You get an LCD panel. Here is a super AMOLED display. Here you can see that the notchs cutout is a bit old type, not the centre punch hole And its a 6.4 inches display.. Here you will get about 411 PPI Here I am feeling the same brightness as Galaxy A53., not brighter than that. So you can assume a display of 800 nits., not more than that Here you will get a refresh rate of 90 Hz, 60 or 90. There is no 120 Hz option here., It is reserved for A53 and A73., so its display, you can say: ok If the display is your priority Like if you are behind only the brightest display and 120 Hz, then of course You will not find it in this Price range of Samsung.: Either you have to go to the super high range like A53 or above Otherwise. You can also buy another brand of phone. settings check about the phone section. Here is the software information Heres One UI 4.1, Which is based on Android 12? What is the good news In Samsung Galaxy A33, Just like A53 and A73, You will get the update of the four major versions of android. Like as this phone is currently on Android 12. You will get the update of android 131415 and 16 here.

. Also, you will get a security patch update for the fifth year., Like, as in Google, Pixel and Android, One phones thats a great deal. You know premium phones like The expensive phones of One Plus struggle with software. Samsung has done a little better value for money. With this commitment., just like Apple phones, are a bit pricey but give long software updates.. I think a four year update is more than enough for an android phone.. Nowadays, you will get many extra applications on Samsung phones.. When I transferred data, some applications came from other phones.. You can see here, Josh Dailyhunt, BYJUS Office, Netflix, Linkedin, Samsung Shop, Samsung Max My Galaxy and Googles applications will be available. Of course, There are also some other Samsung applications here. AR Zone BIxby. Samsung messages are also here., Game Launcher and Health Moj, I mean a lots of, and I think you can remove all. In all of these, you will get the option to uninstall. Truecaller is also given here. and how about the performance on the specifications Here, you will find Exynos 1280 CPU Same CPU, you get in Galaxy A53, smartphone. so see. I found this CPU OK for day to day use Like launching an application launching quickly. It is based on 5nm, So here you will get some good performance.. The effects you see here Here is a very quick animation.. There is no smooth animation here. Here you get the jerky animation.. If I take a picture instantly, Lets see how fast this photograph is.

Saved. You can see that there is no super fast performance here., I clicked then photo is getting saved after sometime, You cant call it a snappy performance. price in which it is available. Let me show you some benchmarking. Scores. Galaxy A33 Vs Galaxy A53. Quite strange, You can see that both the phones have the same CPU, but there is a lot of difference in score., But if we compare it with Snapdragon 778G, Which is available in Galaxy M52, If you go to A73, then you get the same CPU there too. If you see the score, Not that bad in terms of score – And here are its Geekbench scores – A33 Vs A53 – and here is Snapdragon 778G in Galaxy M52. Here you can see the score., especially Because the multi core score is high. Big applications run very well here.. If we check the graphics settings of BGMI Here, you can play with maximum smooth and high. no need to be too shocked. I believe You get almost the same, setting in Note 11, Pro Plus and POCO X4 Pro Plus. theres smooth and ultra, not the smooth extreme. It is a 30000 rupees phone, but here it is less than that and There is no HDR support. Here. You can play only in HD high.. Here you get dynamic, RAM expansion up to 6GB.. I would recommend that if you are a non pro user or do not do heavy gaming on the phone, then this phone is ok for you, Its more than enough.

5nm is a very good CPU structure, so it will work fine. But if you do more gaming, then you may get a little disappointed. Lets talk about some other factors. Here you can see the information in DRM info. Here. The security patch of Widevine L1 is visible., But if I try to play any HDR content on Netflix. Here, it is only visible in HD. There is no HDR option. Visible here. lets play the video on the Youtube Lets see if you can play Full HD or 4K video here.. If you will play any video on Youtube, So you can play a maximum 1080P video here, thats weird I uploaded this same video at 4K. 60Fps lets check out another video. If here we come to the advanced section Here also you can play video in just 1080P lets check out the camera. Here you will find the quad camera setup.. 48. 8. 5. 2. There is a depth sensor of 2 megapixels.. Dont worry No macro lens is given here. All the shots I have taken from this phone. I like its shots. If the sensor is old, then it has the advantage that it works a little better, But sometimes you will feel like this in comparison to the latest sensor like The details are not able to be captured so well., Which can capture other 50 megapixels, 64, megapixels or 108 megapixels sensor, But till now all the shots I am seeing are mostly fine.

. There is a slight oversaturation., but I think it is perfectly ok for social media or sharing. As you can see here By the way I have taken a shot in a very bright light., But the details are not captured so well., A complete portrait effect has come into the background. There should be a slight background capture. Here you can see that there is not such a good shot., you know like. Sometimes there can be heat.. Otherwise, In most situations, colour shots are coming in great But, as I told you that, after using the other sensor., Especially which is Sonys latest IMX766 sensor, Which you get in Realme 9 Pro Plus, That too is a phone of the same price.. The quality is even better in it, It is a 5 megapixel macro macro is great over here, at least At least. It is not given two megapixel and it is 48 megapixel. As I already told you In this shot, you can see that somewhere, the focus is proper somewhere. It is not proper Thats why the latest sensor performs better in this sense.. Its dynamic range is also ok.. As I see in the polluted environment, The chimney is running. The brick kilns are running., So the pollution is spreading. and people are polluting. It has an ultrawide camera of just 8 megapixels.. Here you can see. The details. Here is the primary sensor. The detail in the building is coming very well.. You wont get that great detail with just 8 megapixels.

. The quality is okay. If you zoom in twice., The details are good. its an indoor shot Here. Also, you can see that the colour accuracy saturation details – everything are very good on the video capability. You can make videos up to 4K 30fps here.. The good thing is that you will also get optical image. Stabilization here. videos are super smooth, but yes, Phones without OIS that have EIS Its many times better than those phones.. We have to compare it with other premium. Phones, how much better is its quality and smoothness.. Here you get a selfie camera of 13 megapixels.. By the way the quality is ok. like not super high. There is only 13 megapixels camera even after coming in the 30000 range At least 16 megapixels or 20 megapixels camera should be given here, but no The portrait shot is good. You can see that there is not much hair smoothing on the edges.. The selfie camera is also ok on the camera verdict, its camera. You can say: ok, no, super crazy camera, not that bad either Its taking a great shot is 4K. Is OIS are 48 megapixels? Sometimes there may be hit or miss, but you will not be disappointed Indoors or outdoors. You can take a great shot. Here. You will get a dual speaker, one at the bottom and one on the top. You can assume an output ratio of 7030 here.. Also Dolby Atmos has been supported here. By the way the speaker is loud.

. The sound quality is also decent, but I felt a slight distortion at full volume. Feeling light not much again very nice speakers. I dont see any deal breaking cons, here. and about the battery capacity. Here you get 5000 mah battery.. There is no charger in the box, but this phone supports up to 25W charging.. The battery backup of Samsung phones seems almost right to me.. I am talking about budget phones.. If you go for a high premium phone, the battery backup is not that great. All the A series phones, I am using – have good backups.. It lasts for two days easily in mixed use., from mix to heavy use, Even in heavy use. This phone will run smoothly, one day. alright, at the last. How did you like this phone? You are getting this phone for 28499 Looking at this price, If performance and display are your main priority. Of course you should move to another phone, Because at this price you can get a much better and brighter display with 120 Hz., Which also supports HDR. If these things are your main priority like, If you do gaming a lot and the display is your main priority, then you should straight away go to another phone. But if you are just a casual user., You want an AMOLED display and all these things. want. Ok performance, then this phone is fine, But I am finding some other factors much better in this phone., Like this black colour, matte finishing design has been given.

And if you want like this, its pretty cool. On top of that, In my opinion, this four year, software update, might be a deal breaking.. If you want to run the phone for a long time, Then I think its a good IP67 certification has also been given here. For many people. It can also be a cool factor., Whether you use OIS or not. Splash protection is very important.. Many phones get damaged by that.. If you get this phone from 25 to 26 thousand by applying card offer, Then I think it might be a better deal.. If you get this phone for 30000 Rs., If OIS and IP rating is not the main priority for you, then you can also look for other phones And stay tuned. For the comparison Lets see. How much difference is there between these two phones.? Is it really worth paying a little extra for this Samsung phone stay tuned for that and do let me know about the Galaxy A73? Thank you so much guys.