Well, i returned my copy back to samsung Music. What is happening guys gary amman here back at it again with a new video hope, youre doing well hope, youre, safe and happy. So lets begin right away with this new video. This is all about the samsung galaxy s22 ultra and yes, i returned my copy back to samsung, but more on that later in this video first of all lets talk about the boring stuff lets talk about just a little bit about the specs, so im not going To deep dive into the specs im, just going to mention the global specs that i have on my copy right, so the version that i have is the gray one, and i actually like this gray, one it doesnt leave any fingerprints at the back, so thats really Cool really sweet, especially if you dont use a case like i do, and here in the netherlands, the chipset that i have here is the exynos 2200. Instead of the snapdragon 8 gen 1, the gpu is the x clips 920 and the storage is the 128 gigs. With 8 gigs of ram, so these are the basic specs that i want to share with you guys and now. You also know that i have the exynos version, so not the snapdragon version. All right lets talk about the things that i absolutely like about. The samsung galaxy s22 ultra the screen is absolutely beautiful. I really like it. It gets really bright, so in direct sunlight, you dont need to worry at all and it has all the bells and whistles that you can imagine from a flagship phone right so real quickly.

This is a 6.8 inch screen with dynamic amoled, 120 hertz hdr, 10 plus 70 50 nits 1440p corning gorilla, glass thickness, plus just almost that you want and need from a flagship phone. So nothing really bad about the screen. The only thing that i dont really like is that it has those curved edges. So if you hold your phone, sometimes you just accidentally press on things that you dont really need to so thats. The only minor thing about the screen lets continue on to the cameras. So in this section, im going to discuss the things that i like about the cameras, so in this case the photos and the stuff that i dont really like will be in the dislike section of this video right. So lets talk about photos. First, its all about the outcome, its all about the images itself, not about how the camera is looking and how many megapixels and stuff like that, its all about the outcome, the stuff that youre sharing with your audience with your family friends or even for yourself. The thing that youre, looking at so thats, really important, at least for me, so lets check out the images lets check out the examples, and i have to say guys these examples. They are really sharp, really crispy and the colors are really easy to adjust as well. So if you are, if you, if you like to edit your photos, it can easily do that and in some conditions it actually look like it came from a dslr or a mirrorless camera, so a real camera right and to me that is really mind blowing.

Of course, we got that huge price tag of at least 999 euros here in the netherlands, and if we take this little example for low light situations in this situation, its not really low light, but more or less crappy light right. So just normal light bulbs and stuff like that, it looks really good. It looks really bright. The details are still there and i have to say i was really impressed with this um. I dont know what kind of iso level it was and stuff like that, but to have this type of exposure, it is really amazing, so in general, the conclusion that i have for the camera sections at least for photos if you are looking for a great smartphone Camera then, this is absolutely worth checking out the samsung galaxy s22 ultra right and we got of course, all those different cameras. The white ultra wide tele zooms. Right too, they all have their weaknesses and strengths, but in the end, its all about the outcome and as you see in those examples, what im showing it looks really good right. It looks really good, no complaints whatsoever. Next up is the battery, and what can i say, guys 5 000 milliamp hour battery, and it just performs really well for a full day. The way that i use it, at least it will last you for a full day without no worries at all. On the second day, you really need to charge it, but then it has that fast charging option as well, of course, no battery charger included, but still no brick included, at least, but you know battery pretty good.

And finally, the last thing that i really like about this phone are these speakers, so the speakers sound, really great, rich, good and loud for a smartphone and very enjoyable to listen here is a little example as well. Music, alright and now were going to talk about the things that i dont like the dislike section of this video. The first thing that im going to discuss is the design and, of course this is all personal taste and stuff like that. But for me the moment that i had it in my hand, it just feels very cheap and the design itself with the camera bump. Also the curved edges. Somehow it really felt like a xiaomi phone right. You know what i mean right. It doesnt really feel premium. It doesnt really feel fancy or expensive at all, and i know i do not know why maybe some kind of different kind of materials and stuff. But you know for this type of money that i spent on this phone and i spent for this one with a discount 999 euros, which is absolutely a lot of money. I expect at least some type of fanciness some character or something if you know what i mean right, maybe thats it. Maybe i just have a too high of an expectation of stuff in regards to the design, but in general, im just missing that type of luxury feeling that i want from such a price point next up – and here is the part that gets really dark.

Really nasty. Really gnarly its all about the performance before im, going to tell you what i mean and the reason why i sent it back to samsung. Just let me show you Music, how many balloons would it take to make my iphone fly? This is a beefy one. Okay, one balloon some kind of lag going on how many balloons would it take to make my iphone fly? How many balloons would it take to make my iphone fly? Weird, bro, okay, not only youtube short or just anything, also on instagram as well lets see. I am legitimately so confused because i saw a few people using this filter. I didnt realize that they didnt look like me right its weird kind of like going on all right. So as you as youll notice, that is a strange. There is a strange delay right. A very strange delay, doesnt matter, if youre looking on on a website or on instagram or youtube shorts, doesnt matter what youre, watching even on the own like photo app of the phone itself. Every time when you are watching a video, then it has some kind of delay. The sound and the motion they dont synchronize at all. I dont know why maybe a software update, maybe something else i do not know, but its really weird that, because i spent so much money for this phone to get this crappy result right. Doesnt make any sense its like buying a ferrari and notice that you can only do 60 kilometers per hour or something like that right very strange.

I do not know why, and this is the main reason why i sent it back to samsung, but also, just in general, just browsing on stuff opening up apps using the camera app theres, some strange delay every time i press the shutter button. The overall performance is not flagship like it does not feel like a flagship phone and im, not sure if this, that is because of the chipset that i have here in the netherlands. Maybe if i have the snapdragon version, it will be better, not sure, because i didnt experience the snapdragon version, yet at least for this type of money and this chipset. The combination is just not good, so the performance again of this so flagship phone is not flagship. Material next up im going to talk about gaming, of course, the lighter game. So with that i mean the games that dont need a lot of graphical power. Those work perfectly fine, as you see here in this example, this is subway surfer. It works perfectly. Fine works, smooth, no hesitation whatsoever. Maybe again maybe i have set my expectations too high, but when i play games such as gentian impact on this flagship phone, i expect to just go into the highest graphics level settings setting everything to ultra or high. Then i see the results and its just totally laggy, just unplayable right, so this to me is totally not acceptable if you want to have the best of the best, at least this one is not it for you.

So cameras, as i mentioned before the i really like the photos for for photos, this samsung galaxy s2 ultra – is really good. Like top notch. Here we can see this is flagship material right, but then, if we switch back to video, i have to say guys sometimes its like a hit or miss right. Sometimes it looks actually really good, like oh thats, actually, nice quality and sometimes it actually looks really crap. Like really garbage, so i dont know why, in this case, you know if youre looking at smartphones and looking at like which one to get for video by far the iphone is still the king, like with iphone. You can just use like these type of videos and it looks perfectly fine with the galaxy s. 22 ultra just looks way too sharp, and it really looks too digital. I think thats the perfect word to say it. It looks really digital and for me personally, i dont really like that. Look and yes, of course, we got all those different options. You can even shoot in like professional video, you can lock all the settings. You got the director mode or view. Also, you got 8k, of course, but 8k has a severe crop, so, instead of a normal fuel like this, you get a very cropped in type of view. The price lets say the price that you pay for. This phone is premium price, right, 1, 000 euros and up, but the outcome, the video outcome, isnt also premium and the interest no not always – and that to me is just not acceptable and you know i wish it looks better and im pretty sure that there are Apps out there that can make better use out of those cameras, but now for normal people, just like you and me, you want to have the best you dont want to mess around with stuff.

You just want to use the camera app film, something and then youre good to go, and you also want that the images or the videos are looking really good in this case, it doesnt look good at all, sometimes at least sometimes as you see here, it actually Looks pretty good, but not always so i want to have that premium. Consistency that i dont have right now at this moment of time final, one that i dont really like. This is more or less a personal thing, and that is the s pen. For me at least the s pen, it feels like a real gimmick right im used to bigger phones, im used to swipe stuff with my hand with my fingers and stuff like that im used to it. I dont need a s pen. I dont need a pen to write things down. Of course, i can imagine that people out there that are using the s pen. They are loving the s pen and stuff like that. But to me you know it. Doesnt have an extra value. Add what type of value add does it have for me when i use it? Of course i can write things down. I can mark things with the s pen. I can use it as a remote for the camera app, but other than that right. Do people really need that s pen like really neat or is it more a want, or is it more an extra type of gimmick that you want to get because im pretty sure if you have this phone and lets say for 24 hours, you will use this S pen, maybe for a couple of minutes right, so the value add to me at least for the s pen means nothing.

I do i want to say that the s pen works really well by the way. If you are writing something, if you are drawing something, it works very responsive, so the way it works, the way that it needs to do what it needs to do its perfectly fine. But what kind of value does it add to the phone itself, with the experience to me at least not that much conclusion time do i recommend this phone and the answer is, of course, no at least not for the version that i have. I have the exynos version here in the netherlands and the premium price that you pay for it so at least 1 000 euros. What i want in return is a premium build which i dont have premium performance that i dont have premium videos that i also dont have by the way for videos. I really like the stabilization i really do, but the outcome in general is just mediocre. Its just plain right: it isnt special. So when you think about this, when you think about the price and all these stuff together, i cannot recommend this phone at least not the exynos version that i been using for the last like three weeks or so thats it for this video guys. Thank you for watching subscribe to the channel, if not already, like the video comment down below what do you think about the s22 ultra? Do you like it? Do you have the snapdragon version? Let me know in the comment section down below because to me: if i want to spend 1 000 euros, i think im gon na spend it to go to some nice place, go on a little trip or something and enjoy my time there.

Instead of buying a phone that doesnt show any real value, all right thats it guys.