I have found the sony xdx3 for about 200 in some websites like amazon and aliexpress, so is it worth it in 2022? Let us find out in this video. The first thing to talk about is this unique curve display, which was previously found only on samsung galaxy devices. Music. This display is a 1440p ordered with curved sides, and this is one of the best displays available at that day while coming to the design. The xperia xz3 is a glass sandwich with a 7000 series, aluminium frame. Sadly, this phone doesnt have a headphone jack, but you can either use analog or register download with it and theres. Also, this output based fingerprint reader and the camera and talking about the camera. The camera is a next level. Camera Music. This is not just better than the windows smartphones of 2002, but also can be competing against some other brands, like other iphones, for example, being released after 2015 means this. Smartphone has all the camera features like manual, mod, adjustable shutter, speed, iso, etc. Music theres also some unique features that is found only on sony smartphones, like full hd at motion, predictive capture, etc, theres also a lesser autofocus system and a dedicated two step shutter button, which is also something unique to only sony smartphones. We have found that on some older lumia phones, but, as you all know, microsoft and nokia is no more producing smartphone with that function, and the video recording is also an extrovert.

This was one of the first smartphones to shoot 4k videos at hdr, 4k hdr videos from more dynamic prints than standing videos that most phones shoot at the day and theres also some fun mods like creative effects, sound photo, etc. Music. I have already talked about the slow motion feature but theres also standard slow motion for slowing down already recorded videos at 120 frames per second. As a viewfinder, you can simply adjust the temperature all the slight brightness adjustment, but you can always go to permanent under just all the minor functionalities: Music. Okay, now some camera symbols and videos on this Music. This is a 4k hdr video if you shoot it in hdr. This should have more dynamic range, but the video looks stunning with accurate, colors and lot of details. This phone is running on android with no updates from now, but you can always go into extra and flash the custom rom Music. The weak point of the smartphone plus the battery am getting around 45 hours of screening time. But if you are more just skip this device and being this is an old panel, you can have a black wallpaper and save more battery. The inside of the smartphone contains a snapdragon 845, which is one of the best processors at the day being manufactured by tsmc. Instead of samsung means this phone will not hit as much as some modern forms. The performance is great, even for 22 standards.