Who knows we have the usq vision, smartphone a vlogging kit, pull it up right here, got it pulled up. So, as you can see, it looks pretty big huh. This is something ive been using for about the last three months and uh. I could definitely say its awesome, its pretty awesome, so im right now, im using the previous stand that i had, which is barely making it. But for the sake of this video i had to pull it out pulled out the dust off the cobwebs, so i can bring this one to the forefront and kind of do the review on it. But um. What do you get in the box? You get a little a little mini mic. Um little furry furry mic cover, get a little mini, mini light little box light. So there you go, you kind of control, the intensity of it, and you get the phone holder, of course, and you get a bit of an extender, extended grip. We got going on here and of course got legs on it, so you can plant it put it down. You dont have to hold on to it or anything like that, but in my experience so i havent used it as as a vlog like just sitting there watching and looking at it and talking to it. I havent used it in that manner, but ive just used it to record my videos, so um lets switch it up. Im gon na show you something it is actually modular.

So im gon na show you that real, quick, so lets switch. The camera view real fast and ill show you what im talking about all right, as you can see, as i mentioned earlier, it is modular in design. So you have your feet. You have your little pole, which extends um. You have this connection, which is used to connect this guy right here, which is your phone holder theres your light theres, your furry cover for your mic and this your mic itself, which even that kind of comes apart right there. It seems like doing all that, and then it does come with a 3.5 jack, so heres the thing about the 3.5 jack its for smartphones right initially thats, why its at least the name of the device it doesnt come with any kind of adapter, keep in mind A lot of smartphones dont have a 3.5, so you may need to get yourself your own adapter, depending on your what type of brand and smartphone you have, of course right, but works perfectly fine. The device itself works perfectly fine, with both android and ios ive tried it with both no issues whatsoever. So what we got going here also got to mention. We have our box a little holder, everything kind of goes in there, real nice and neat. It now theres. One part i am missing its like a little black baggie, whatever, whatever that you can kind of keep your little wires that were not in.

I lost them on a long time ago. Ill be honest with you, but its not super necessary, and i mean especially if you got this part right here. You really dont need all that. But the one thing i will mention it says smartphone of video vlogging kit, but you dont actually have to have a smartphone, so im gon na throw it together. Real, quick and im gon na show you something got this. Look to the side. Slap slap that right there, cue elevator music, so were going to stop here, because at this part this moment is where we would have connected the smartphone holder and keep it moving. But you dont have to use a smartphone. So, for example, lets just say: we got this little guy right here. Camcorder this, as you can see, can be used along with this, oh well. If i can screw it, do it from an awkward angle. There you go there, you go so im not going to make it perfect, but and everything will actually work exactly with it so long it has the right components or whatnot mike goes with it. If you want to use the mic, you know light goes with it. If you want to use the light, sometimes what, if you just want to use the mic with no light, you can throw them. As you can see, you can throw the mic on there or just the light with no mic, which i will get to that in a minute.

You can do that right, so youre not confined to just a smartphone. If you have a device that will that has a little screw at the bottom, so you can kind of snap it on there or screw it on there. Itll work perfectly fine. So i will i mention or alluded to the mic. Thats, probably the one negative about this device is that mic? So if you already have a mic, i suggest you continue to use that mic. If you dont have a mic, and you think this would be great to use instead of your uh or two. You know all in one shop, you know you got this and you got a mic as well. Id still go ahead and invest in getting myself an extra mic. In my experience, this mic has not been the best um people say its super low. You cant, i cant, be heard or whatnot. Of course all this can kind of be changed in posting with your editing, but if youre just going live, this is probably not the way to go, but again, if youre, vlogging and youre walking around with it. I guess because youre gon na have the mic closer to your face in your mouth or whatnot. Maybe maybe itll be a little different, but i dont really vlog in that manner. So i cant really speak on that exactly, but i do like i said i do still. I do videos where the camera itself is set up and ive heard just issues with the mic volume levels throughout the entire time, so fyi um lets switch it on back.

Lets switch it on back this guy right here. I did forget once final thing on a little breakdown. I did a moment ago. Is this little buddy right here, its completely adjustable, so you can get it almost any angle. You may need its amazing um. I did forget also to mention the light, so the light as you can see, as i mentioned earlier, you can control the brightness as well as much as you need, which i love this thing, but also it does have a charger. It takes usb type c as a charger which is awesome. I could have sworn it one time it was like regular old school usb, but its usb type c or usb 2.0 whatever. But this is usb type c, so thats amazing, because it pretty much works. But if you especially, if you already have an android, you already got a charger for it. So this fyi im, trying to remember correctly, i dont, remember if it came with a charger if it did ill put it up somewhere, because i got so many usb type cs, but i would definitely definitely recommend this bad boy here. I love it. The fact that it is usb type c, the jaw, the battery levels – i dont know if you can see that or right there theres little dots so full all the dots are lit up. Obviously, battery is fully charged and the fewer the dots, the less youre better.

Your battery charge is right, so what would i rate this bad boy ill write this as a four out of five, and what does a four mean? A four means: if you dont have one and you need one, go, get that go and get that, because this would be the one i would get. Why is it not a five out of five this thing right here its mike and they got ta, do a little better than this, so okey doke, mike not gon na work, so get rid of that but yeah everything else is perfect. I mean its real, its stable all the parts once tightened stay exactly where they need to be so. You dont have to worry about. You know the you know the the the arms falling down on you or changing position on you. As long as you got, everything tightened up where it needs to be, you dont have to worry about none of that the current well, the old one, the one im using right now. That was a huge issue because it would start to fall lean. Do all these kind of things lean rock with it whatever, so that was definitely an issue which led me to getting this bad boy right here. I would definitely give like i said a four go: get that oh real, quick, like subscribe for more videos. The link for this device will be in the description. I got it off. Amazon.

Com click that link check it out. Yourself read the reviews. Just dont take mine for gospel, but tell you but im telling you its a good its a good purchase, its a good purchase when i got it, it ran for about 46 and at the time it had like amazon had like a you know, automatic fi or 10 coupon, which brought it down even further im, not sure if it still has that little thing, the little promotion going, but our if the price has changed at all, but definitely definitely this guy was well well worth every penny. Even it didnt have that coupon its well worth every printing every penny so anyway, like subscribe. If you like the video, please do all that fun. Stuff walk around, enjoy yourself, theres, more videos for you to check out.