This is the first time im reviewing this brand guys. This smartphone is called seeker p10 and its the first smartphone in the world that it has a 108 megapixel camera sensor spoiler. I can immediately tell you that indeed, this is probably the best sensor that any rugged smartphone has of this price range. We did had agm rugged devices, but they costed a double more around 500 600 dollars in 2019, 2020.. Anyway, and yes, we have ir camera, also ir sensor at the knight. We have a 6000 mah battery halo g85, really good decent performance chip for a rugged device. 6.49 inch full hd ips panel, of course, full waterproof dustproof shockproof, a military grid certified obviously device rugged device that can also withstand drops around up to 1.8 meters. Uh anyway, lets, firstly begin with unboxing. If you want to purchase this device, you can obviously buy it on a zika official site over the alex bus and amazon lets begin with unboxing, okay, so lets begin what we have in the box. Of course, we have a smartphone, a screen protector or deployment light type c, cable, fast charger, earphones, otg, cable and quick start guide, really nice content in this box. Thank you seeker here we go were going to put our hands on this beautiful rugged device, guys so uh regarding the thickness its 14.6 millimeter thick, and it weighs around 317 grams. Yes for a rugged device with a bigger display, you do get more weight uh anyway.

Lets continue next, so we do have two different colors lava black and glass here white. Remember: it has many different features. It does have a special sos key. It does have also a headphone jack, which is insane a separate headphone jack, a type c usb port side, fingerprint sensor, you name it beautiful and lets go now and move to the uh screen itself. One of the beautiful features of this device super large 6.49 inch. Full hd plus dot display 20 with 9 aspect ratio. Of course, 2400. With 1080 conan gorilla, glass protection, its a capacitive multi touch screen, yes, capacitive multi touch screen uh anyway, uh guys. So what can i tell? You is im completely satisfied? I dont have any ghost touch issues again. This isnt not an amoled panel, the viewing angus a little bit kind of obviously the weak points of the ips panels uh, but heiho. What are we gon na do with that? Uh. Remember that this device is ip68 ip69k military, std, 810 g certified panel uh. What else we have? Yes, we do have a face id on the front led notification bar, which can also be disabled, and we have a microphone setup beautiful anyway. Lets continue next to so. What we can tell you is regarding the performance wise, so uh performance wise. This device has a helio g85 gaming processor. They call it gaming personal. I dont know why, but it is a decent uh chip for a rugged device of this price tag, an octa core chip clocked at 2 gigahertz with a mali g52, of course, a gpu regarding the more connectivity and more features.

So we have dual nano sim slots. We have usb type c: port 5.0 bluetooth, supports protocol, dual band, wi fi, of course, the wi fi direct and wi fi display otg enabled and, of course, in the box itself, you have also otg cable, which is again thank you. Seeker 4g. A network enabled device supports google pay and obviously it does have gps glonass galileo beidou. If you can see myself down to two and geekbench five score for the halo g85 after the updates, it had its running android 11 uh operative system, but they promised android 12. In april march, so we will see, will that happen? Okay, lets move to the sensors. This device has a lot of cool stuff, guys barometer gradienter flashlight, a height meter uh. Of course it does have also compass, uh gyroscope itself is used uh also in the eis. In the camera department pedometer protector a pro pro uh protractor, yes, we can call like that, and also it does have also sound meter, which is im really amazed by that alarm. Bell uh. Regarding the alarm bell its like for the sos you can make the screen to flash uh the flashlight to flash, also and uh alarm on which is beautiful, thats, really beautiful. If you are somewhere stuck, i dont know in emerging somewhere where you need an attention. You need to make an attention to other people anyway. Lets continue next now, so fingerprint sensor is on the side uh.

So far it works just fine out of 10 attempts. I did maybe have one unsuccessful so uh. It is reliable, its very fast for a rugged device with the helio g85 i cant ask for more and also it does have face id. I did disable the fingerprint sensor firstly, and i use the face id and also face id completely reliable and super fast. Thank you zeker also for this one Music, im, so confident, Applause, Music grab, something with the mic lets play it back. One two one, two one two: this is a mic test: nice, very nice, good mic. Yes, this is 40 centimeters. A check test lets go now. Im, just a few centimeters away check, check quality mic tester with the zikr rugged device lets go moving to the camera side. We have a 108 megapixel night vision, quad camera setup, so we have 108 megapixel, ultra clarity, main camera samsung hm2 sensor, which is very insane. I never saw this kind of sensor in a rugged device, even if its at 500 bucks from the agm. So congratulations for the seeker to do something like this guys, so we have 8 megapixel ultra wide camera sensor. Field of view is 120 degrees, 8 megapixel, night vision, camera and 2 megapixel def camera sensor, uh, of course, complaints and the critics and the praises. I do love the uh sharpness of the 108 megapixel sensor. I do love, it does have also the night vision camera.

It works beautifully, but it doesnt work in the video. Okay, just fine depth. Camera book lame, to be honest, very lame ultra wide. I also wish that it has a higher megapixel resolution, but here what we can do. This is a rugged device of this price tag. Uh rear camera support in doesnt have also 4k. Obviously, it has a 4k doesnt even have a 60 fps with a 1080p. So again, this is kind of a downside. It does have a night vision mode. Super steady video which is er eis. Of course, 1080p. Is the maximum at 30fps the front? Selfie? Camera is 8 megapixel with aperture of f 2.0 and yes, it does have a face, recognition and selfie countdown and also supports 1080p maximum resolution. Okay. This is right now with the eis electronic image stabilization. So this one also has a gyroscope, so now the video sample it is obviously more stable its winter, so it doesnt have a lot of sun, so its under great condition for taking camera samples bro. But this book is amazing man, so im already jess welcome back check it out. This is the camera sample with the zika p10. This uh smartphone has an amazing, 108 megapixel camera on the back youre gon na see everything in this video lets go anyway. Moving to the battery itself, it has an enormous 6000 image battery inside of it supports the viral charging at 18 watts. I wish that its maybe at least 22 or 24 wireless charging is 15 watts, so it does have also wireless charging.

Congratulations seeker. P10. I love that, to be honest, i love that uh anyway. What can i tell you is itself its clean on time for this device guys mix of views. You can easily use it two days. If you want to constantly watch some videos over the youtube, you can watch them 12 to 13 hours constantly and with the wi fi, enabled gps enabled and screen brightness at maximum. So 12 13 hours easily screen on time guys with the videos thats a good thats. A good result: man anyway, uh lets move on, remember to check my full battery drain test with both of these zikr rugged devices p10 and t100 300. Please make sure to watch that video is more optimized right now, after a few years at the beginning, uh. Oh, my god, remember the first midi tech processors. What was that i cant remember maybe helio Applause Applause, okay, ninja. So for the end, my impressions and thoughts should you get this device very interesting device, of course, as advertised? This is the first world, 108 megapixel rugged device. This is the first time im seeing such a large camera inside of a rugged device, and indeed it does offer more than enough from their rugged world, since we know that the rugged devices dont offer, usually they have really poor pro camera performance, but remember for 350 Bucks, its not that going to beat the regular device, but for rugged device. I think its going to beat every single rugged device out there of this price range uh anyway.

It doesnt just have one 108 megapixel sensor. It has also ir camera for pictures and videos. Huge list of specs, obviously ip6869 does prove shockproof military grade certified panel uh, of course, the device regarding the panel itself. This is an ips full hd, 6.5 inches 6.49 inches, so it has also a large panel guys a large large panel. I love also the speakers with it a lot. I love the performance really good performance and gaming is also really good. With the helio g85 uh. Remember, you get a 6000 mh battery and we have also nfc included with this device insane beautiful anyway. If you want to get it, the buying links will be description.