These shiny, wii slabs are great and all but theyve also kind of become tediously. Predictable samsung and apple seem happy enough to spaff out identical phones year after year. Xiaomi and motorola are still relentlessly launching two dozen very similar handsets a month, but for me at least 2022 has thrown up one absolute whopper of a surprise and im talking about this charm and weed bugger right here, the xiaomi 12.. Sadly, so far, at least here on youtube, its been almost completely ignored as most tech enthusiasts dribble, all over its bigger, more expensive sibling, the xiaomi 12 pro and thats a massive bloody, because the regular blower isnt just cheaper its actually much better, at least in my Eyes, which, admittedly, might be fogged over from the lack of sleep and one too many single malts, but ive been using the xiaomi 12 on and off. As my personal handset since its launched, i finally had the chance to stick my sim in there full time. This last week and a bit – and i got ta, say im in love with the ruddy thing, so heres my full in depth, xiaomi 12 review and for the list of great stack. Please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so small phones. These days are ludicrously huge, take this samsung galaxy s22 ultra, for instance. If you were ever on a plane – and you happen to crash into the atlantic ocean, you could use this bloody thing as a flotation device and thats just one of the ways that the xiaomi 12 sets itself.

Apart from the crowd, because this lovable wii blower is just 6.3 inches making it one of the most compact phones in 2022 and yeah, certainly about three or four years ago, if id heard myself using the word compact to describe a 6.3 inch, smartphone id have probably Given myself a slap but seriously thats the state of the world these days, the shack me 12 is comfortable to clutch, helped by the 180 gram lightweight finish, and it can just about be used. One handed when required its certainly a refreshing experience coming to this smartphone. After reviewing the likes of the find x5 pro and, of course, the xiaomi 12 pro, which is yet another whopper and yeah, the xiaomi 12 may be the runt of the bunch, but its also a proper hard case. Youve got gorilla glass, victus up front just to help prevent any cracks or shattering. If you have to fumble this device, youve also got a screen protector shoved on there by default as well, which is good news, because victors does tend to scratch up a little bit easier than previous generations and then around back gorilla glass 5, which is still pristine. A full month on, despite the fact, ive taken the xiaomi 12 chucked it in my backpack. God knows how many times just have it bouncing around in there with keys and laptops and all kinds of, and likewise that frosted finish means no grubby prints or greasy marks.

Even if you happen to be scoffing at donna at 2, am while drunkenly tweeting at your ex or whatever else it is. You have to do at 2 am perhaps if youve got a normal brain, you might actually be asleep, in which case i hate you, you dont get a huge choice of colors with the xiaomi 12, but i do like this subtle purple effort, which is very easy On the eye and ive had quite a few people ask me about the water resistance of the xiaomi 12 as well, because theres, no official ip rating here, the good news is this thing has taken an absolute drenching this past month, its literally been out in rainstorms Ive had it in the bath with me all kinds of stuff and its been absolutely fine. No issues with water at all, as with all premium androids youve got version 12 on here, as enhanced by xiaomis own miui, 13 launcher enhanced in some ways. That is because me ui, like a lot of launchers, has its fair share of, shall we say quirks just little things like youll want to lock in your messaging apps. For instance, they dont accidentally get hibernated in the background, and then you miss something important trickling through the launcher was generally well behaved here on the xiaomi 12, but one bug that i did notice was the occasional random disappearance of the google feed. This was very much a sporadic bug, but occasionally you could just like swipe this way until your fingertips started to bleed and the google discover feature would refuse to appear and of course, as always, pre installed on this thing, youve got the usual crapwear that you didnt Ever want or ask for like doom and bucking.

com, which seems to infest every bloody, modern, smartphone, even samsungs, but thankfully the xiaomi 12 isnt, the usual garbage dump that you get on some of uh xiaomis, cheaper blowers, with just a plethora of awful games and just random. You spend like half an hour on installing, but anyway, if you want to know more about me ui i have done a full dedicated video on the the launcher. Version 12. So definitely go check that out. So i dont have to bang on about it again here and repeat myself, as for the optical fingerprint sensor. Well, this works perfectly well unless your fingers are a bit moist or sweaty or whatever, in which case youll often have to revert to the face and lock, which thankfully does the job and packed inside of this compact chassis is 256 gigs of ufs, 3.1 storage. Sadly, not expandable via microsd, however, like a lot of premium smartphones these days now, the 6.28 inch oled screen is surrounded by skinny bezels and it does ever so slightly curve around those left and right edges, but only a tiny amount. I very very rarely was troubled by any kind of palm intrusion issues. As for the visuals. Well, this thing may be dinky, but it still spaffs out stunning images with 10 bit color support. So, yes, you can stream dolby vision and hdr 10 plus content and enjoy a realistic natural. Looking picture its, not a wqhd plus resolution panel, like the pro and some other rivals, but that full hd plus resolution combined with the smaller stature of the screen means you still get a razor sharp viewing experience.

That panel is still more than bright enough, so you can clearly see everything youre trying to do when youre outdoors on a sun shiny day and while the refresh rate only dips as low as 60 hertz. It does still boost all the way up to 120 hertz. For a visual experience that is as smooth as oily lord, those stereo speakers have apparently been fine tuned by oman cordon and they are proper loud on top volume even louder than the bigger pro. In fact, although the quality isnt quite as good, they definitely do the job when youre just streaming a bit of youtube or netflix or whatever, and when i was enjoying a bit of music well, i had no trouble streaming over bluetooth 5.2 to a speaker or pair Of headphones or anything like that as well, youve got full dolby atmos support on here. The quality stays strong even at range, but again like other premium smartphones. Not only do you not have expandable storage on the xiaomi, 12 youve also got no headphone jack. Just little issues that are just slightly annoying and slightly ruining otherwise perfect experience. The haptics are pretty good here on the xiaomi 12. Lone are quite as quiet as some rivals like the oneplus 10 pro, but they are fully adjustable within the audio settings menu. So you can have them as gentle or as fierce as you like. Now, despite its smaller stature, the xiaomi 12 still packs a proper punch using that self same snapdragon, 8gen1 chipset, as also found in the pro model and most other android flagships and xiaomi, also somehow found room in this dinky wii blower for 12 gigs of ddr5 ram.

As well so, no matter how many apps you chuck at this thing, theyll all run perfectly smoothly. Go to admit, though, before i actually tested out the xiaomi 12, i thought it would probably still struggle with the most demanding titles out there like gentian impact. Once i punched up the graphics to maximum settings purely because the heat buildup would be too much to handle, but full credit to xiaomi its multifaceted, liquid cool tech does a sterling job of shifting that pesky heat suggestion impact plays beautifully. Even when you push it to its very limits – and you also have that game turbo mode on here – easily accessed in game, with a quick flick of your finger to tweak the performance settings and play about with various other helpful tools, you got dual 5g support. Youve got wi fi 6e connectivity as well, so no issues on the network inside of things, whether youre indoors or out. Now one of the main issues i had with the xiaomi 12 pro model was the rather lackluster battery life. It was disappointing to say the least. Quite often, i was in battery saver mode before the end of the day and occasionally id even run out of juice entirely before stumbling into bed. So i was slightly concerned coming to the regular shambi 12 that this would once again be a massive problem, but thankfully not an issue at all. Youve got a 4 500 milliamp hour capacity cell crammed into this tiny chassis, so almost as big as the pro and that combined with the fact that youve got the paired down tech means that battery life is absolutely fine.

Ive never once had to charge up this phone before the end of the day, usually have 15 or 20 battery life remaining come the end of it and of course, then youve got the 67 watt wire charging support the 50 watt wireless charging support so super flexible. So its another massive ticked box and another reason why i prefer the regular xiaomi 12 to that pro model. So finally, the camera, tech and yeah – you do get a different primary sensor here to the pro model, but dont fret youve still got the excellent 50 megs sony imax 766, as seen in the oppo find x5 pro, and the real me gt2 pro once again with A bit of built in optical image, stabilization, the xiaomi 12, does a fantastic job of tracking moving subjects to keep them sharply in focus at all times, so its ideal for snapping, kids and pets and the like, and thanks to the 766, you can expect mostly natural. Looking photos whether youre, shooting in bright daylight indoors or even at night time, with just the occasional bit of polish to make things look a bit more vivid than they really do. Every shot is packed with detail unless theres very little light to work with, in which case yeah youll see some grin creeping in. I had no issues with lens flare and strong brightness and hdr situations. Dont pose a problem either you can forget about oversaturation or coming up with murky results, as well as that primary shooter youve also got a basic 13 meg ultra wide angle option.

This is handy when shooting some scenery and while this is generally fine for low light shots, you cant expect the same natural color capture that many rivals do serve up and, unlike the pro model, theres no telephoto lens here. So if you do want to get closer to your subject, youll have to do it. The old fashioned way by actually using your legs still, you do have the option of shooting a 50 megapixel photo and cropping in to get a closer view which works well. As long as the lighting is decent and you dont crop in too enthusiastically and oh yeah, the xiaomi 12 also packs a five megapixel telemacro camera as well. If you want an extreme close up of something very very near to you and youve also got a pro mode, of course, as usual on the xiaomi 12, with full support for raw image capture. Although theres no raw plus support as you get on the likes of the oneplus 10 pro for horn movies, you can shoot 4k hdr, 10 plus footage. So even really strong contrast, doesnt faze, the xiaomi 12. tracking is once again on point. I had no issues at all with focus while the visuals are up to snuff, except in rather low light, thats. Definitely where the oppo find x5 series still claims a massive victory with its marisilicon smarts. If you want to, you, can even boost the resolution at 8k. Here, though, again with impressive results, but to me that does seem a bit like overkill.

Last up, the xiaomi 12 serves up a 32 meg selfie shooter, which is perfectly fine, just remember, to switch off all that beautified bollocks. If you dont want to look like some sort of weird cgi creation, that sensor can deal well with harsh lighting once again and it isnt too put out by ambient conditions either and using that selfie shooter. You can capture full hd 1080p footage as well with the hdr options still in place as well quite hand if you are shooting against a bright sky or whatnot, and the vocal capture is absolutely fine. Sorry there is my full final review of the xiaomi 12, the regular model, not that bloody pro and i got ta say yeah its, not quite the perfect handset. There are a few little issues in there, most of which are pretty standard for expensive smartphones. The lack of expandable storage, the lack of a headphone jack occasional bit of launchy jank as well, of course, but what you do get with this thing is incredible: performance, fantastic battery life, a dependable bit of camera, tech, solid media chops and its all wrapped up. In a pleasingly compact chassis and yeah, its up against some big rivals right now, the oppo f5x5 series, the roomy gt2 and the real me gt2 pro, but i got ta say i really enjoyed using the xiaomi 12 one of my favorite smartphones that ive used so Far in 2022.