We have got an exciting and powerful gaming smartphone the nubia red magic 7.. This mid range device by the chinese company zte is surely a strong contender for the best gaming phones right now. There are many interesting features that we have to look into so lets dive in straight away. First, when we open the box, we get the usual user guides and some stickers. There is also a transparent phone case which has a hole in the middle, and it looks very similar to the case given with red magic seven. Next, there is the red magic 7 pro handset and underneath that there is the heavy 165 what gone charger by nubia with the usb c2c cable moving to the phone itself, we should first address and appreciate the build and design this phone has the best gaming hardware, Including a built in fan, captivated touchscreen and a cooling system and the pressure sensitive zones that have 500hz touch sensing for the best gaming experience. We get the precious 3.5 millimeters headphone jack and there is a special physical slider on the top left corner for entering the gaming mode. The stereo speakers usb c port and the sim slot are found at the button. The center part of the back is made of an aviation aluminum frame, and there is a glass finish on both sides for premium looks the rear has no bumps for camera or anything, so the phone does not rock when kept on a flat surface.

Overall, the phone is solid and weighs 235 grams. This is not bad for a gaming phone with additional hardware. The three color options are very unique. With this phone we can get the phone in the flashy pulsar or in the obsidian or the supernova. The screen on nubia red magic 7 pro is impressive. As usual, we get a 6.8 inch amoled screen with a 120 hertz refresh rate. The resolution stands at 1080 by 2400, and this is enough because most games run at 1080 pixels max. The 87.1 screen to body ratio gives a more immersive experience for both while gaming and media consumption peak brightness can reach only up to 600 nits on this amoled screen. But the company claims that the excellent pixel density of 387, ppi and color support will make it up. There is an under display fingerprint scanner for unlocking, and this phone also has the face. Unlocking feature for protection. The best corning gorilla, glass, victus, 5 is used and the touch screen is very gaming friendly with features like multi touch. The performance of red magic 7. Pro is probably the reason you need to buy the phone. It uses the qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset, which pairs with the red core one chip that is dedicated for gaming. This chipset will improve the performance by helping in better shoulder triggers sound vibration, lighting effects and low response rate ram and internal storage options will be very flexible when you buy this phone.

It comes in eight gigabytes, 12 gigabytes and 16 gigabytes ram variants that go with 128 gigabytes, 256 gigabytes, 512 gigabytes or one terabyte of storage altogether. The chipset ram adreno 730 gpu and the octa core cpu combine and make this gaming smartphone one of the best in the market. Next red magic, 7 pros cooling system needs a special mention. The ic 9.0 cooling system consists of different elements that make it an exceptional set. It uses an rgb fan that spins at 20 000 rpm, an air duct with a double air inlet design and around 4 124 millimeters of heat dissipation area for vc cooling. From this we can see that red magic 7 pro is a beast for mobile gamers cameras are up to the mark on red magic 7. Pro the triple camera setup has the main 64 mp wide angle, camera a 8mp, ultra wide angle, camera and finally, the macro camera that is 2mp. There are several camera settings inside the app that make full use of the cam. We get features like autofocus exposure compensation. Iso control, continuous shooting and support for hdr mode. In addition to these, there is face detection and touch to focus for pro level photography with respect to the front cam. The under display 16mp wide angle. Cam is really good and serves well for video calls and selfies. The battery upgrade from seven to seven pro is decent as the red magic 7 pro gets. A 5 000 milliamp hours battery, which is good for heavy gaming support for fast charging, is very helpful and the hefty charger that comes with the phone charges at great speed.

The 135, what fast charging will charge the phone from zero to 100 percent in just 15 to 20 minutes, so users need to not waste time by connecting to power for long periods. Connectivity features are also pretty much up to date and we know that the phone is a 5g supported device red magic. 7. Pro is a dual sim phone that supports all the important 4g 3g and 2g bands on both sims to add on. There is wi fi, 802 bluetooth version, 5, nfc and other expected features all the sensors on the phone work perfectly well and give out the best experience that a smartphone can give. In conclusion, the nubia red magic 7 pro is a fantastic gaming phone that has all the latest features with it. The combination of snapdragon, 8 and red one gaming, dedicated chipset inside, makes everything smooth and smart. This phone will be a great pick for mobile gamers.