This time were going to be checking out the ulefone power armor 14.. It is a rugged smartphone built for altering. It is tough and can withstand drops. This smartphone right here reminds me of the samsung galaxy active. You all remember that phone, i think samsung stopped making the galaxy active, but this is a phone that can be used on all different environments and all different types of tough jobs. This is right here in todays, video were going to check out the power armor 14 and find out, if its a great smartphone for you, Music before i unbox this smartphone and show you guys what the phone looks like. Let me first of all tell you all some of the most important specifications about the power armor 14. It has ip68 water and dust resistant. The display is 6.5 inches of lcd display. It has 4 gig of ram and 64 gigabyte of internal storage. It has 20 megapixel of triple rail cameras. It has 10 000 milliamps, yes, wow, 10 000. It can charge wirelessly up to 15 watts as nfc google pay and it is powered by android 11.. All right lets see what it looks like Music. The packaging is really nice big packaging right here. I think we have a okay. We have a quick start guide, a screen protector, wow, a screen protector comes with the phone in the box, nice and a sim ejection 2 is right here and what else do we have? We have the phone.

This is the phone guys. Oh, it is heavy. Oh, my god, this thing is heavy gosh, but it looks nice check it out. Oh, it looks cool lets, see what else comes in the box and we have a charging cable, usb type c, to type a red charging cable. Nice. We have a car in stripe. I think you just got to hook it on the phone and easy to put on your wrist like a wrist, strap yeah and lastly, we have the charging brake. The charging brake is 18 watt, yeah 18 watt charging brake. Now, to be honest with you guys, this phone is heavy its thick its big. First of all, let me stick out. Oh theres, already a screen protector installed on the device, so you have two screen protector, one extra and ones that already installed on the phone. That is nice. I just love this copper accent that goes around the camera. It makes the back of the phone looks premium, so it looks good from the back: the phone theres, no glass, its all plastic and silicon plastic on four corners. As you can see, we have four bumpers thick bumper. So if you drop this phone on all four corners, it is protected no issue at all thick fork. Uh, bumpers and oh, the bag looks good on one corner. We have the volume plus and miners and the power button, which also acts as a fingerprint placement right here on the bottom.

We have usb type c input for charging which has a flap, so you cover it to protect water from getting into the usb type c. Press like this, then we have one speaker, theres one speaker here on the bottom. I think theres another one on the top, so it has stereo speaker one on the bottom, one on the top on the other corner. We have this button right here. I dont know what this button is were gon na find out, and here we have a sim card and sd card slot at the same slot, so theres, two sim and sd card, and the fact that this phone has just 64 gigabyte of ram having an sd Card here is great on the top. Yes guys. This is what im saying a headphone jack on a smartphone in 2022 whoa wow. This i mean i cant remember the last time i saw a headphone jack on a phone. This is crazy. Trust me. This phone is big, its heavy, its thick. It weighs around 358 gram, its just a big phone trust me, its just a big phone. If youre someone who is not into big smartphone, then this is not a phone for you, but if you love rugged smartphone that looks good. It is rugged, but it also looks good. If you have a big hands, then it feels good in your hands. But if you have a little hands nope its not going to feel good trust me guys.

I like this thing Laughter. It is an exciting phone, its different, its its its, not normal, its not as as a galaxy z, flip or your iphone or its no, its different, but sometimes different feels good yeah, hey guys, im back after finish, setting up the power armor 14.. This smartphone has a lot of features now. I just discovered that the side button this one right here is customizable its a custom button, which means you can do three different custom settings. For example, if youre getting into the settings you scroll right down to custom key, we got single click right now: ive customized it to flash turn on flash. If i press once it activate the flash, then you can double click to record. So if i double click, gon na start recording and you got long press if i press for a long time, it activates youtube. So you can customize it for anything. You can either customize it for applications or you customize it for easy shuttles. So its highly customizable – and i also realize that this smartphone doesnt have stereo speakers. It has just one bottom firing speaker which it sounds: okay, not the best. Just take a listen. Let me get into the sound. I dont want to use a copyright music. So im going to use the ringtone Music Music, so it sounds large, but there is zero bass like its just loud no bass at all, which i believe is gon na, be good for most people just loud sound, its gon na be good yeah, and there are Two drawbacks about this smartphone, on my opinion, two huge drawback number one is the fact that there are huge bezel all around the screen like why, on the bottom, theres a big bezel on the bottom, like just check it out huge and on the top.

There is a teardrop camera why a teardrop camera when there is a huge bezel, why not just put the camera into the bezel without putting the teardrop and, secondly, the display? The display is just 720×1600, which means its hd plus display the brightness its not that much. So if it takes this phone to Music outdoor direct sunlight, you might have some issue viewing things on the display, because its not too bright its just okay. 720. I wish it was at least 1080p display, so those are the two huge drawbacks. On my opinion, the camera – the camera is okay, like if you turn on the camera, it is okay. There are three cameras on the back and which the zoom can goes up to 4x and at 4x you can take a quite nice photo. The photo is okay. At 4x, but its not the fastest, the phone feels a little sluggish looks slow, yeah. So the display the the camera, the three cameras in the back there: okay, 20 megapixel, the front camera, also its just uh, yeah and youve – got different modes. You got a night mode, you got videos, you got photos, you got pro modes, you got macro, oh nice, nice. I have macro, so you can really see things in details or the micro is nice. You can even bring something really close to the camera and still captured, and you have more if you type on more, you have uhd, you have portrait, you have gft of panorama, you have time live and you have intelligent scanner.

So those are the different modes for the cameras. Then now lets see the different features. Now, if we get in here, we got radio fm radio is here and the good thing is the fm radio works, even without plugging a headphone jack. So right now, if i type on power – and here the radio is working so yeah, so the radio works, even without a headphone, which is great. There is also outdoor tools which, when you tap on it, it takes you to things like compass. It has a compass, it has gradienter, it has flashlight. It has hanging paint which i dont know what this is. It got height meter. It got magnifier, it got alarm bell which listen to the sound. Oh super loud. It has sound meter. Oh nice, it has a sound meter, so it can let you know how noisy an environment is. This is cool. There is also children space which, when you type on it, it can allow you to lock the screen or available duration, which your child can spend on. Your phone uh close mobile network, which is good because you dont, want your kids to be browsing on the internet and seeing different stuff crazy stuff on there, and also you can disable applications that you dont want to kit. You dont want your kids to access to. So lets get into the settings and see what else is in here and display. You got dark modes, but the dark mode is not the best, because the display is not oled.

So the black is not deep black, so im going im just going to put it on light now, as i mentioned earlier, this phone has 10 000 milliamps battery, which is a lot. I dont know how long this battery is going to last me im going to find out everything about this battery. If theres any question about this phone, please drop it down in the comment section, because i respond to all questions or you can just follow me on instagram, i post a lot of things, a lot of updates on my instagram at big field, tv for unlocking the Device there are three different ways in which you can unlock this smartphone. You got fingerprints which is right here on the corner or you have face id or you can use the screen lock, which is a padding or a pin code. So those are the three different ways you can unlock the device in, on my opinion, this phone is for people who live, active and rugged lifestyle, for example, people who have tough jobs like construction workers or like people who love adventures adventurers. This phone is for those people or buying it for kids, yes, kids, because kids drop things that every time i have a daughter. So i know my daughter drops things every single time, so this is going to be a great phone for my daughter, so when she drop it thousand times million times, nothing is going to happen thanks to the rugged build.

You dont need a case on this phone. The phone is like a phone and a case a strong rugged case, four tough bumpers on all four corners, so yeah and thats everything about the power armor 14. If you have any question about it, please drop it down in the comment section. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up. If youre new to this channel, please hit the subscribe button and turn on notification for a lot of good videos.