But this time you get a bigger battery capacity too. So is the iphone se 2022 worth the upgrade im will for gsm arena and lets find out in our full review. Music apple skipped a year with this se series, the last one being the iphone se 2020. But even so not a lot has changed as before. You get the iphone 8 style design and compact form factor the corning glass back curves slightly at the edges to meet the rounded aluminum frame, its a familiar, clean look and the phone is thin and comfortable in the hand. Plus you get ip67 rated protection against water and dust. The front of the phone is decidedly retro. Looking some might even call it outdated. You have those huge top and bottom bezels and the physical home key as ever. The home key can be used to navigate the ui and it has an integrated touch. Id fingerprint sensor, which is very responsive, lets get into whats new here, the iphone se 2022s battery capacity is larger than the 2020s at 2018 milliamp hours. It weighs about the same though, unfortunately, that doesnt mean that battery life has improved much the iphone se 2022 was able to score a 62 hour endurance rating in our tests, which is comparable to the previous model and really not great charging. Speed is also comparable, but, unlike the iphone se 2020 you dont get a charger in the box. Theres support for wireless charging and up to 20 watt wired charging and with an official apple adapter, we were able to go from zero to 61 percent in half an hour all right, so battery life and charging havent changed a lot.

How about the new chipset? Just like the iphone 13 series, the iphone se 2022 runs on the latest apple a15 bionic chipset, while the 2020 model had an a13 bionic. This brings the most notable upgrades 5g connectivity, deep fusion, camera processing and improved performance. The se 2022 scores significantly higher in cpu tests than the previous model, and its gpu is more powerful too. This is among the fastest smartphone chipsets. You can get right now and youll have no shortage of processing power for multitasking and heavy gaming, and on top of that, this phone does an impressive job. When it comes to thermals. Still one could argue that the se 2020 already had sufficient power under the hood, and most people wont feel too big of a difference. Lets go over the rest of the package, which is pretty much the same as the previous model. The display is a 4.7 inch ips lcd with a 750 750×1334 resolution. Thats 326 ppi. You miss out on some of the popular trends here like a fast refresh rate or oled tag, but even so this display performs. Well, you get good contrast for an lcd, and the max brightness is high at around 600 nits plus color accuracy is outstanding for audio output, theres a pair of stereo speakers and theyre quite nice. They earned a very good mark on our loudness chart and the audio quality is rich and balanced. The iphone se 2022 comes with 64, 128 or 256 gigs of storage and, of course, thats, not expandable software wise.

There are no surprises here. You get ios 15 out of the box. Apple promises five years of support for the iphone se 2022, which is the same that they offer for their premium. Iphones ios 15 is largely the same as the previous version, but now you can filter your notifications with focus profiles which can change depending on where you are handy, for example, when youre at work, facetime and safari have also gotten upgrades compared to what we saw on Previous versions of ios, the iphone se 2022 has the same camera hardware as the iphone 8 and the iphone se 2020 on the back theres a single 12 megapixel camera and on the front theres, a 7 megapixel selfie cam the quality of the shots from the single Rear camera is good, especially for an iphone on a budget theres enough detail. Low noise, good contrast and balanced dynamic range apple has made some updates to the processing such as smart hdr and now, with the a15 bionic deep fusion, they still havent changed. The color rendition, though, which is on the duller side and fine details like foliage, can come out. Soft, the 12 megapixel portraits shot on the main camera are solid when it comes to the subjects, detail and sharpness, but the edge detection is not perfect in low light photos come out all right, but even with the a15 chipset theres no night mode here, theres plenty Of resolved, detail, wide dynamic range and balance exposure, there is some visible noise and the colors again could use a boost, but overall these are pretty nice.

Even though the front facing cam is just 7 megapixels. It takes some of the best selfies you can get on a phone theres, a ton of resolved detail, excellent sharpness and low noise. The dynamic range is wide and the colors are livelier than the main camera. The iphone se 2022 can record videos in up to 4k. At 60fps, with both optical and electronic stabilization, quality from the main cam is outstanding, with plenty of detail: balance sharpness spot on colors and wide dynamic range. The low light 4k clips are good too, like the nighttime photos, theres some noise, but theres. Also, nice detail and colors great exposure and more than enough dynamic range, so thats the iphone se 2022, its the cheapest new iphone you can get and it brings the solid quality youd expect from apple in a compact form factor. If the retro design doesnt bother, you then its worth checking out. However, if you dont need the new chipset with 5g, you can save some cash by getting the iphone se 2020 from stores that still have it in stock or better. Yet if you can stretch your budget a bit further, you can look into the iphone 12 mini, which brings a more modern look and feature set.