So i want us to test those chargers as youre, seeing there are very many, so i want you just to sit down and relax. We check, i show you, how you can find a very good charger or base charger for your samsung device or samsung phone yeah guys. So let us do the test for all these charges. Then we can uh later find out which one is the best charger. So so far we are starting with this small charger. Its for i chair those who knows, i chair its uh for these small phones. I want to show you some people, they just get any charger and they use them to charge their devices. So let us check. First, using this, this is typo. This is not type 6 for smart, so lets put on charging check. As you can see, the phone will charge, but once you check the the time it will give you four hours to get full so without wasting time. Lets, go ahead and check another charger. So again, as you can see same charger for a tech, you know its also giving us the duration for one hour and the 41 minutes to get fully charged, but this one this one is already at 50, so meaning this charger is also not not good Music. This charger is for our depot, so let us check the time, so this ad report goes also to one hour and 26 minutes, but if you compare with with the percent, which is available, this charge also is not good Music Music.

So this one has reduced by only one minute it has goes. It has gone to one hour and 20 minutes but same its, not good, because its supposed to be giving us this is an hour. So lets go for another charger Music same its. It has not reduced less than an hour, so we have to check for another charger. We are considering. This is an hour because the phone is already charged 57, so we need a charger which is more quick which has fast charging Music, Music and guys, as you can see, we have now started finding a good chargers. Now this one has gone to this is an hour by just one minute lets already one minute. This one is pure, so let us go to another charger. This one has same thing also 59. This is golf type lets check, another charger which is also golf type, but with different output, which is 2.4 amps, Music, hey almost same thing: 50, 59 minutes, but still its not giving us fast charging. We are still in in type in type in smart, which is type b charger, so this is another charger Music, Music guys. As you see, this one has reduced by only one minute, its also pure charge that was 2.4 uh, im saying empire, so lets check another charge, which goes also beyond those minutes below those minutes. This is oraimo charger. It has two employers, Music Music. So this is a romo lets check the time.

This is a rainbow. It also gives 58 minutes. Music, Music started checking type c, but we have mixed charges. So once we find type c, we are going to go ahead and check type c, so same thing here its giving, if you say 58 minutes at a at 58 percent. So far, i had to find a good base charger. So this is wise king. This is whites king with uh, slay, empires, white, skin sw, 0 1. So this is why its king with a two sides, which is one for android another another one for ios, lets, go ahead and check this one. We check the side for android Music, so for android, as you can see its giving us 58 minutes to get fully charged, then let us check we used another type c cable. We check this. This one see it has reduced by only one minute Music. So here on on type c, cable, its giving us 50 51 minutes, but the phone is already at 69 percent, so it has now gave us accurate accuracy of 99 minutes. Sorry, 59 minutes, as you can see here, 50 59 minutes so lets go to samsung chargers. We check samsung to samsung devices Music Music, so this one supports fast charging. As you can see, we we have used many chargers, but we couldnt see any charge that supports fast charging. But, as you can see, this one has put there fast charging. That means it.

Stop it supports your phone and it has reduced totally reduced the minutes to 50 minutes, as you can see to 51 minutes so meaning this charger is the right charger for this samsung device. But once we change the cable change, the cable – and we put this type c to this phone as you can see it uses also fast charging. It has reduced the minutes to 47 minutes, so this charge is also very good for these chargers, because even within one uh, this is an a minute has put one percent. As you can see, 40 put seven minutes, the other one was giving so lets go ahead and we check other charges before we finish. So this was samsung on samsung, so meaning some sound chargers to samsung. They are good because they support first charging. So this is a roy mo. This is a roy mo. It also a very nice charger. It also supports a fast charging with 18 watts, so lets go ahead and check it. We see the best it can give to charge these devices, so this one also comes with a type c here on this side, our if youre having any type c device with, and you need output. This one supports it. So this one also, as you see guys, it supports also fast charging. It is written there. It has to show you first charging see its giving us same minutes. Uh same uh same feature: first charging yeah, so this one also is a very nice charger.

So lets also go ahead and we use it to check type c. We have here type c phone, so we have two types, a array mo. We have two types: if you want to use this oreo, we have two types which are different, the one another there are in two types. These are the oregano oreo we have one which is short another one is a bit tall, so the bigger one is the one that supports fast charging. As you can see, it supports a fast charging. You see 40 now its giving us 46 minutes. So this is also a samsung charger, but we have already tested samsung chargers. They all support fast charging, as it is written here on the on the box on the charger. As you can see, first charging here, as you can see it supports fast charging. So we have already tested this one in car of white lets not test it again. So lets go to this uh, the charger that i can recommend you if youre using samsung devices. This is the charger that supports fast charging at 25, watts yeah, so lets go ahead and check this one. You see the best it can give to for samsung gadgets or samsung devices. So this one comes with a with type c to type c. It doesnt have a usb to type c now it has type 6 type c and on this adapter, as you can see its a super fast charging super fast charging.

So if you want super fast charging, just go for this samsung charger. 25 watts Music. So lets check it using this so guys, as you can see here its giving us a uh 46 minutes to anterior 4 46. As you can see within a second, it has put one percent. You have seen that so its it is very fast. It is very fast compared to other charges. So again you have to remember that you have to go into your settings of samsung, you enable you go to you go to charging or you can. First, you can search here fast charging. You enable the feature for fast charging once you enable the feature for fast charging. It will, as you can see, your phone will charge very fast. Once you turn this one off your your your device will charge slowly. Dont forget that one your device will charge slowly. You have seen it goes to more more minutes more me, so you have to ensure that you switch it on so that your phone goes or charges very fast. Yes, so guys that is it. That is the that is the charger that i can recommend you uh to use if youre using samsung gadgets or samsung devices yeah.