So lets turn it over to the front okay. So you can see the display is rocking a punch hole on the top left corner. Okay, uh on the top of the phone you get. The microphone here for your camera and then a sim card slot tray on the left, with the volume rocker as well on the right. It has the fingerprint and power button as well. So on the bottom, you get the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, the microphone, usb type c charging port and then the uh firing speaker grill here, okay and at the back yeah. The design is like this: it has the lines, look, really really cool and the light shine onto it: okay and the roomy branding logo here camera bomb, okay, i kind of like the uh slickness of the camera bump and overall, the phone feels really really nice to Grip as well because uh thats a rounded uh size uh, it really delivers a nice gripping feel to it, and also this thing is only just way at 190 gram yeah its really really light as well. So if you have like a smaller hand, i think you are going to find this device pretty nice to grip and yeah the design overall, not too sharp out yet not too boring. Lets cover the performance department on this realme 9i here. So this device is powered by the snapdragon 680 chipset here. Okay and then is paired with the four gigabytes of ram, but it has ram expansion as well.

So you can go in here and adjust the ram expansion. How much you want to extend expand the rams here, so you have the option up to 3 gigs of ram here, and then it has gigabytes of storage space here, which is, i think, its pretty much sufficient for an entry level smartphone today, yeah. So, overall the performance here i would generally say if you are just a light user like to meet user, i think, is very sufficient enough for you. So the specification here also is quite adequate for gaming as well. So here are some gaming clips for you to check out yeah. So this is the settings. Okay, theres no 60 frames per second settings on here, but you do able to go for high quality, visual Applause. So basically for this uh video uh i have tested out. I think that low is the best if you want to have a constant hovering around, like 30 frames per second Music Applause. Okay, so now we are heading over to the display and audio department for the realme 9i. Here, okay, starting on with the display, i would definitely say, is actually quite good because its actually using a 6.6 inches ips lcd panel here, which supports 90hz fast, refresh rate yeah. So if you want the fast refresh rate yeah, this device does available at 90hz and you also can change to 60hz. If you want to optimize the battery performance on this device uh overall, i would definitely say the display is really really good for content viewing and also gaming as well.

Now, as for the audio department, here, i will have to tell you that it has a dual stereo speaker setup and, i would say, the uh volume is quite loud to be honest, but its severely lacking on the uh bass, yeah and at times i do feel, Like the clarity is a bit not to my liking, but if you just want to enjoy a casual music movie on this device and also just ready to game without any uh wired headphones wireless audio devices yeah, you still can use it all right. So uh lets check out the uh sample clip of this uh display and audio coming out from this real me night eye. We start off on a dumb question, but first i just want to say i pick these guys for a reason, because i want the best of the best in this match. So that way, when i beat them theres no debate on who the greatest ever is so you would agree that saturday will be the biggest test in your careers Applause so over to the battery department. Here, okay, so this device is actually rocking a 5 000 milliamp battery yeah. This entry level mid range smartphone, is actually rocking that big battery here, so you can expect like battery life to last you throughout the day, if youre a light user, i think you can last it through like one and a half days. I think that is really really possible and then, if you really need to top up the battery yeah, you can use the uh 33 watt fast charging and its claimed that 100 battery in 70 minutes seven zero minutes.

Yes, that quick, okay, so now lets say over to the camera department on the real me 9i here. Okay, so lets learn a little bit about this specification on the cameras. So on the real there is a triple camera setup featuring a 50 megapixel main camera shooter. A 2 megapixel depth sensor for all your portrait shots and then a 2 megapixel macro camera and as for the selfie camera here, is rocking a 16 megapixel camera here so heading over to the uh photography on the cameras, i would say you will largely just use The main camera, more than usual, all right, the 15 megapixel mean shooter, definitely takes an absolute amazing photos. Okay, especially in bright daylight, not a problem. The photos will turn out really really nice and when uh, in low light conditions yeah. That is where the camera is. A little bit uh struggling a little bit so uh more details on that later on how to fix that, and there is also hdr on the cameras as well here and for the uh selfie. Camera im also quite actually impressed as well. The 16 megapixel camera here is uh, really really uh doing its job quite well for an entry level. Mid range smartphone here today. So if you need to shoot at low light condition, i will highly suggest you to use the night mode available on this realme. 9I. Uh, you can use it on the main camera and the selfie camera as well.

It will definitely try to offer you a little bit more better image, quality in low light condition, but to me it still looks like kind of okay ish. As for the video here, uh, the real mean 9i only can shoot up to 1080p 30 frames per second on the front and rear main camera. So uh video quality here is just, i would say, its acceptable for an entry level. Mid range smartphone here, but if you are looking to shoot like 4k or maybe 1080p 60 frames per second video here, yeah, it doesnt support that so uh just bear in mind a very stylish iconic. We have pyt here available available here for you, Music, okay Applause. Overall, the camera department on this realme 9i is actually quite adequate. If you are someone that is a uh casual snapper just want to make a simple video is sufficient enough lets wrap things up on this uh real mean night. I read my final verdict so in malaysia, this device uh, is priced at 869 ringgit malaysia, so you have the option of uh two color wearing as well theres a blue color variant and a black color variant as well, which is here my review. You need, and also my review you need – is the four gigs of ram variant. However, the final retail unit that is uh selling in malaysia, that is a six gigabytes of ram with 128 gigabytes of storage. So i think that will be even much more smoother when you are playing uh games on on it.

Okay, so uh. Overall, the device is really really positive. If you are actually looking for a uh entry level, mid range smartphone for 869 ringing, malaysia uh, you cant go wrong with this real me night eye, because uh the price range is really really just hit the correct point: oh, should i be highly recommending you to Get it shortly sit or dont buy it. I would say: shortlist it if youre looking to purchase a uh spare phone phones for kids or old folks yeah. I think this is the phone for you. However, if you want to do a lot of like uh content creation and so on, i dont think this is the device for you to purchase it. But if youre just a casual someone that is simple user on the smartphone yeah youre looking this is the best buy. You can get right now in malaysia, all right, so thats. All the review on this real me night eye uh special, shout out thanks to real me, malaysia, for providing this uh sample loan review unit for reveal content purpose. However, this is not a paid content, therefore, theres no editorial input, no final approval from real me. Real me is watching this review, alongside with the audience all right. Hopefully you guys know that and uh. Please take note that this uh review is being done after uh at least three weeks of uh testing the device okay, so future software update might defer the experience of this device.

Okay, hopefully you guys uh, know that and uh. If youre still new to the youtube channel, please go ahead and subscribe. It give a thumbs up like on this video, follow us on social media as well too.