Tech today were talking about the iphone 13 pro max an iphone 13. But before i do, i do have links in the description below for all the gear that im using so go ahead, go down there and check it out pretty excited about my upcoming content im. Also gon na do a review on the iphone se. I have it right here, im going to be comparing that to the iphone 5.. Oh man, this this is old school check it out and im going to be, comparing it to also the galaxy s, and i mean the galaxy s, not one, not two, not three. I also have uh a review of the mac studio coming and that guys boom right here and absolutely excited about this guy, and i have the studio display coming in so stay tuned, hit that notification bell, so you cannotified for the upcoming content. Looking back at the last six months of having the iphone 13 has really brought to light a lot of the issues people have with upgrading the iphone year over year, the jump in technology isnt substantial enough to warrant an upgrade. It may have better battery life. A higher refresh rate display and marginally better camera, but a lot of these things have diminishing returns now. Dont get me wrong. The iphone 13 is an amazing phone in and of itself youre, definitely at the highest tiers of what you can get. But how much you need an iphone and how much you want.

An iphone are two different stories. This is often driven by the need of not being left out or the desire of always having the latest and greatest, and the question is: do you need the iphone 13 pro? But when you look at the iphone 13 objectively, you find that from the last few years of iphones, the iphone 11 12, etc. There isnt a significant enough difference to warrant picking up a brand new thousand dollar phone, and this is coming from someone who absolutely loves the latest and greatest technology. So then that begs the question: why did i pick up the iphone while the improvements arent groundbreaking theyre? Certainly notable this years refresh has much better battery life, a significantly faster processor and, of course, a steel cool steel. Finish right here and, of course, the new alpine green, the pro versions with 256 gigs of storage or more have even better video quality in the form of apple prores. A video format usually used in professional workflows for video editors and videographers, but a half year later, the features that pushed me into picking up the iphone 13 pro have all been forgotten, or mostly unnoticed, except for the battery life. So why would you spend close to a thousand dollars usually more for a phone to give you better battery life? I mean there has to be better ways around this. Does that really make any sense, the iphone 13, with all of its bells, its whistles, its technologies? Its improvements is simply a phone.

I cannot recommend for the rest of 2022.. The iphone 14 will be out at the end of this year, hopefully until with huge improvements over current and recent generation iphones, but rest assured, knowing that the iphone 13 13 pro 13 pro max. All of them are nothing more than an s upgrade an s added to the many half tier upgrades over the more than decade of years. That apples may maybe make an iphone. I think theres still one small segment of people that i can recommend the iphone 13 to and thats anyone that has a phone generally, a phone, android or ios three years or older. If youre, someone that loves the latest and greatest and just simply didnt want to burn a hole in your pocket, the iphone 13 is, is theres no better place to jump on than with the iphone 13 and 13 pro. But if you want to hold on to your phone – and you have an iphone, you dont have to upgrade and thats what a lot of reviewers dont tell you. You can go to the apple store and upgrade your iphone battery, get it replaced for 69 and usually the older phones for 50, and i would recommend if you want to hold on to your phone and wait for that 14 and the rumored full display. Without the notch kind of over here, then go to the apple store, replace your battery 50 bucks, its insane and then wait for the iphone 14.

. If you own an android phone, should he be swapping over to an iphone, and i dont think the jump is as jarring and controversial as as people make it out to be and everyones super dramatic on the internet. But in my opinion, 100, i think you should absolutely swap over to the iphone. The ecosystem is stronger, more cohesive, the apps are better uh. Security is more secure. Software updates are guaranteed for five years in comparison to most android phones, i believe, are 18 to 24 months and anything longer is usually just security updates. Dont get me wrong. The iphone isnt, perfect and no product is apple. Is it google isnt, no ones perfect and thats, not to say that i dont love the android operating system? I used it exclusively for 12 years, including the non pixels of like the g1, which is the original google phone, but hang tight wait for the iphone 14.. Anyway, that was my review of the iphone 13 and 13 pro max. If you agree, which many of you wont, let me know in the comments below and let me know what you think, whether you have the iphone 13 and 13 pro. My name is brian ill.