What it is is a smartphone that was made with trades people in mind its a super rugged phone that has a metal frame on it, with rubber bumpers on the corners to protect it. In case you drop it. It can withstand like a one and a half meter drop and it was made to military standards for ruggedness us military standards for ruggedness, which is pretty cool im not going to test it in this video to see. If that is true, if it would stand up to it, because i want to keep this phone looking nice, it has a six inch display on it and what makes it even a cooler phone that i bet you your phone doesnt, have. It has a laser tape measure on it that can go up to 40 meters or 131 feet, so lets open this up and see what is inside now before we start this video. I have to let you know that zikr sent me this phone for free. I did not pay for it, but this is gon na be a completely unbiased review. Now i cant find a knife anywhere, so im gon na use a putty knife, its nice to see they included the phone. Let me get this out. Oh wow, its got some heft to it, which is nice because they claim its a rugged phone very nice first impressions are pretty good and lets see what else comes in this package looks like we have a user manual, and i cant even read this.

The writing is so small okay, so it just tells you how to put the uh the sim card in and yada yada cool. We probably wont read that now. What is this? Oh sim card tray, ejector, eject slice, im sure. If i read the manual i know what that is for okay lets see whats in this box. Okay, we have a cable, a usb cable, probably for charging it. Oh thats nice. They gave some headphones. That looks like it has a microphone on it too, so you can do phone calls and then, in this box lets see whats in here a little charging cube usb thing so thats what comes in the box headphones, a cable to charge it and a usb block To charge it with so, like i said in the beginning of this video, this is a super rugged phone. As you can see, it has a metal frame around it, which is, i have some notes here. It is made with aerospace grade metal frame and it has reinforced corners on it. In case you were to drop it. It has gorilla glass on it for a screen which is pretty cool. I know nothing about gorilla glass, but if i know anything about gorillas, theyre, pretty big and strong, so im going to imagine that this is a pretty strong screen. Now this phone, it was tested by an independent laboratory for us military ruggedness and it met those standards which is pretty cool.

Now this phone it operates on android 11. im an iphone user, and i really dont know what that means. But i think that probably is the latest version of android. I assume, since this phone is pretty new on the market, it is also water resistant up to one and a half meters. You can even take pictures with this phone underwater, which is pretty neat id like to give that a try sometime and also, if you look at the back of the phone theres two little dots here and thats a barometer, so you can measure the air pressure now. I think thats what a barometer does measures air pressure. I could be wrong, but that is also pretty neat and it has an 8 megapixel camera on the back and it has a super, steady gimbal like um, steady and it has image stabilization in it and they say its very gimbal like so its pretty smooth. It takes a lot of the jittery out of your video now. What i find most intriguing about this phone is this laser tape measure on it so lets play around with it and um and see how accurate it is right to pull up the laser tape measure. You just go find this rangefinder app, you open it up and it gives you four different options here. You can just do a distance or you can find out what the area is. By doing a couple measurements you could find out the volume, so you can measure up your room.

You just take in the the width, the length and the height of your room, and then it would tell you how much volume you need. If you say you wanted to fill your whole room full of orbeez, you would know how much to go by and also tells you what the long angle or the long line of a triangle is just by measuring the width and the length of the room. Itll. Give you that other measurement now all this could be done with just a regular tape measure and a calculator, but it does all the math for you, which saves you time so were just going to figure out the distance, and all i have to do is hit That power button it turns the laser on and then right now i have it pointed at my ceiling – were going to go measure distance, its measuring out of the measuring range. What okay lets try that again: okay, its pointed at my ceiling measuring and from my bottom of my phone to my ceiling, its 7.2 feet. All right lets play around with this and see what else we can measure now where this is really nice to use is, if you want to figure out your ceiling height in a room and tape measures theyre, usually pretty floppy and theyre hard to measure that, because We almost need two people, someone to hold it up, so it doesnt bend and flop over and someone else to actually read the tape measure just with a press of a button.

It is super easy. Just set. Your phone on the floor. Make sure that laser beam is pointed straight up as much as possible, im going to hit measure the distance and im at 11.249 feet not quite 12 feet, but thats still a decent ceiling height. Now i want to see what the length of my shop is. All right im just going to go over here and i need to get to this wall so im just going to climb up on here. Oh boy, its dusty here i should uh get the cleaning lady to come. I wonder if my mom will come and clean. My shop for me, i think she will. She loves me all right, 34.73 feet, nice. Now that tape measure it seemed to be fairly accurate. I know the the length and the height of my ceiling in my shop and those measurements kind of go in with what i believe my shop dimensions are now. The part i dont like about this is that it gives you your feet, which is good but the inches it gives it in a decimal place. Now i wish it would give it in a fraction and then say, like its 33 feet, 9 inches and 3 4 of an inch. I wish it would do all that in a fraction form rather than the decimal place. It kind of makes it difficult to read that way. That is the only thing i dont like about it, but its a good phone, its a good tape measure for say, if you need to measure a length of a fence that youre going to build.

So you know how many posts youre going to need to buy and how many pickets to get or say, if youre going to install some flooring in a room, you need to know how much you can get. You can just quickly shoot the the length and the width of that room. Itll, add up the square footage and you know how much to go buy so in that case its a huge time saver for that. But for like the fine carpentry work, like you know, building a wall or measuring out for baseboard, or something like that. I would still go to my tape measure its kind of hard to beat that and one more thing for you: cat owners out there theres this cool little button here. If you press and hold it, it turns on the laser so that you can mess around with your cats. Now, if you want to learn more about this phone or purchase, one for yourself, therell be a link in the description. So that is it for this video guys id like to thank you for watching this video to the very end and if youre new to my channel, i encourage you to hit that subscribe button and hit that notification bell.