Nor does it how the ace series is best cameras or performance for screen or anything like that, instead, its a valiant all rounder that sits somewhere in the middle of the companys galaxy a lineup. The pitch goes something like this. This 5g toting handset with a good looking screen and long lasting battery, will likely be sufficient for all those who love to stream tv and movies wherever they go, even without the extra belts and whistles that would drive the price towards a53 or s22 levels. The catch. Well, not only is this phone awfully similar to last years, a32. 5G. The key differences are the screen resolution in chipset, its also arguably not as great a bargain as the a535g, which is improvements in most apartments and doesnt, cost that much more. The samsung galaxy. A33. 5G is a mid sized phone and, depending on the size of your hand, it could either be a comfortable fit or a little too big. The device has a plastic rear with the camera bump, sticking out a little from the material around the edges of the handset youve got the power button and volume rocker and theres a usbc port, but number 3.5 millimeters headphone jack. You can pick up the phone in black white peach or blue and we found the two ladder options pleasantly attractive. They sit out, but in a subtle way the handset has an ip67 rating, so its dust proof and water resistant as well as a corning gorilla glass.

5 screen, so it should be durable too. That screen is 6.4 inches across with a full hd plus resolution and 90 hertz refresh rate. Those two specs are both improvements over the a32 5g. The screen is broken up by a teardrop notch, which cuts into the display real estate by only a tiny amount, its in the mold panel, and that means colors are bright and vibrant. With great contrast, if you like, using your smartphone to stream tv on the bus or watch movies on long journeys, you love. This display therefore rear cameras on the samsung galaxy a33. 5G. The quantity is not the same as quality. The handsets photography. Power is fine for social media, busy, tick, tockers or instagramers, but professional or amateur photographers might be underwhelmed. The main camera is a 48 megapixel one and its joined by eight megapixel ultra wide five megapixel macro and two megapixel depth. Sensing cohort its nice to see samsung bucking the trend of throwing on two megapixel macro snappers to flesh out a specsless. Five megapixel makes a march improvement on close up images, theres also optical image, stabilization voice here too, which compensates for your shaky hands when youre taking a photo or recording video lots of phones. Have this but budget handsets often dont fans of snapchat will be pleased to know that the samsung camera app now offers loads of ar filters to save you heading into the social media, app of yesteryear. This feature will likely appeal to a very specific audience, but those users will love it and to battery its nice and big at five thousand million power, a power pack.

That big will almost definitely serve you for a whole day of use, even if youre gaming non stop and wed expect it to last you into your second day too, charging is 25 watt which matches the galaxy s22, but even at this price range there are chinese Phone makers offering much much faster powering samsung puts the estimate for a 50 charge a half an hour. We put that estimate as too slow. Perhaps our main concern with the samsung galaxy a33 5g after using it for a short testing time, was that it felt a little bit slow to use swiping between home screen pages opening apps and using the cameras. Software always felt just a tiny bit more choppy than on another phone and were not comparing this phone to super expensive galaxy s, models and the like. Even at this price, you can get lots more power from brands like motorola and redmi. We didnt do any gaming, but we expect our takeaway would be the same. But since the target audience for this phone doesnt seem to be hardcore. Mobile gamers bumpiness might not be a major issue. The chipset is the exynos 1280, a home bird samsung component thats. Not exactly top end, we havent seen that in many rivals, so its hard to compare it to chipsets and other phones. What we do know is that the a53 5g uses it too. The chip is paired with six gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage thats.

A good amount of space for phone at this price, but if you need more theres, a micro sd card slot that can get you up to one terabytes extra space by quite a few mid range and premium mobiles. The a33 offers a ram extension mode which temporarily turns storage space into ram, which can give you a boost for gaming or intensive tasks. This works well getting you three gigs extra ram, though. If you fill up your storage space, say after using the phone for several years, the feature wont work. Software wise were looking at android 12 with samsungs one ui4 laid over the top. Both googles latest android build and samsungs fork of it focus on customization improvements, including material. U, which gives you lots of scope to change the look and color of menus and apps. We can certainly see the appeal of the samsung galaxy, a33, 5g and itll likely. Please people who fall into its core demographic thats people who use social media apps a lot particularly to share their photos and people who stream lots of videos on their phone. Its definitely a budget device, though, and if you can stretch to it, wed, recommend the a535g over this handset its got a bigger display, better camera ray and doesnt cost too much more still, samsungs galaxy. A series has always offered tempting devices with great looking screens and low prices, and the a33 5g is a worthy new model to carry that flame.

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