1 inch device um this phone retails for around 17, 900 and 9900, and if this is your first time watching, my name is muhammad. Fakheed welcome to my channel Music. This is the x22 bass model, the 5g one, and you also get a s32 plus, as well as your history, to alter, of course. This year the alternate does introduce the um s pin. So we are saying goodbye to the note series on outliner and yeah. This phone was launched on february, 9th uh 2022 and this phone, as you can see, looking at the building design its got a glass front, but with corning gorilla, glass, victims plus, and then it has a glass back as well and yeah. Its kind of like a frosted or matte finish kind of gloss and then an aluminum or a medium frame, uh yeah, im, not sure what you say: tomato tomato and then on the sides. Youve got your volume rocker and your lock button. There is an in display or under display fingers at the sensor, which ill show you now works really quite well, and then youve got your bottom of your phone as a usb type c. This is a non expandable storage device, but, however, you do get uh eight gigs of ram on the device and then looking at the memory within the the internal youve got 128 gigs of um storage, and then you can also get it in a 256 model. Now, if you do take the 256 model, of course, it is a better option if youre not using a cloud solution because for storage, because as i mentioned, this is not a um expandable device, ive got the dual sim device, so it is a dual sim tray, But like i mentioned, you just got your single speaker at the bottom, as well as usb type c port.

Looking at the back of the phone, youve got a 50 megapixel um wide range sensor with our ease and then 10 megapixel telephoto lens a 12 megapixel ultra wide and yeah that are those are the three uh sensors on the back. Looking at the selfie camera or the front of the phone youve got a uh apple drop notch or a water drop notch. Youve just got your punch, hole, display, uh, your functional camera and, of course, that makes you kind of get a bigger screen to body ratio and the more immersive experience with your device, its 10 megapixel and um. It is a wide sensor, so yeah you can actually shoot up to 4k uh 30 or 60 fps on the front camera. So that is pretty awesome. Um. Looking at improving your uh, whether you are taking videos for vlogging or social media, your front, selfies or videos are definitely going to be quite crisp. Now the speaker uh, it is studio speakers, but uh is not dual speakers on this phone, its only at the bottom. As i mentioned earlier and yeah, this is a 5g device. Looking at the under display fingerprint sensor um, i showed you that, as you can see its quite fast look, how quick it works. Music. Looking at the fingerprint sensor or the under display fingerprint sensor, you can see that it works really quick uh. It was simple to um to activate and then would set up this one by the way is in phantom white uh youve got event black your pink gold and then, which is actually a rose.

Gold and youve got samsungs color this year, which is green and then yeah. The phone is quite light, its quite small. This is definitely a phone of choice for someone that wants a smaller phone. The plus is quite big and of course the ultra is very, very big, but this phones battery, however, is 3700 milliamp hour hours of battery, but i must mention um that this battery only lasts about a full day, um or less. If you are gon na be have like more use amount of it with every juice, i would say that it would last you for a full day, or maybe last you a little bit over the next day, so maybe a day and a quarter diameter of max With every juice or almost minimal use, i did have to use the phone uh as uh uh yeah as a business phone, and i used it um not as my daily driver, but i did carry it with me. Im also using it as a hot spot, and it did definitely die out whether i switched off my location, um or not, but also you know what sometimes it is sometimes youve got that issue. Youve got the phone and its even though youre not using it. The battery still does now looking after the control center center. Youve got your of course, your wi fi settings and your link to windows, which is now built in of course, and automatic youve got your decks.

Youve got your quick share, which i must say well ive tested out a few times, but there is series and it works – super fast, um search, basically samsung with your eardrum for samsung. So its a quick share and yeah. It works really nicely. Youve got your smartphone. Your nearby your eye, comfort shield for um, removing that blue light, uh blu ray on your eyes and then yeah, your regular samsung user interface that you are familiar with this phone runs android 12. So that is quite awesome and, of course, being the flagship of the the year this year, im sure that this phone will carry out to the next um updates. As per usual, this phone runs on android version 12 and one ui 4.1 and yeah. This phone is the samsung. Galaxy is 22., so this one does run on if youre in europe it runs on the exynos 2200 or if you, the snapdragon processor, would be the xgen qualcomm um samsung the 8450. This is a 5g phone um, so yeah. That is definitely something you need to take out of something i specifically enjoyed about this one and made use of which i could use on an iphone or a samsung phone on android phone. Basically, if you are um running out of battery, this phone is a wireless charger, so you can do wireless power, shooting, which i found pretty awesome. The phone doesnt even need to be over 30 um of battery so yeah.

That is definitely something cool also when it comes to protection. This phone is um ip68, water and dust resistant and, of course, that is always a big winner when you are looking at um longevity of a phone or reliability of a phone and durability of a phone and just yeah, making sure that you are gon na use. The phone um long term, you technically dont – want to upgrade all the time, maybe youre coming from h20. So this is your upgrade after 24 months, and the song will definitely be uh at least durable. In that regard, now i mentioned the camera and, as you can see, the camera f is nothing um unfamiliar to you. It has your photo your portrait settings and then you can switch to your selfie camera and on the video you can see that youve got your 4k, which is your uhd um and your fps is below if it is being framed. A second and youve got your 30 and your 60, depending on what you go to what you switch to, and you can see that you can switch on phone in hd as well. Looking at your mode, youve got your promos your pro video, your single, take, as you saw in this 20 video as well and the s21, and then youve also got your directors view, which of course, is pretty famous, and then you go through this video, your slo Mo and your panoramic as expected, so yeah, the phones, uh camera – is pretty good, as you can see, uh the selfies come out clear in great lighting um and the outer wire and telephoto lens actually work.

The telephoto lens, specifically, as you can see in the window, the pictures are really really clear lots of detail, no matter the lighting. This was taken in uh like before sunset. You can say so. It wasnt really quite bright in me, but i still got a pretty clear pictures, so that is my first implications of the samsung galaxy s22 5g base model um this phone. As i mentioned, the details for 17 triple nine in south africa, its definitely a better option than looking at the is 21 or getting that is 20 fp right now um. That is your phone of choice if you are into samsung, so definitely i i would prefer a plus look at the battery life and just extending that performance. Of course, um. Throughout my day, i dont like to charge a phone all the time, especially if im a social media user or using my phone as a as a media tool or a production tool so yeah i would definitely prefer the plus.