The s22 ultra features corning gorilla, glass, victis on the front and rear with an armor aluminum frame and ip68 water and dust resistance. The phone is available in burgundy, green phantom white and phantom black, as well as graphite, sky, blue and red exclusively from samsung has a 6.1 inch display, with a 5 000 mega ample battery four nanometer octa core processor, with eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of Storage, there are four main cameras: a 12 megapixel ultra wide 108 megapixel, wide 10 megapixel three times: zoom 10 megapixel 10 times zoom and a 40 megapixel selfie camera. So a couple weeks ago i was out in this exact same park. It was a lot snowier and less muddy, but anyway uh. I was out here testing the samsung galaxy s22 and now im out here, testing the s22 ultra, which i have to say. I love this phone uh theres. So many features about this phone that i think just makes so much sense and its such an upgrade over previous models. Photographers are going to love the cameras on the phone. These are samsungs, most impressive cameras ever and the phone is a great upgrade from old galaxy models, including note 20 users like myself. The s32 also takes gorgeous portraits bright, dynamic, looking video day and night, and the battery lasts all day long. The new processor, dynamically improves photo and video quality, while you shoot. I also love the addition of the s pen for writing, notes, drawing and editing and its a fantastic option for cropping screen captures and marking up documents or images.

You can also use it as a remote to take photos, switch cameras and change modes and more using air actions. Samsung also sent me one of their new cases with the phone, and it is very cool. The case is sturdy, but light and the strap makes it easy to hold and grip. The camera app will look and feel familiar for galaxy users and its easy to adapt to for newcomers. Filming quality goes up to 8k at 24 frames per second, while some features like directors view film in full hd at 30 frames per second default. Zoom modes include 0.6 1 times three times and ten times with some of the best quality zoom ive, seen in photos of video for android Music. This wasnt exactly the nicest day to film, but the quality is impressive, smooth and theres nice detail and crispness, even in dark conditions. The video quality is impressive, with more color detail and overall brightness thanks to the new processor available modes include the usual from pro and pro video to single, take night food, slo mo and portrait video or directors view samsung also introduced the brand new expert raw mode. One of the best new features for photographers in the mode you can now shoot similar to pro mode. However, the file is saved as a dng, and you can then edit it directly in lightroom after youre done. Shooting the mode includes the usual promo control over all the settings but saved to a raw file that offers a lot more editing range than a jpeg.

As with previous phones, one of my favorite modes is portrait, video um, and you can see it adds this beautiful effect to to blur the background like im shooting on a pro camera, but the only catch being that it shoots in 1080p. So that is one consideration when youre shooting with this. For me a lot of the time id like to shoot in 4k. So 1080p is not quite what im looking for, but it does such a great job. It looks like a hundred percent better, especially considering how great it is right now, okay, this is directors view, which is something that i think samsung has done such a great job with such an amazing video style to use, and it makes such a difference for vlogging. I know i talk about vlogging a lot, but i mean for some of us thats a big deal and again you can change your views here, kind of a gray day for this, but uh here we are. I love that like to be able to tell a story and show what youre doing and, of course, shooting in 8k pro video mode offers some of the highest quality video on any smartphone thats out there today, all right there, you have it. That is the samsung galaxy s 22. Ultra. Let me know what you think: any favorite features anything youd like to know more about feel free to leave a comment or question below, and thank you very much for watching.