This is artist right before we start subscribe if youre new and hit on the bell icon, so youll be notified every time i upload cool new videos like this hohem, send me the smartphone stabilizer for review. All the opinions youre about to hear are my own. So lets start out with the device and what comes in the box. You get this image stabilizer that you have to open up, because it ships in a compact form like that, and it also works really well when you want to travel with it as well, so that it doesnt take up too much space. But the one thing i noticed is initially pulling it out of the box is that that screw was pretty much really tight and because i didnt want to break it. So i didnt want to push the screw that far, but you have to just unthread it in order for you to set this up properly. The next thing it comes up with is also this little mini tripod, although this is using, i think, a standard 3a connection. So you can even put a quick release plate on the very bottom and put this on a professional photography, tripod or anything that you may have, and you dont have to use this little tripod or if you have a more sturdier one bigger one. You can certainly use that instead of the one that comes with it as well, beyond that what you also get is a usbc power cable that allows you to charge this device, and it has a built in lithium.

Ion battery were going to talk about battery life in just a moment, you have the carrying pouch and also a strap, but that is pretty much the stabilizer itself. So in testing this out, what do i think about the stabilizer? I think its really good having a stabilizer when youre really walking with your phone, even though, for example, my iphone 12 pro max already have image stabilization at the sensor level built in having a stabilizer running on top of it definitely does help make for a much Smoother clip, especially when youre walking around now, the thing with all these stabilizers in general is that it does a really good job stabilizing, for example, left to right and also pitching up and down and so forth makes it really smooth the one motion that doesnt really Do a good job with in general is the scalloping motion, the z axis motion as youre walking and youre holding the camera, for instance, youre, going to see that slight scallop happening. This is happening across all other stabilized device unless you get one specifically, that has like an extra arm that will compensate for the up and down motion, but thats. Just something to note beyond that. I think what makes our product really unique is the fact that there is an led array at the very top there, so you can actually light up those four leds. There is different brightness level and there is also a camera.

The camera itself acts as an ai. They call it an artificial intelligence, it has the h2 ship on the inside from hohem and pretty much. What that ship will do is that it will work with their app to do facial tracking. It will also recognize hand gestures, so you can go up to this camera tell it to start tracking you and it will do face tracking it will track subject and everything from the app itself its really good. The only problem is that you have to use their app in order to get the full capability out of the stabilizer, so that would be like the only feedback of this. Can you use the stabilizer with other camera apps? Absolutely you dont have to use your app, but you do lose some of that functionality for, like tracking and everything that i think, once its integrated within their app. It tends to work better and you can really see the result and the stabilizer does a really great job tracking faces and everything all right beyond that. This is around 263 grams, so overall, its really lightweight its, not that heavy at all. The battery inside, like i said, is a lithium ion. It is 2800 milliamps, and what that really equivocates itself to is that if you just use a stabilizer, it is around nine hours. The moment you start to activate the led light or the ai, for instance, you start to lose the amount of time that you have on the battery.

So if you enable the ai function, the facial tracking and all those other things, the time goes down to around four hours and then, if you also activate the led light in front of it, for example, youre trying to do a selfie filming or something like that. Well, then, the battery life goes down to around two hours so far i would say that rarely would you ever take this out and just continuously film for five hours, but this will last throughout the day, just fine, especially if you dont use the ai function or The led light now the only feedback i have about this in general, because this has a built in battery. What that means is that if you take this with you somewhere, you have to carry this with you, you cant check it into your plane and if the battery dies, you would have to carry a battery pack and charge it through the battery pack. You cant just swap out the battery, so those are just some of like the downside of a built in battery, but so far i think that its not really going to be such a big issue and you charge it via usb type c thats on the side Of the device right there – and with this you pretty much get some controls that are tactical. You can go up down. You can go zoom in and zoom out and one of the things that i noticed from their apps in general and you have to go and customize the setting is that these up down left right controls.

The default which is set to medium on their application can be really fast, meaning that the moment you tap on it. It goes like that or up and down really quickly, and it can be jarring. So i have to go in and customize everything to slow so that everything just kind of moves slower its smoother, but so far i mean. I think this is a pretty good stabilizer to have and having the ai function is great, because what i can do is just simply set this up somewhere on a tripod or something like that, and just do the ai hand gesture, and it will start tracking me Right away, and even if i move left to right, you can see that the head is going to start tracking me in those direction and its also a stabilized clip at the same time. So a lot of really good usage for that all right lets. Take this out on the road and see what this looks like when we bring this on location, how it tracks and you can kind of see the results. So this is the hoem app and what you simply do is use this, along with the ice study, v2 and ill start this. So what im going to do now is, i can go in and control the pitch up or down and, like i said before, this is kind of fairly uh fast. So im going to go into the setting and were going to change motor response to low were going to go flow, speed to just slow in general, so that its not quite as jarring and we have the lr joystick to low were also going to change the Tilt to low as well because everything else seems to just make everything super jarring.

Now you can see that it is still a little bit jarring, but its much less fast, and i can rotate this to left or right like im doing now. This works really well on the side of it. There is a zoom, so you can use the zoom on the thing too and then at some point it does stop zooming. You can kind of see that its pretty cool and you can change the different focus. You can do facial tracking, so what im going to do is ill, activate facial tracking right now and now its doing face tracking. So with this i should be able to pop in from the camera, and now you can see that the camera on the phone is now tracking me as im moving left to right. So i can do a presentation this way and you can see the phone is fully tracking me, which i think this is a really cool feature, especially if youre trying to do a video like this. This is pretty much just me as a film crew. I have a camera thats filming my phone right now and im moving around from left to right and the camera itself on the phone the whole him itself. The app is doing a pretty good job tracking. It now, like, i said, to get the full advantage of this to have this whole thing track you you need to use their proprietary app, which i dont think is actually a big deal at the end of the day, but its just something that you may want To just think about, when you want to use this thing now, the other thing that i noticed and youre going to see this right now too is the phone is not fully horizontal and sometimes it off.

It always goes kind of like off tilt like that. For some reason, im not 100 sure why but im going to move a little bit more here and you can see that the phone is still tracking me from left to right. So so far its doing a really good job. I can actually move back and it will also track me as well, and even if i move close to your lens, it will still continue to track me. So the facial tracking feature on this is really cool. Now, what im going to do is try to turn this around so well. Stop the recording and stop the face tracking because now see its still trying to track me at the moment, which is kind of neat. So were going to stop that face tracking for a second and what you can certainly do as well as you can do. Object tracking too, so, if its not a phone, for instance, lets say if it is my hand or something it can say, object tracking and lets see if it actually tracks that. So i have to select the subject. First, i think. Ah there you go so now. Once you select the subject, you can see like its tracking my hands as im moving left to right its, not the smoothest motion, as you can see, when its tracking i mean it, does some like jarring move, even though im moving fairly slowly its just that, i Think when it gets like the edge area, is really trying to work really hard to track the subject.

Now i can go up or down you can see and it lost my tracking so lets try to see if we can go up slowly. So there are certain motions you cant do a really good job with, and the motion overall can be somewhat jarring, so thats just something to think about now i didnt start recording or anything yet im, just literally using the photo view on this to just kind of Show you how this whole thing work. There are different modes. You can set this to right now, for instance, at the moment i have the video set to 4k 30. You can do a different grid. You can do a different zoom speed. There is a professional mode that you can turn on. So when i turn on professional mode, you can see i can do the different evs, the back camera and everything its kind of neat, what you can really do and go in and control this. The tracking feature, though, is the one that really takes a day now, if i go into this thing and i press on the very button at the very top and hold now, this is doing the ai tracking automatically you can see the light turned on once i Can also press on a button to turn on all the four lights into like different three different level, brightness, so one two and three you can see that there and pretty much. This is now using ai function.

Okay, so now i am back in the app again and you can see me with my camera, you can see everything happening. What i can do, though, is when im in the app. I can press that once and it will go into vertical mode to which im already off the frame. I can do that to change back into horizontal mode, but it does center back in the way how it does before so it doesnt really quite center. Back on the person it doesnt work quite well on that one lets see if the hand gesture would work, so i think yep there we go were going to enable gesture control and what im going to do now is give it the gesture to start tracking okay. So you can see that when its doing the tracking part, starting with the gesture, its now really cutting off my hand thats the one thing i dont really like about the front facing camera when its doing that now, if i want to stop it from tracking me, What i can simply do is just hold up my palm like so, and the light over there now turned red if i move around its no longer going to track me, okay. So what do i think about the hoem? I set a v2 right now. I have this on a arca swiss quick release. Plate is using a 3 8 inch quarter screw, which is pretty much like the normal one that is used on tripod in general.

I think, is a pretty good device for a camera stabilization, especially for smartphones. If youre looking for something that youre trying to make really fun footage of, you want to have really smooth controls. This is definitely something to consider if youre willing to put in the time and effort to also learn their ai gesture, a little bit more and master. It i think that this can be a really good stabilization advice for you to consider anyway. I hope that you find this review to hold him. I study v2 helpful. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below give. This video like subscribe, hit the bell youre new and remember in art.