Today we are going to check out another budget smartphone, which i felt is impressive, given what all it offers at rupees 89.99 yep thought should definitely share it with you guys shall we start bam. Meet the techno spark 8 pro well. This brand is slightly making waves. These days in the indian smartphone market, with its ultra low budget models, which come with some punchy specs so thought i must give it a try to see what its all about so went ahead and bought this model. The techno spark 8 pro in the recent amazon sale for around rupees 89.99 yep and, above all, though, the company is not. The device is a made in india. Phone all right lets unbox and talk more opening up the box wow the device awaits lets get to it in a bit. Then you have a transparent soft tpu case. Then a user manual and warranty card, then a 33 watt fast charger yep. You heard me right, then, a type c charging cable and finally, the sim tray ejector tool, thats about it boom bah. Here it is guys the techno spark 8 pro at first look. What do you guys think not bad right looks impressive for the price. What i have here is the turquoise slime color also comes in black. This is definitely a big device, given its large 6.8 inch screen device feels solid to hold, but yeah, not a one hand device for sure. The weight is optimal.

Back is plastic, which i wont, grip for the price. Still impressive looks im totally happy front top. You have the 8 megapixel camera with an actual front flash nice to the right. You have the volume rocker and power switch, which also doubles up as a fingerprint sensor. Bottom, you have the 3.4 home audio slot primary mic type c port and speaker grill left the sim tray, which can take in two 4g sim cards and a micro sd card. If needed, for storage expansion flip and to the back. You have the triple camera setup with dual flash in this big glossy area looks nice, but it is a fingerprint magnet and might be prone to scratches. Overall, that sums up the 360 view of the device looks design and build wise yep. It is an impressive big phone at this price point. All right here are my impressions about this device, starting off with the display. What youre getting in the spark 8 pro is a massive 6.8 inches full hd plus display with energy glass protection. Well, it sure is a big display, but not the brightest ive tested color production is good, but not very punchy. It is an ips lcd panel. Viewing angles are good overall at this price point, my expectations were less and this definitely does not break it all. I can say is the display could have been even more brighter, but still it is not a deal breaker people who consume a lot of multimedia content.

Definitely you will enjoy the large screen all right next hardware and performance. What powers the device is: the mediatek helio g85 chipset with mali, g52 gpu, bundled with 4gb ram, plus up to 3gb of virtual ram. What this basically does is uses your device space as virtual ram speaking of space. This device comes with 64 gb, emcc, 5.1. Inbuilt storage, but yes, you can expand it with a microsd card on the software. It is android 11 out of the box with ios 7.6 ui. Well, though, it was a lag free initial experience. For me, the ui still needs a lot of improvement. When you compare it with xiaomis, miui or samsungs, one ui, colorways, etc, this one is still a bit buggy, nothing major, but some teeny tiny things. Given its price point. It comes loaded with tons of bloatware and some ads which i expected, but luckily the bloatware can be uninstalled. Overall casual liberty use had no issues, you can swim through it easily. Now. I know many of you guys will ask this. Can you game on this? Well, good news: yes, i did try battlegrounds on hd high settings and it ran well even some high end. Titles ran well impressive, Music coming to the sensors, it has accelerometer proximity, but lack of gyro is a bummer. That is something to note and for those who want to know it has fm radio nice. The side mounted fingerprint sensor is super fast, Music, all right next, coming to the camera.

What are you getting in the front is an 8 megapixel selfie shooter and to the back it is a primary 48 megapixel white sensor, plus 2 megapixel dip sensor plus theres, another one. That is no mention on what kind of sensor it is so definitely this is another gimmicky useless sensor added to boast a triple camera setup. Sadly, you dont get any ultrawide or video stabilization on this still, i was surprised on what i was able to click from this camera. Camera app has tons of options to play with. Has some impressive preset effects for short videos as well? Here are some photo samples shot using this device Music? What do you guys think impressive right, good, colors, decent dynamic range in good lighting? You can take some nice shots, Music and in low light using the night mode. I was able to pull some decent shots, which you can definitely use for social media posts, but on the other side, video recording supports max 2k 30 fps. Still, lack of any stabilization makes the footage shaky Music moving on to battery what youre getting here is a 5000mah battery with a 33 watt fast charger in the box, while on the backup, you can pull the device a little over a day with good use and Including a fast charger in the box at this price segment is definitely an impressive move to attract users. Here is a complete technical specification overview for your reference.

All right, if you ask me, is there something to about well for its price. You cant ask more still: the display could have been a bit brighter next, it could have had gyro. Third, lack of some stabilization for video is a bummer. Fourth, this device does not have white wine, l1 support and the final one it is still in november. Security update, so we will have to wait and watch and how the updates point goes apart from these. This is a device for those who are on a super tight budget, yet want something value for money, a everyday casual device, a secondary device or for students who are starting off or for elders who are switching to a smartphone. This will be a good option to consider without spending much yet can handle most of the common tasks and not to forget the good building design, but keep in mind. It sure is not a compact phone because of its large screen. What shan tank slipper whatever it is? Compact said this set exclusive texan comparison time. Well, if i have to say the size of the phone is approximately the size of a 250 ml nivia shower gel pack, yup crazy, but true another exclusive texture in comparison. You can grab this device for one rupees, eight thousand nine. Ninety nine, after bank discount from amazon in the recent sale thats going on well leave the best link in the description, do check it out Music, so thats it for this video hope you guys found it informative.

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