This is nirmal here and in this video well be doing an in depth review of the new poco x4 pro 5g. We just launched it in india for a price of around 18 to plan, and this device comes with pretty good hardware. It has qualcomms snapdragon 695 chip, an amoled 120 hertz refrigerator a 5 000 milliamp hour battery 67 watt charging a 64 megapixel triple camera setup, so its a very balanced uh configuration in terms of hardware for the price segment it is being offered. But how does that fair in terms of performance, and is it really a good device to buy below the 20 000 price segment in india thats? What were going to analyze in this video so before getting started? If this is your first time on, this channel do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos be published so lets begin. First lets have a look at the design and build quality. Now, looking at the design, you can see that the poco x4 pro 5g looks pretty good in terms of design. You can see the front panel design looks pretty neat the punch hole, selfie camera is at the center. The bezels have been kept to minimal even the bottom bezels looks pretty minimal for a 20k price device. The sides have uh the flat edges and the back panel also has a flat edge and we have a camera layout here, its a rectangular layout with edges being curved, and you have the poco branding here: 64 megapixel branding as well.

There is a pattern on the back panel, although its a glass finishing you can see here when light falls, there is a pattern on the back panel, which adds to the beauty of the device. We have the power button, which also acts as the fingerprint scanner. The volume keys we have the 3.5 memory jack dual stereo speakers ir blaster. Is there then a sim tray? Is there uh? You also have the usb type c port and another speaker here, so its a pretty good device in terms of build quality, fit and finish, and even in terms of design and looks. It looks really good one of the better looking devices out there in the 20 000 price segment, so poco x4 pro is definitely good in terms of design and build quality. Next lets talk about the display. Now this has a full hd amoled display its a 120 hertz zipper shade. Now, if you go to the display settings – and you can see that this has a pretty good uh, colors and vivid display its a mullet panel and 120 hertz refresh, it adds to uh the better experience the smoothness. So you can actually see the smoothness of the display. Now, if you go here, you can see the refrigerator. There are two options: 120 hertz and 60 hertz. So this is a very good display in terms of performance and overall experience looks good. Its a vibrant, crisp and colorful display at the same time already hurts refreshing adds a smooth smoothness, and there is also cooling good glass protection offered.

So display is again one of the best in this segment, especially for watching movies. This is a treat to use next lets move on to the software. Now this device is powered by miui 13 and we have the miui 13.0.2 global version, and this runs on android, 12. thats. Definitely one of the downsides of this device. While software experience you get miui 13. The latest version of miui, which brings in uh some new features but uh being an android 11 device. You dont get the new privacy dashboard feature nor the android 12 feature, but more or less its covered with the miui 13. So miui 13 brings in some additional features like sidebar. Then you get the regular options like floating window. Second space, then um customization options. So its a full, fledged ui and miui 13 definitely is good thats. Pretty good work done by xiaomi, but uh not having android 12 is definitely a downside on this device, but otherwise the software experience feels pretty smooth uh miui 13 looks pretty smooth. Actually, we did not see any sort of major bugs or issues as of now we have been using this for like uh more than two weeks now and uh uh, we did not see any sort of major issues on this device, so thats a software experience of The apoco x4 pro now moving on to the other aspects: the performance. Now this device is powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 695 chip.

Now this is one of the extremely popular chip. Nowadays, a lot of devices have been launched with this chip, and this is uh, coupled with either uh six gigabyte ram or eight gigabyte ram, so we have been using this device first, i said before for more than two weeks, and the performance is pretty good on This device day to day tasks, are really smooth and no lags no starters and overall uh for a device in this price segment. It feels pretty nice now uh. There are a few things which is not that great the gaming experience is kind of average. I would say its not a superb device in terms of gaming, but uh. It still does a pretty good gaming uh uh. If you are a casual gamer, if you are a heavy gamer, probably this might not be the best option but uh for casual gamers. This should work ideally now uh. One of the other things to note is that if you look at the poco x3 pro launched last year, it came with the qualcomm snapdragon 860 chip, one of the powerful chips out there, because it had a really great gaming experience. Its probably a downgrade to the 695 in terms of gaming experience, but otherwise this device looks good in terms of performance and the day to day. Task did really well on this device. Now, in terms of speaker performance, we have our dual firing. Speakers and the speaker performance is really good and thats one of the good aspects about this device.

Just tg speakers. The sound output is really good. Now you get dual sim card: dual volte 4g lte and the results of 5g support you dont have to miss out on anything here. Carrier aggregation is also supported and call quality and signal. Strength looks pretty good on this device. Now the fingerprint scanner is out mounted again its quite fast in unlocking the device and face unlock also works pretty good. Now next lets move on to the camera, so we have a 64 megapixel sensor. Then we have an ultraviolet and a macro sensor. Then you get a selfie camera, so we have done a detailed camera review of this device. We found the camera to be quite a capable one, although not a class leading one. The poco x3 pro also had a really good camera. Now the poco x4 pro camera is quite good, although there is room for improvement, especially in terms of reduction in noise and increasing the sharpness levels, but otherwise the 64 megapixel sensor does a pretty good job. Overall, we have done our detailed camera review. Do check out that video to get an idea about how the performance has been uh. The ultra wide angle, camera also looks quite okay, uh the macros are kind of average. I would say its nowhere close to the 5 megapixel tele macro by a redmi, but 2 megapixel does a decent job altogether. But again we feel the five megapixel should have been provided here now.

Uh, the low light experience feels quite okay. Again, there is still room for improvement. A bit more processing could be done. Uh then selfie experience is quite okay. I would say video recording. This is capped at maximum of 1080p resolution at 30 fps. There is no 60, no 4k uh, partially due to restriction by the snapdragon 695, then uh, um oral camera experience feels quite okay. I would say its above average experience, although there is still room for improvement. Now. Next is the battery life. So you get a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and 67 watt charging. It takes around 45 to 50 minutes to charge the device. We have also done the charging test. Now the battery performance is really good. You get like easily one and a half days of battery life on this device, so seven to eight doubles easily. You can get the screen on time, even more than that is possible again. That depends upon person to person and the apps you use on an average. You can get more than that, so that was the battery performance. Is the stellar device in terms of battery experience, so that is our detailed review of the poco x4 pro 5g. So how does this device stack up in the sub 20k price segment? Probably this is one of the good offering right now below 20 000, because the prices have increased and poco x4 pro retails for around 18, its a pretty good device in terms of pricing, as well as the features being offered.

You get the qualcomm 695 chip, its a pretty good chip, a 120 hertz super amoled display glass, finishing, looks, are also good. Camera second of okay, great battery life, good performance all around so its a well rounded package. Now cons of this device, android 11 is only offered so android 12 should have been offered thats one of the major con other than that. Probably you can say that the camera performance still needs improvement, thats one of the other issues we faced its, not a bad performer in terms of camera, but it still needs a bit more improvement. And if you look at the gaming experience from poco x3 pro to poco x4 pro, this is definitely a downgrade from 860 to 695. So those are the pros and cons of the poco x4 pro 5g so were looking at the pricing. We feel the poco x4 pro 5g is one of the better options right now below the 20 000 price segment in india. You can buy it, and this is a good all around package at this price segment. So that was our experience with the poco x4.