I hope to have more this kind of giveaway soon here in my channel guys: everyday heroes, unboxing, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, g25 mediatek, 6.82 hd plus canon display bluetooth, 5.0, ready, four gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage or six gigs of Ram 128 gigs of storage and canada on variant and at all six thousand milliampere are some kind of battery, with 18 watts of fast charging and of course, some kind of camera is a 13 mp rear, shooter and 8 mp front facing camera. One of the first thing that a pansino dito sophomonto is malachi. I like phones than malachi on screen 6.82, definitely is a big screen, its as good as a phablet. Yet bezel is not that thick, except in baba. Ang techno pover neo merushan process, horn mediatek helio g25. I know it is more of my entry level than chip and the scorpion. 105 000 points. Benchmarking now guys, because i share senior experience using this phone technopol vanilla for me, its a very nice entry level smartphone. It has all the things that i want in a smartphone very long battery life 906 thousand milliampere are something in battery and best of all hindisha sobram bigger. There are other phones about six thousand milliamperes some kind of battery size. Well. For me then pahanyam battery, it is uh, not chunky and not heavy thats, something great to be proud of dietosa technopovaniyo. Now to start everything shemprekkelanatin in charjangating phone at the start of the day, or probably at the end of the day, 17 percent using uncanny default.

Cable and default charger, 18 watts and a fast charger, and the result is roughly so to kick things off. Nato started with a hundred percent of battery at the start of the day, roughly about seven in the morning, but onto the phone, its a hundred percent Music. Then, of course, i took my coffee and head up to work on. I do pick up some calls and using my bluetooth, headphones and, of course, its. My official calls, though, during the day, so i was able to arrive at office around 8 15 in the morning and i still have roughly my 97 percent of battery so thats for the morning. So as i move along throughout the day again and of course, my phone calls fiber chat, messenger chat, then theres a little bit of listening to music. So during lunch break and after lunch break for patak raf lima, 85 percent battery left in phone and of course, after lunch, kelanama head out labas going out to the field to do some field works. So i am loaded with eighty five percent of battery after lunch to make more calls. Uh. More of them are, of course, using uh data known as office. I dont know wi fi celebs using 4g me globe and smart, so sim one cozy globe seemed to was smart and therefore champlain uh. It depends then. Okay, there are times a little bit more batteries tata and three oclock. After doing some chores uh doing some video calls then having some phone calls and, of course, having the drive were playing some music using these phones on loudspeaker mode, then roughly roughly 78.

So i was able to play some games call of duty mobile and asphalt 9 uh, of course, during acting break time and three oclock up to roughly about 3 20 in the afternoon for 20 minutes 70 percent, and so as we go along further uh outdoors uh Doing all of those shepherds on social media along the day, then of course doing more calls more phone calls. Of course, most of them are viber calls connected nasa internet, so viber calls and messenger calls is more common, as compares among uh, regular and a phone calls. Well, memorable regular phone calls so, as i hit home around my five oclock, then of course taking my bad uh, then watching some videos here on my phone bug that thing six oclock roughly sixty percent of battery or marvelous of 59 uh. It depends. It varies from day to day, but on that specific dinosaur around sixty percent a month and, of course, during the evening, facebook page is nothing much replacement message. Uh Music take some photos at the end of the day, guys and, of course that leads us to our giveaway dito thanks to techno for sponsoring one of these phones and heres, the nice catch dedication, vito safoneto sebastian play uh for the everyday hero in you, the Winner and of course, kasama unking autograph, how about that – and here are the official hashtag, keep the power and carry on hashtag polvaniopower all day. You know official, hashtag and heres the question when youre using the techno pover neo until maluba theres, no right and wrong answer.

Basta using the correct, hashtag and, of course, uh the correct phrase: neo can last me for x, number of hours, of course, including the two official hashtag. Of course dont forget to check the description box. I have my own answer. Dito s on time is very long, guys, 20 hours and 35 minutes. Imagine 20 r squared on 21 rs thats a lot of time, uh more than siguro kai nato more than one this guru two days normal usage after a single day, mere power roughly 49. So imagine going for another one whole day, probably material one to two percent after the second day, which is not bad for you. Regular usage like what im doing hindi paco heavy user, but heavier usage like gaming most of the time between support nato. Probably it might last you a day and speaking of gaming since the pagusapana, nothing good, nothing yo, but before that, since mere fashion 3.5 mm ojichak. So i got myself one of this moe rxtrina dual microphone, gaming headset its uh, something that gusto it tried here. My channel know knowing gaming, we like to try some devices like this and guys its, not your ordinary gaming headset, futuristic guys it looks nice and good in china. So thanks to our friends from flextone for sending the rx3 for me to try it out and definitely its a technophobe. So all i need to do is simply just plug. It here clip and were good to go so by the way guys.

Engineering techno cover neo, giving you a better boost when it comes to gaming, simple paterno, nothing game automatically game space details, so we played call of duty mobile together with this rx3, and the gameplay for me seems to have boosted the mancha okay. I wasnt able to set it to the max settings of medium settings. Yes, uh time to time mainly feel like raindrops, honestly hindi, nothing wasnt on entry level, budget gaming, but it was smooth since uh. Okay touch the screen respond to the manchester united problem, but uh there are times that im, a fulfillment that i can frame drops. Probably you could have. Probably the best option is to further lower your settings than graphics due to software nato now playing also asphalt. 9. I was also impressed on okinawa graphics at medium to low settings, and i have a blizzard and a game, a couple of games here so asphalt 9 and that one and definitely the gameplay, is quite immersive and autonomous rx3. On the other hand, i can say: okay and canyon – sound very nice, very swalla, while playing the game. Here you see the rx3 and i was really delighted. Uh headphone setto is quite comfy. Hindisha young people, after about one to two hours after two to three hours and whats nice, another takeaway because of all nato is, i love the display 6.82 inch, its probably one of the biggest nah sagan price point: omega display and setup manual movies, level, 3 security Level some nice shots outdoors and indoors bizarre and saffron camera and some other budget phones at this price point.

Normally you dont get as much good shots as a technopol, banyo and thats, really a surprising factor. Then i found out kuditos opponent after 6128 is priced nine. Nine and, of course, guys dont forget to check the links on the description box for us at techno, mobile flagship store, shopping links below guys and, of course, dont forget to follow the rules and mechanics. So i can give away and of course, section below ill. Try.