In this video we are going to talk about xiaomi mi 12 pro released in 2022 smartphone feature in spec review. So before starting this video, like this video and subscribe to our youtube channel for future updates in the previous year, xiaomi was the first smartphone firm to unveil a new phone, and this year has been no different with the new xiaomi 12 series handsets going on sale On new years eve, this is in contrast to the previous year when xiaomi debuted their 11 series, with only one model. Earlier this year they announced three new smartphones, the xiaomi 12x, the xiaomi 12 and most notably, the xiaomi 12 pro, which features a new ltp to display triple 50 megapixel camera setup for nanometers, snapdragon, 8, gen, 1, chipsets 50. What wireless charging 120, what wired charging and everything else you could possibly want in a smartphone right out of the box, it is available in four color options: blue pink, which is actually branded purple black and white. Despite this, slapping on the case that comes with the game is necessary. That is something that not many phones can do these days. The case is made of silicone and, while it isnt the most elegant option available, it is something that can be used right away. Its right on the tip of your index finger in addition to the four thousand six hundred milliamp hour battery. We have 120 wire charging this time around, which should allow us to charge the battery in eighteen minutes.

According to reports, we hit fifty percent in only six minutes and forty nine seconds, which is excellent. It took us twelve minutes and nine seconds to reach eighty percent, which is simply fantastic and it continued to trickle down to one hundred percent in just over an hour. Despite the fact that we didnt see 120 watts on the charging one meter, on the left hand, side, we were able to reach 100 percent in just 17 minutes and 32 seconds. However, it doesnt appear that the new charging chip had much of an impact on temperature. As it gained 28.6 degrees celsius without the new charging chip in place, although we do have a new mainstream chip in the form of qualcomms latest four nanometer run snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipsets, which will serve a new vapor chamber on board. In addition to lpddr5 ram and your face 3.1 storage, we are disappointed that there is no ip68 does in water resistance certification, which we expected to be a new standard for xiaomi after the xiaomi mi 11 pro, but even with the great gorilla glass victus display, we Have a metal frame wrapping around the device, as well as a choice of gorilla, glass or vegan leather back, depending on your personal preferences, keep in mind that the vegan leather is a tad thicker than the leather on the back, though it is also a tad lighter And arguably the star of the show is the triple 15 megapixel setup that is an ultra wide main in telephoto, the ultra wide and telephoto, both using the same sensor.

That is an isola j in one sensor and the main sensor treated to the worlds first smartphone to run a sony. Imac 707 sensor, which is the only lens ben, looks even better thanks to artificial intelligence from the 50 megapixel main camera down to the four to one bend. The 15 megapixel telephoto lens here is employing two times optical zoom and the bending down for another two times. Optical zoom is done with a tripod; you guessed it. It appears to be even better over. Here were switching to ordinary mode, which is ultra wide 4k 60fps, which is wonderful and smooth and extremely clear. Obviously, we have 4k at 60 frames per second utilizing. The primary camera, which looks even better than the ultra wide sensor since, were using the imac 707 sensor, which has a frame rate of 24 frames per second. Now that its turned on it appears to be zooming in by two times, and the steady video pro mode appears to be switching to ultra wide, its, not the most stable footage weve seen, but it gets the job done. 24 frames per second at night. Doesnt. Look! The best, after all, in all fairness, it is really bright and extremely clear, despite the fact that it is jittery. The transition from 1080p to 4k 60 is when you can tell that the image is not as bright, but it is highly clear and detailed as well. However, it is not as brilliant as it could be, but it is bright enough that we believe you could say yes to 4k 30fps as soon as the frame rates are reduced.

Of course, the video footage that you are capturing at a higher resolution makes the item a lot brighter, but it still does a good job, as you can see, with 4k 60fps ultra wide, and certainly according to reports, the new snapdragon chipset is five times better at Night, photography and it appears to be doing an absolutely amazing job, with both the ultra wide and the main sensor. In both cases, when it comes to optical zoom, the possibilities are endless, although it appears to be in good condition, you must maintain complete control of your hands, as you can see, with the five times digital image over here, even a slight shakiness in your palm results. In a mediocre photograph, the actual maximum digital zoom that we can employ in night mode is 10 times the normal zoom we can still zoom in and out up to 20 times at night, but not with the night mode turned on that appears to be satisfactory. Here is another extremely wide shot and we will zoom in on that moon over there, seeing as super moon mode is only available up to five times we use night mode to get us through to the fifth time. In addition, we have night mode photography for close up subjects which looks fine as well. The power button and volume rocker are located on the right side of the device and a dual sim 5g standby tray is located at the bottom. Despite the fact that there is no ip certification, we do have a water resistant seal.

Thus, there is no need for expandable storage. Usb 2.0 speeds, on the other hand, are at the bottom of the heap. We have a 26 millimeter selfie camera that is 32 megapixels this time around up from last years, 20 megapixels and it does a pretty fantastic job. Better than other phones, we also have an ir blaster, but unfortunately no headphone jack. We do have an ir blaster, but unfortunately no headphone jack. The phone is equipped with the new hd plus ltpo 2.0 display, and while the new dynamic refresh rates are nice to see they arent very adaptive and qualcomms new ai powered sampling doesnt appear to have been used correctly, resulting in only average gaming performance. Despite the lack of an under display selfie camera on the front of the phone, this is one of the most impressive presentations that we have ever seen, not to add. They have abandoned the quad curves, which i am more than happy about. The battery is unfortunately smaller than last years me live in pro, and wireless charging has been reduced to 50 watts from 100 watts. Previously, it has been boosted to 120 watts which allows the phone to be fully recharged in less than 18 minutes using the old fashioned cable charger. However, the xiaomi 12 pro is still an excellent smartphone that checks almost all of the right boxes, making it an excellent device with which to begin the new year. Perhaps it is the lack of a water resistance rating, or perhaps it is the under display, selfie camera, or perhaps simply that smartphones are becoming somewhat stale.

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