So this is gon na. Be another unboxing video and i just absolutely love doing unboxing videos for you guys, because i get to learn with you. This is something that ive always wanted and ive been on the lookout for this for such a long time and so im very happy that i have my hands on this product now. This is the 360 degree tracking gimbal, and i got this from the source yesterday, and so this doesnt even have a brand its just from the source and im just really happy to have this, because this gimbal actually tracks your every move. So once it recognizes your face, itll actually move your phone around wherever you are, and so it saves you from the hassle of having to move your phone around every time, youre trying to vlog or lets say you have a meeting. This really helps and im really excited to show you guys, whats in the box and im also happy to see whats in the box, so yeah lets get started with the unboxing. So this is the box right here you guys so on the back theres. Some information here so it says 360 degree, tracking, gimbal, stay front and center, no matter where you move simply place. Your phone in the holder turn the gimbal on and itll automatically start tracking your face and body. The phone holder will rotate and swivel. On a 360 degree angle to keep you in the frame as you move perfect for hands, free video calls and creating videos supports most devices between 4.

7 to 6.5 inches. So my iphone 11 pro max is 6.5 inches, so i think thats, okay, only tracks one face. So it just tracks one face you guys not to and then for best results stay within one to five meters of the phone holder, thats, the information that we have here. So it says here on the side as well: 360 degree rotation face and body tracking and portrait and landscape, okay, so thats what it looks like in the box just take this off. Okay. So the first thing that you see here, you guys is the. I think this is like the base part, so it has the lens right here. So that would be the lens and then it has the power button here. So you just press this and then the gimbal will turn on and then this platform here thats where you would connect the actual adapter to hold your phone and then here at the back, you have a port there, which i think its for charging. I think, and then at the bottom you have like that screw where you would, i guess, attach like a tripod, i guess thats, what im assuming so yeah. We have that part here we have more cardboard and then we also have the instructions here so very important to read instructions you guys 360 degree tracking, gimbal, so thats this part here phone holder, usb charging cable. So yes, we do charge this using a usb charging.

Cable and then instruction manual – oh, we have that here so its right there and then were gon na see what else is in the box. So we also have this here so im. Guessing this one is the adapter uh, okay, so yeah. We have that part which is the phone holder, and then we have the usb cable were gon na try and assemble this okay. So the thing here is that they dont actually tell you how to assemble it, because theres that thing right guys like a screw here and then we just put that in heres. What im assuming lets just fix this first, this one goes like this: there we go so it stands like this guys and then we just screw it in Music yeah. That looks like in the picture right. You guys ill just do a thumbnail Music, okay and then you can also twist this. So this one would be in landscape mode, and you can twist this so its in portrait mode. So this is like the adapter. You guys its like a clamp. So if you guys use like selfie sticks, like you guys know what i mean, so you just slide that in just slide your phone into that bracket and then voila its like that you would kind of just open your phone here, its quite old, but oh okay. Thats, the only thing in guys is that it can flop. So we kind of want to just tighten the screw here, theres a screw here that you can twist so that it doesnt flop back like that right so like that.

So now it doesnt refloc Music, do Music, Music Applause, okay, guys so now, im using the 360 degree tracking gimbal, and so, as you can see its like moving around so everywhere. I go its moving around automatically, which is really nice because its very convenient very handy and it offers like a hands free experience right. So if i move this way or if i move that way right, so you guys can really see that its tracking my every move, which is nice. So this is definitely a good purchase. You guys can really definitely help with video calls and just chats and stuff, and you know just videos and its really lightweight, very portable, and i think that it will definitely come in handy, especially in the future. When were traveling right and we want to do those travel, vlogs and hotels and stuff – and you know just um no showing showing things around but yeah, you guys see what i mean right like it, can really help you in filming your videos and you dont, have To be moving things around anything, thats really its really awesome so yeah. Thank you so much for watching im really happy with this purchase. I just wanted to show you guys how it works im currently using my other pro max so, but the maximum size that the gimbal can handle is 6.5 inches, so yeah, that is the gimbal. So thanks guys so much for watching. I really cant wait to use this gimbal for my future videos, if you like this video, please dont forget to hit the subscribe button.

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