Smartphone 2022 on the market for this year were going to show you our five best, picks and well talk about whether or not you should buy them. If you want more information and the most up to date, pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links in the description below okay, so lets get started. Music number five best budget phone, xiaomi redmi, note 9t xiaomi had a rich vena form with the first few of its budget handsets to reach uk shores and its newest smartphone is no different. The xiaomi redmi note 9t is far far better than it has any right to be for a phone that costs less than 250 british pounds, and the fact that it now supports the 5g network makes for an even more tantalizing option. Yes, the phone would recommend, above all, other wallet friendly options on the market. Is the xiaomi redmi note 9t xiaomis latest budget handset is powered by a speedy mediatek demensity 800u processor, which not only has a bundle 5g modem, but performance that easily matches handsets costing twice. The price, its triple camera array, which includes a massive 48 mp sensor, is also remarkable for the price and it has a large 6.53 inches f hd plus screen too. You might expect to see these sorts of high level specs in a flagship phone, so its a proper treat to see these features in a phone that costs this little. The xiaomi redmi note 9t is the very definition of a budget smartphone setting the benchmark for upcoming handsets and at this price.

You cant do much better number, four best. Under 150 nokia 1.4, a sub 100 dollar smartphone used to bring about negative accountations, but the nokia 1.4 is far better than its bargain price suggests running a specially tweaked version of android that caters to low powered devices. The nokia 1.4 exceeds all expectations for a phone. So cheap, despite the comparatively weak hardware, it only has 2 gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of storage. It runs surprisingly well has a bright ips display and a camera that isnt half bad for the price. Its sturdy build materials and compact design should help it. Last. The test of time too, and the battery life has seen a huge increase with this iteration as well. It may be lacking when it comes to raw performance and there are far better alternatives if your buying budget can stretch beyond 100 british pounds. But when it comes down to sheer affordability, you cant do much better than the nokia 1.4 number three best: 5g budget phone, moto, g50 motorola outdid itself. Yet again, with a moto g50, the first of motorolas new naming system, the moto g50 is the best value of the bunch with phenomenal battery life and performance that well and truly packs a punch. It might be difficult to pick between all of motorolas newest handsets but theres, absolutely nothing bewildering about a moto g50s cut throat value proposition with cuts in just the right places. The moto g50 hits the nail on the head in a number of areas with respectable performance.

A battery life of just under 26 hours in our tests, a decent suite of cameras and 5g connectivity. The only reason it isnt higher in this list is that its display could be a bit better and the fingerprint reader is in a hard to reach location regardless. If battery life and performance is at the top of your list of priorities or youre in the market for a low cost 5g smartphone, then the moto g50 is a standout choice. In the budget. Category number two best value budget phone, xiaomi, poco, x3 nfc. It might not be apples most up to date iphone, but the iphone 8 is still a solid buy. If your smartphone buying budget cant quite stretch to the new iphone se 409, then the iphone 8, despite launching in 2017, will still serve you well so long as you dont mind, buying a renewed model, the iphone 8s build quality holds up in 2022, as does its Lovely looking 4.7 inches retina display likewise the a11 bionic processor, while no match for the newest iphone 12 and its a14 bionic chipset is still more than capable with a variety of intensive tasks. The iphone 8 also supports the newest version of apples, mobile operating system ios 14. If you are worried that you might be outdated on the software side of things, if you want an apple phone on a budget and arent fussed about it being slightly outdated, then the iphone 8 is clearly your best bet.

Number one best budget iphone apple, iphone, 8. Xiaomi second smartphone on this list. The polco x3 nfc is also astonishing value for money, youre getting a heck of a lot for relatively little cash with a poco x3 nfc punching through the budget boundaries in terms of screen, quality cameras and overall performance. Its name might be a bit of a mouthful, but the feature rich xiaomi, poco x3 nfc exceeds expectations in pretty much all areas with a speedy qualcomm, snapdragon 732 g processor, its faster than most of its peers and the quadruple camera array, which includes a massive 64 Mp main sensor even manages to give high cost flagships a run for their money, not to mention that the large 6.