So here ive got the phone and lets unbox it. As you can see there, its sealed box and the variant that ive got is 6gb ram and 128gb internal memory, and the things that is we gon na be having it inside is lets dig into the box, and let me cut it through, as the box is Done and let me open it well, the phone is over here right over here and its a very classy look and a phone to screen screen ratio is very less well. The screen is approximately spreading all throughout the phone body and this power button as im pressing it a little hard and i hope its on yes, its on and the samsung galaxy and the android powered by android is being on the power. And the fingerprint sensor is on this same button with the volume button on the top, whereas were having one cable and the charger. Let me put it into a cover. The complete cover that i have caught, and this is the cover box. Well, its going to be putting into lets dig it into since the cover was a little loose, so i have to change the cover and got a new cover and heres the look. It is so ill be telling you about the phone features, some pros and cons that i have found while using the phone, but the phone is powered by 7000 mah battery with equinox 98250 2.73 gigahertz processor, making it very swift and fast to use supported by volte 4G, sim its having dedicated 2 slot dual sim with memory card slot 25 watt.

Quick charging facility is being provided by its charger to power up the 700 mah battery within 30 minutes, provided with 6.7 inch of display and its an amoled display that we have getting in over here with an internal memory of 128gb. It is giving expandable storage of one tv and its having a dedicated memory card slot, along with the two dual sim slot, and the camera that is being provided with over. Here are the four quad cameras: 64 12 and 2 5 megapixel camera with 12 megapixel. As a wide angle and five is the macro cameras with the main camera of 64 megapixel, whereas the front camera is 32 megapixel camera and were gon na be getting 4k video quality, while youre gon na be shooting at 30 fps supported by 4g volte 4g. Whereas we wont be able to get 5g connection over here, whereas bluetooth, 5 or 5th version is available over there here, and one of the most featuring thing that i really liked over here is that nfc connection and the samsung pay that i have enjoyed in every Section that i managed to pay with my mobile, along with my credit card along with all the inbuilt sensors works very profoundly, and you can even access each and every step with the samsung fit app inbuilt in the phone, and this 700 mah battery will be giving You of around two days battery backup with the light use of the phone and a heavy for use of the phone.

It will be providing you of 1.5 days of the battery backup, while talking about some of the cons. Features that i have faced over in this phone is that the weight and its too heavy, when youre, going to be using it for a long time and youll be literally feeling that youre holding a little bit of small brick while youve been holding for a little Bit of long time for more than at least 45 minutes to 40 minutes and youll really feel in your hands its painting. So some of the heavy apps using it does give me a little bit of feeling of that its hanging a little bit but other than that for light apps its good.